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Discover in 15 Minutes: Watch the Video about Trading Signals in MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 The most frequently asked questions related to the Signals service will be collected and processed in this topic. The list of questions will be updated from time to time. Soon we will try to give answers...
hello is there any pamm account for binary options ? thank you
Hello everyone, first time here, I need some help. I'm subscribing to a Signal, and this is what is showing on his history right now: And this is from my account right now: I know that might be some delay between copied transactions, but this is very very different. Besides the volume being
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Hello everyone i saw this indicator in the internet and it's for ninjatrader i don't know what it's name i think <deleted> or math formula!! So it's been while i didn't find anything familiar to it !! If anyone can help
I just started this thread as a continuation of the talking made on this topic (we can read it). Or make it shorter: it was some discussion about forecasting/predicting of the next candle or direction of the movement or market condition evaluation. And it was around standard indiocators in...
Hi again, So this is my second indicator. And this indicator is created to be able to follow Jperl's Market Statistics thread on Traders Laboratory. Please read this summary document of that thread first. After reading that document lets discuss how can we use this approach in Forex trading... I am...
It involves mean renko bars and bollinger bands. Please help if you are an expert
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Hi guys, I wanted to test Stop Loss Function, so i use this simple code. But nothing is happening. During the backtest no buy or sell orderCan you help me please Thank you for your time #include <Trade\Trade.mqh>CTrade trade; int a =0;void OnTick() { double RsiArray[]; int rsi =
Hi, Is it needed to run mql5 scripts within some specific terminal, I mean, is it tight coupled with the terminal? Is it possible to run funcs such as OrderSend for some specified login or must be the one that is logged? Seems that it does not receive login as input parameter. Thank you. Best
Some signals are not available in the face Some bookmarks are not available on the site
Hi, I have a question if you can answer. I Would like to develop EA that should receives Email alerts/messages and execute the order at market price for a particular FX/ commodity pair. The EA Should include; 1) Risk management rules 2) Martingale strategy -------IS IT POSSIBLE
Trading and training video (from youtube for example) about forex and financial market in general.  thread for April 2013 - look at this thread,  thread for May 2013 - look at here,for June 2013 is here.July thread 2013 is hereAugust thread 2013 is this oneSeptember thread 2013 is hereOctober thread...
Hello, I am a new member of this forum (but an experienced full-time trader of 15 years). How do I post a comment on here ( [link to the Market product was deleted by moderator] )
Hello, sorry on bad English, but I hope you will understand what I am asking for. Is there any automated trading system that maximize earning from forex rebate. My goal is to trade a lot, and to not lose my starting Money. I am looking for earning just from forex rebate
hello dear traders if someone have any adaptable strategy or idea about a unique strategy that unlike %99 strategies out there can make consistent money in every market conditions (choppy and trending market) welcomes here
Please find indicator (in download area) which is forecasting the support and resistance of current day based of previous day. All the calculation is based on Thomas R. DeMark book "New Science of Technical Analysis". Works on the timeframe less than H4 (including H4 of course).
Hi fellows, I wanna build a trading boot which recognize a break and retest pattern of support or resistance line. The support or resistance level is known by the bot, it will be a parameter given by the user of the bot. The bot DO NOT have to detect this support or resistance level. See
This thread won't be about a question or problem, but rather about the anouncement of the presentation and documentation of an exciting trading concept. I plan to do a series of postings here in order to keep you guys updated. Anybody who has an opinion on the topic, please don't hesitate to comment...
Dears, i want to know how to enable the robot and make it working even for the demo account to validate the indicators, thanks
Hi, I am attempting to subscribe to a signal through here, however once I've inputted my payment details for the subscription I get an error message - "An error has occurred in the script on this page." Error: Invalid character Screenshot attached: Can anyone help me please
What Frequency of Trades Can I Reasonably Expect/Month From A Trading Signal? My question is just as shown: I subscribed to a trading signal on the 13th of this month and have, to date, received one trade placed automatically, or push-initiated, onto my account (buy 0.02 units of EUR/AUD on the 15th
Hi guys! One question you might answer: What is a realistic price for a freelance job, when I want someone to convert a code from ProRealtime (122 lines) into an MT4 expert? Thanks for your answers
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hi there. first post. i am after an expert advisor for MT4. It buys and sells with the triggers of Hulls Moving Averages. Does anyone have one, can point me to one, or build me one, please? Bradman
What Indicators Would You Use To Predict The Next daily Candle?
Hi , When I try to put the "Free Demo" of a product into the MetaTrader 4 , I get the following message: The address wasn’t understood Firefox doesn’t know how to open this address, because one of the following protocols (mql4buy) isn’t associated with any program or is not allowed in this context
Hi, Im using eabuilder and so far understand all the settings. However I am not able to perform what should be a very simple task: how do I market buy when price travels 50 pip north? Help is appreciated
Hey guys! I wrote a small EA sending alerts to the terminal ,however, whenever the condition is met, it sends an alert every second.. Would you please help me have only one alert when the condition is met? Thanks a lot, the code is below! Martin #property copyright "Copyright 2019,...
Hello everyone! I am experiencing something weird while backtesting my trading system. I made two versions of the same TS: 1st VERSION: This is how I open short positions (I skipped useless code): //OPENING SHORT POSITION if (order == "sell_first_A") { TP_price =
Hi, Is it to possible to call MQL5 functions from C# or C++? I have seen the contrary here, but I am not sure if it is possible the other way. Also, if it is possible how can I pass arguments? Thank you. Best Regards
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