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Argo Trix

This indicator is a heart of the strategy "ARGO". It recommends when to enter the market, it shows divergence and the speed of forming of short-term (hexagram) and long-term (color line) trends. All the main signals (classic and reverse divergence, buy, sell, oversold and overbought conditions) are accompanied with voice messages.

The indicator does not require any setting depending on the currency pair or period it is used with. It can be used for any style of trading (pipsing, intraday, long-term, short-term). Comparing to such famous indicators as "THV4 Trix V1.0" and "TDI-2", it is not inferior to their functionality (THV4 Trix V1.0;) and accuracy of signals, and sometimes it's even better (less false signals and 1-2 candlesticks earlier signals).

Working with this indicator (strategy) for 4 years (there is a version for MetaTrader 4) has proven its efficiency and profitability on different markets.

To make the market analysis convenient (on more than one display), it draws the line of predicted entry on a candlestick that is not formed yet. But it plays the voice message only when the candlestick is closed and the market state is the same. It allows conducting an additional analysis before performing a deal, what probably will affect the final decision. Of course, this is not a "Grail" (as well as any other indicator) and it requires additional knowledge in exchange trading. However, it can be used as a basis of any strategy.

All the parameters are intended to make this indicator more convenient for using with your tactics and style of trading. The methodology of working with this indicator and the strategy itself are out of scope of the Market, so I'm going to dwell on describing the parameters.

  • TempFastShift - changes the scale of the hexagram (convenient when performing short deals).
  • FType_  Trade_style - changes recommendations on entering the market depending on the style of trading (aggressive, moderate, conservative).
  • SoundON - enables/disables sounds for buy-sell signals.
  • AlertON - enables/disables alerts (when SoundON=false).
  • EmailON - enables/disables sending messages via Email.
  • Alerts_on_OB_OS - enables/disables sound alerts for overbought-oversold signals.
  • DivergenceSoundON - enables/disables sounds notifications for divergence signals.
  • DivergenceAlertON - enables/disables alerts for divergence (when DivergenceSoundON=false).
  • Divergence - enables/disables everything related to divergence.
  • drawIndicatorTrendLines - enables/disables drawing divergence lines in the indicator window.
  • drawPriceTrendLines - enables/disables drawing divergence lines in the main window.
  • DrawLine - enables/disables drawing the lines of continuations of the last reverse divergence and the liens of last entries to the market.
  • DelLine - enables/disables deleting the liens of continuation of the last reverse divergence from the screens when changing a timeframe.
  • ColorLine - color of the lines of continuation of the last reverse divergence (if DelLine = false, each timeframe will have an individual color).
  • Full_Line - enables/disables drawing the lines of all possible entry points to the market. Required for analyzing the indicator performance.
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