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Chart in Chart and with ZUP on all time frames

Hi Poruchik,

Thanks for your reply.

I really dont know the name of indi, however here is the link for it.

Did you see such a picture? - MQL4 forum

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Harmonis Setup - Bearish Alternate Bat?

There is this bearish setup forming on the EURUSD. It has harmonic ratios, but I think it doesn't really fit with any known setup. Could that be an Alternate Bat even if the XA is 0.50 and not 0.382 and the XD is 1.27 and not 1.13? What do you think?

Hi, BO!

I see you at ww

I see your indi, but I do not know it name


i have a question

i think the code calc tangensXB is not required,and logic may be wrong

in bullish market

when priceB above priceD,it is already larger then D,then plus a +number,it will must be

when priceB not above priceD,even priceB plus tan length,it will not

in bearish market

priceB already less then priceD,then priceB plus a -number

i do not understand why calc tangensXB,i think it is useless


XA=1 1.6178 -1.5991=187 р.

AD= 0.786 1.6178 -1.6031 =147 р.

XD= 0.786/1=0.786 147:187=0.7860962

Where you see tangent?

It is in right-angled triangle


Use it indi When are blue triangles - it is bug MT4

Hi Poruchik and Tradewiser, maybe it can help: for those who like black chart background, in chart properties (F8), select Background=none. In this way the blu pattern is no more visible, only PRZ even if you select to show history.



ZUP 125

5 algorithms of zigzags for the scanner of patterns are added.

At the moment in the ExtIndicator mode = 11 it is possible to choose one of six algorithms of the scanner for search of patterns.

For a choice of algorithm parameter is used


= 0 - corresponds to algorithm of ExtIndicator=0 - this algorithm was applied to 124 ZUP versions in the ExtIndicator=11 mode

= 1 - corresponds to algorithm of ExtIndicator=1 - Alex's zigzag. Rrazmer of a beam is set in points

= 2 - corresponds to algorithm of ExtIndicator=1 - Alex's zigzag. The size of a beam is set as a percentage - (in a code of the indicator it is mistakenly written - it is set in points)

= 3 - corresponds to algorithm of ExtIndicator=2 - Ensign zigzag, ExtIndicator option = 2

= 4 - corresponds to algorithm of ExtIndicator=4 - tauber-a ExtIndicator zigzag = 4

= 5 - corresponds to algorithm of ExtIndicator=5 - a zigzag swings Hannah to ExtIndicator = 5

= 6 - corresponds to algorithm of ExtIndicator=12 - Talex-a ExtIndicator zigzag = 12

Settings of algorithms of scanners.

For AlgorithmSearchPatterns=0 changed nothing. Everything remained as was for the ExtIndicator mode = 11

For варинтов AlgorithmSearchPatterns=1, AlgorithmSearchPatterns=3, AlgorithmSearchPatterns=4 and AlgorithmSearchPatterns=6

parameters are used

maxSize_ - the maximum value of the size of a beam in points.

minSize_ - the minimum value of the size of a beam in points.

IterationStepSize - a step of change of parameter загзага by search of patterns. Sets quantity of points.

I pay attention that for four-unit quotations value of parameters should be set by 10 times bigger, than for five-place quotations.

For варинта AlgorithmSearchPatterns=2 are used parameters

maxPercent_ - the maximum value of percent for calculation загзага Alex

minPercent_ - the minimum value of percent for calculation загзага Alex

IterationStepPercent - a step (percent) of change of parameter загзага Percent

For this mode value of parameter of percent changes on IterationStepPercent of PERCENT (

In all above-stated modes the step of change of parameter of calculation of a zigzag changed on the set quantity of points.

For варинта AlgorithmSearchPatterns=5 is used the minBars parameter - the filter barovy (the number of bars is set) for calculation of zigzags. This parameter is in the first section of parameters where parameters of zigzags, instead of in section for search of patterns of Gartley are set. In this option of the scanner of patterns the setting of a zigzag changes from value 0 to minBars value inclusive.

The step of change is equal to 1 (unit).

This first considerable change.

Second considerable change. The mode of a conclusion of potential levels of a retresment of XD (for exact patterns) is created.

Parameters for this mode and feature of its application.

PotencialsLevels_retXD - resolves a conclusion of levels of a retresment of XD of potential pyatitochechnovny (exact) patterns.

It isn't applied in the ExtIndicator=11 mode

= 0 - the conclusion of potential levels is disconnected

= 1 - potential levels are removed together with patterns at ExtGartleyOnOff=true

= 2 - potential levels are removed. The conclusion of patterns is thus disconnected. Now this parameter disconnects a conclusion of patterns and in the ExtIndicator=11 mode

PotencialsLevelsNum - sets number of a change of a zigzag to which the conclusion of potential levels is possible

For a conclusion of potential levels of a retresment of XD four are used in a row going a zigzag extremum.

We assume that these four extrema correspond to the first four points of a potential pattern - X-A-B-C.

In base of exact patterns we find compliance of values of retresment for these points. If the corresponding patterns are found, through a point of the C potential pattern the vertical line is removed. Along this line level of a potential retresment of XD with value of the price of level and with the name of a pattern to which this level is compared is removed.

The SelectPattern parameter defining is thus considered, what patterns should be looked for.

Also the ExtDeltaStrongGartley parameter - the admission on a price deviation for search of exact patterns is used also

zup_v125.mq4 649 kb

Great work Poruchik...thank's a lot.

In any case I put on my chart 7 zup because I can see more zigzag..little and big swings:

zup v76-5-0mod

zup 102 22 cypher mirror

zup 110 poruchik dr1

zup 120 nen star triangle

zup 110 poruchik TT gartley

zup 117

zup 122


need help :/

guys i need the last version from this index


Hi Porchick,

First of all I would like to thank you for your contributions to this form, we are

all ever so grateful for your support.

I found a chart today in another form, (attached) I would like to know if anyone has this indicator, and

would'nt mind sharing with the forum. If this indi is available I would like to use ZUP on all time frames showing

in the same window, it will make make huge difference in ones trading with ZUP, as one would be able to

see what the all time frames were doing, and whether the ZUP has given a VALID signal.

I am so sorry If I haev posted this in the wrong thread, but I wanted to relate this to the ZUP indi, hence

posted in here.

Kind regards


Hi there friends.

I am sorry to trouble you again.

any luck with the indicator I have shown in the chart. It will be of great help if you can share.

sorry the indicator is shown `` chart in chart`` few posts back.

best regards