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Market Data Monitor

Promptly receive all the necessary information for the selected symbol and an open trade:

  1. The current timeframe
  2. The current symbol
  3. The current price
  4. Price change in percentage as compared to the previous candlestick close price on the current timeframe
  5. An indicator for monitoring the spread
  6. The value of one point (default is 0.1, can be changed in the settings)
  7. The opening price of the trade
  8. The direction and volume of the open trade
  9. Current Profit/Loss

All the data displayed in the Market Data Monitor is one of the most important data for the accurate determination of the market situation. The accuracy of the data in Market Data Monitor is supported by automated filtering mechanisms.

Trade with more confidence on the basis of accurate and timely information.

Note: Panels cannot be tester in the strategy tester.
Rodrigo da Silva Boa
Rodrigo da Silva Boa 2016.03.11 06:09 

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