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Logarithmic Scale Chart

By using the LogscaleChart you can view the chart in logarithmic scale in the same chart window.

Chart settings

  • Disable/Enable: You can disable and enable the log scale by click on the "ON/OFF" button in top-left corner of the chart. Showing "ON" on the button means that the log scale is now enabled and you are viewing the chart in logarithmic scale, by clicking the button once, the button text will change to "OFF" and the chart is viewing in normal scale.
  • Margin settings: You can set the top and bottom margins of log scale chart by using the spin edits that are showing on top-left corner of the chart (next to the "Mar" button). The values will save for each chart separately. Also you can hide/show the spin edits by using the "Mar" button.
  • Color settings: the candlestick colors can change through the "colors" tab of the indicator's properties window. The first color is for bullish candles (Blue by default) and the second one is for bearish candles (Red by default). Do not change the third color as it is used for hiding the log scale chart when it is disabled.

Indicator Parameters

  • Show Last Price: show the last price on the vertical prices axis.
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