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Oscillator normalized in bands

This multi-functional indicator is an oscillator (MAСD, Momentum, RSI, MFI) normalized for Bollinger Bands. The normalized overbought determines overbought and oversold areas more correctly. The oscillator can be displayed as a line, a histogram or a filled histogram. The upper and lower Bollinger Bands are configured independently (period and deviation). This indicator is used by the "Bollinger Bands strategy" Expert Advisor. It is provided to facilitate the visual selection of the parameters. You can also use it in your trading systems independently.

Indicator Parameters

  • TAIMEFRAMES Oscillator - timeframe of the indicator
  • Oscillator - type of the oscillator (MAСD, Momentum, RSI, MFI)
  • MACD Fast EMA/Period for RSI,MFI,Momentum - period of the oscillator (Momentum, RSI, MFI) of fast ЕМА for MAСD
  • MACD Slow EMA - slow ЕМА for MAСD
  • MACD Signal - SMA for MAСD
  • Applied Price - apply to prices
  • Applied Volume for MFI - apply the volume type to calculation (only for MFI)
  • Draw Mode - display style of the oscillator (line, histogram or filled histogram)
  • Levels Period Upper - period of the upper Bollinger Band
  • Levels Period Lower - period of the lower Bollinger Band
  • Deviation Upper - deviation of the upper Bollinger Band
  • Deviation Lower - deviation of the lower Bollinger Band
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Version 1.10 - 2018.02.13
Fixed certain inconsistencies