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Discover in 15 Minutes: Watch the Video about Trading Signals in MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 The most frequently asked questions related to the Signals service will be collected and processed in this topic. The list of questions will be updated from time to time. Soon we will try to give answers...
New article Calculator of signals has been published: The calculator of signals operates directly from the MetaTrader 5 terminal, which is a serious advantage, since the terminal provides a preliminary selection and sorts out signals. This way, users can see in the terminal only the signals that
Fractal Wave is by far the most conformative and practical theory in the technical analysis. However, it is also most underestimated theory too. In my opinion, ironically, this important theory is less popular. Hence, I decided to bring some educational materials here in the direction of making the
Hello, I have a big problem : I'm using the copy trading service. From the trader I selected, many source trades have different lot sizes. Some profit trades use a higher lot sizes so they can compensate other losing trades using a smaller lot sizes. Unfortunately, on my account, all those trades
  Can you say forex is gambling?  (74   1 2 3 4 5 ... 7 8)
Joshua Brown, vice president of investments in a renowned New York asset-management firm once said that the forex from his perspective is too risk fraught for an individual investor to engage in preferring to label forex trading as gambling with retail investors in ignorance throwing money into
What is the one and most important rule in FOREX to make one successful
  Zigzag  (91   1 2 3 4 5 ... 9 10)
I have some funny idea. Do you know that many forex teams from many countries tried to develop the zigzag system? Yes, it is the true. But everybody knows that indicator (zigzag) can not be usable for the forex at all. So, What did they develop in this case? Next week we will start to develope our...
I was affraid to open this thread. Why? because it is difficult to manage many threads on one forum. Anyway - I will try :) So, we are talking about SIGNAL SYSTEMS
  Something Interesting to Read  (84   1 2 3 4 5 ... 8 9)
This is the thread about books related for stocks, forex, financial market and economics. Please make a post about books with possible cover image, short description and official link to buy (amazon for example). Posts without books' presentation, without official link to buy and with refferal links...
By comparing strategies, scalper, swing trades, martingale or price action, which 1 would you like most
  FX Sniper´s Ergodic CCI Trigger  (147   1 2 3 4 5 ... 14 15)
I´ve modified some indicator to show in the chart window the signals provided by FX_Sniper´s_Ergodic_CCI_Trigger. Up and Down arrows are showed in the candle when the trigger line crosses the ErgodicCCI. Donwload both indicators in the same folder See picture for details. Warning: Signals are still
Trading and training video (from youtube for example) about forex and financial market in general.  thread for April 2013 - look at this thread,  thread for May 2013 - look at here,for June 2013 is here.July thread 2013 is hereAugust thread 2013 is this oneSeptember thread 2013 is hereOctober thread...
  The Murrey Math Trading System  (1710   1 2 3 4 5 ... 170 171)
Description of trading system (zip'ed html file) and some indicators (with the description inside the code - use MetaEditor to read).
  Best method to identify trend in forex  (84   1 2 3 4 5 ... 8 9)
Hi guys, I just start a trading discussion about what the best method to identify trend. We know there are three type of trend: 1. Up Trend 2. Down Trend 3. Sideway. How we identify Trend? Thanks in Advanced.
  Harmonic Trading  (5984   1 2 3 4 5 ... 598 599)
Hello all I have tested many strategies and many other stuff but i did not found them more accurant then basic analysis of the market. i mean,the Price Patterns. 1. harmony indicators: here and here. 2. candelsticks reversal patternsis here. 3. Price Patterns: - Price Patterns (Gartley,Butterfly,Bat...
  Simple Trading Method  (276   1 2 3 4 5 ... 27 28)
Im been playing this method for about 3 months now and the return is quite good. This is a very simple method and it is all base on price action, indicator free trading and it is done manually. First you have to open a demo account and make sure that the broker you choose have the ff. pairs (must...
Do you think there is any trading system suitable in all circumstance
Hi All, By setting the "position" field in the MqlTradeRequest structure I'm able to close an position (by sending and opposite order with the same volume), I'm able to reduce an position (by sending and opposite order with a smaller volume) and I'm able to swap the position (by sending and...
Simple Ichimoku System - rules for the systems. Introduction. This indicator was created by Tokyo newspaper writer before World War II who had the pseudonym called Ichimoku Sanjin which we can translate as “a glance of a mountain man”. Ichimoku means “one look”; a chart of this style is referred to...
Hi guys, What is more important in your trading strategy? Risk reward (RR) or winrate percent? If we want to have huge RR then entry and SL are very tight which can cause bad winrate... On the other side we have winratio where we need to use wide SL or no SL at all) to get high winrate. I saw many
Hello everyone, Hope all is well during these time. Anyway, I would like to know anything you guys have for any strategies and patterns you might poses to help out one another. I have been studying some channels on you tube and got a hold of like the Scalping Strategy, Bat Pattern, Gartley Pattern
This thread won't be about a question or problem, but rather about the anouncement of the presentation and documentation of an exciting trading concept. I plan to do a series of postings here in order to keep you guys updated. Anybody who has an opinion on the topic, please don't hesitate to comment...
I just started this thread as a continuation of the talking made on this topic (we can read it). Or make it shorter: it was some discussion about forecasting/predicting of the next candle or direction of the movement or market condition evaluation. And it was around standard indiocators in...
Can a good strategy make 1000USD to 1 billion USD in 5 years? Yes. It can.
Please find indicator (in download area) which is forecasting the support and resistance of current day based of previous day. All the calculation is based on Thomas R. DeMark book "New Science of Technical Analysis". Works on the timeframe less than H4 (including H4 of course).
Hello. when my expert advisor is back tested some of the open orders stop losses are modified by a trailing stop function. Sometimes during these instances an invalid stops error is returned failed to modify, and every time the modification of the open orders stops is the same. The error is "failed