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VR Symbol Points MT5

The indicator calculates points or the percentage between the opening of all periods and the current price.

It helps the trader to analyze the current situation on the selected currency pairs.

It displays the collected information on the chart as a table.

Using the table the trades is able to see the dynamics of the last bar on all timeframes.

Indicator parameters

  • Set Timer Seconds - Indicator refresh timer in seconds
  • Type Price - Price type to calculate the data
  • Type Info - Type of the displayed information (Points or percentage)
  • Symbol List - Load the currency list from the market watch or the entire list provided by broker
  • Symbol Prefix - Currency prefix
  • The order of characters - The currency pair display order (Example - EGС : All pairs starting with E will be displayed first, then the ones starting with G and so on)
  • Highest Rectangle - The height of the table cells
  • Width Rectangle - The width of the table cells
  • FontSize - font size
  • Color theme / Skins - Color scheme /skin (Three default color schemes are provided: White, DarkGray, Manual). When 'Manual' is selected, it is possible to manually customize the color using the following settings:
  • Background Chart - Chart background color
  • Background Panel - Table background color
  • Border Panel - Background border color
  • Color Text - Text Color
  • Up point - Color of increasing values
  • DW point - Color of decreasing values
  • Grig - Table border color
  • Column 1M - Color of the М1 period column
  • Column 5M - Color of the М5 period column
  • Column 15M - Color of the М15 period column
  • Column 30M - Color of the М30 period column
  • Column 1H - Color of the Н1 period column
  • Column 4H - Color of the Н4 period column
  • Column 1D - Color of the D1 period column
  • Column 1W - Color of the W1 period column
  • Column 1MN - Color of the МN1 period column
  • Column 1K - Color of the K1 period column (Quarter)
  • Column 1Y - Color of the Y1 period column (Year)

Important: At first launch the indicator will command the terminal to download the history on the selected currency pairs, the size of the Internet traffic can be more than 100 MB.

At the start of the terminal with the indicator attached, the terminal may "freeze" for 1-2 minutes. This is normal, the indicator must process and calculate the history on all currency pairs and for all periods.

If there are 10 currency pairs, then there are 110 history files for the indicator to calculate, which forces the terminal to "freeze" for 1-2 minutes.

Version for MetaTrader 4

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