Harmonic Trading


Hello all

I have tested many strategies and many other stuff but i did not found them more accurant then basic analysis of the market. i mean,the Price Patterns.

1. harmony indicators: here and here.

2. candelsticks reversal patternsis here.

3. Price Patterns:

- Price Patterns (Gartley,Butterfly,Bat,...) explanation is here.

- Price Patterns by Suri Duddella: good public thread.

4. 5 pattern indicators posted here

5. 1-2-3 Pattern indicator is here

1-2-3 Pattern MTF Alert v3.1 is on this post

6. everything about candles, inside candles and custom candles: indicators

7. color patterns (indicator helping to identify the patterns): here

8. WolfWave_nen indicator is here

9. Elliot Wave Indicators is here

10. ZUP indicators:

- Zup v46 indicator with the instruction about how to use in English and Russian language

- ZUP_CCI_v48

- ZUP 58 with Gartley Patterns

- ZUP 60

- ZUP_v61_WW_WW (Wolf Waves) and some modifications (enter in wave #3 etc)

Thanks nen

- ZUP 62 Thanks nen and Poruchik (first lieutenant).

- ZUP_v63

- ZUP_v64

- ZUP_v65 with backtesting possibility. Fixing

- ZUP_v66 Spiral

- ZUP 67

- ZUP 69

- ZUP 73 + template 71 (8 ZUP 71)

- ZUP 75

- ZUP 76

- ZUP 76 mod from serr (onix).

- ZUP 76mod4

- ZUP_v77

- ZUP_v78

- ZUP_v78 updated 4.14.08 with template (thanks mlen77 and nen).

- ZUP_v78 updated 4.30.08 with template (thanks mlen77 and nen).

- all ZUP indicators in one post #76 (onix forum) incl ZUP RSI: linked post and original onix forum page; the other ZUP on RSI download from this post

- ZUP 79 is on this page

- ZUP 80 is on this page. Fixed ZUP 80 is here

- ZUP 81 is on this post

- ZUP 82 is on this post- ZUP 86 is on this post and this post with indicator and documentation aboyt how to use (and with explanation of the parameters)

- ZUP_v89 is on this post.

- ZUP_v90 is on his post.

- ZUP_v92 is on his post and same version with alert in english language is on this post

- ZUP_v95is on this post. It is latest version of ZUP indicator improved for Pitchforks Andrews

- ZUP_v100is on this post

- ZUP_v101is on this post

- ZUP_v102is on this post. Template for ZUP_v102 is on this post

- ZUP_v109is on this post

- ZUP_v110is on this post

- ZUP 110 and mod 110 s 5 by Diver is on this post, more mods by Diver is here

- ZUP_v102 22 CYPHERis on this post. More ZUP 102 indicators for Shark etc is on this post

- ZUP_v112is on this post

- ZUP_v113is on this post

- ZUP_v113 wsv 43is on this post

- ZUP_v113 wsv 45is on this post

- ZUP_v113 wsv 45 (rev1)is on this post

- ZUP_v113 wsv 49is on this post

- ZUP_v113 wsv 51is on this post

- ZUP_v113 wsv 51 + ZigZag NEN1is on this post

- ZUP_v113 wsv 53is on this post

- ZUP_v113 wsv 53 5 newis on this post

- ZUP_v113 wsv 55is on this post

- ZUP_v113 wsv 57is on this post

- ZUP_v113 wsv 59is onthis post

- ZUP_v113 wsv 61is on this post

- ZUP_v113 wsv 63is on this post

- ZUP_v116 NEN STAR Revolution is on this post

- ZUP_v117 is on this post

- ZUP_v118 NEN STARis on this post

- ZUP_v119 NEN STARis on this post

- ZUP_v120 NEN STARis on this post


now this is a probable butterfly pattern in NZDUSD Daily,but it has not confirmed yet we should wait for reversal candlestick pattern in the PRZ then we can jump in.

nzdu.gif  59 kb

WELL.another nice bullish gartley pattern is going to be completed.but it is not a holy grail it can be failed sometimes.

1_2.gif  22 kb

what about this


Thank you for your efforts.

This is my first try. What do you think?


pattern.jpg  115 kb

Thank you for your efforts.

This is my first try. What do you think?


i saw yours,it seems good.keep going man.you will find them grate.but plz plot all ratio your chart.

well done



Really interesting system, I am reading the book fibonacci ratios by Larry Pesavento, I would like to see more of this developing patterns posted in this thread so I can start getting a better understanding of how it works. Please dont let this thread die.

thank you.


I have "The Harmonic Trader" book in pdf format. If anybody is interested, I'll upload it tonight.


I have "The Harmonic Trader" book in pdf format. If anybody is interested, I'll upload it tonight. Keris

it is grate man.i personally would be very gratefull if you would.

please do not hesitate.

thanks for sharing.


thanks for your attention.i personally think all indicator-based strategies without understandig these conceps do not make any sense,anyway i follow this thread because it is my intresting trading system.

for the sake of shwoing the function of these i post today's recap by patterns.

remeber this whenever you want to trade with patterns:

The longer time-frame,the more pips.:o

chf.gif  20 kb
eur.gif  20 kb
gbp_1.gif  24 kb
jpy.gif  21 kb
Hello all

I have tested many strategies that all of them were related to indicators and many other stuff but i did not found them more accurant then basic analysis of the market. i mean,the Price Patterns. there many froums and threads about this very simple and practical way of trading but here i found nothing except two thread which is forgotten now.anyway i have strated this new thread to someone who is intrested in trading without indicators and exactly trend following strategies.it is simple and profitable and gives you a bright view of the market and it's action.by the way.from now on,i'll post the probable patterns and i hope that the others who is intrested and professional in this matter follows the thread and we make a trmendous collection of patterns and their's result.all you need is the ability of recognizing the PRZ(Price Reversal Zone) and the revresal candle stick pattern ..

for more information you can reffer to these links:


hello kamyar very interesting thread i'll be watching too

thanks for your efforts i am not good in these patterns but interested to see how they develop very nice work





My first one, is this correct??

eur-30_new.gif  15 kb