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How Secure Is It to Buy MQL5 Market Products?

How Secure Is It to Buy MQL5 Market Products?

MetaTrader 5Trading systems | 29 October 2012, 12:24
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MQL5 Market is a service designed for highly secure purchasing of Expert Advisors, indicators and other applications. The entire purchase process (from placing a product on Market up to its downloading to the terminal) is heavily protected. You will be able to use the application in MetaTrader 5 terminal immediately after you pay for it. It will be available to you at all times.

Secure purchase in MQL5 Market

Market is regulated by special rules protecting all service users. First of all, Market sellers must meet rigid requirements. They must also pass additional registration specifying actual contact details, phone numbers and submitting identity documents. All specified data is verified before a seller is allowed to start selling applications on MQL5 Market.

Security of published products is also considered. For example, a product should not use dll libraries, which can be used as tools for frauds. Besides, products are checked for malicious code and operability. Products violating the rules will not be published in Market. Therefore, you are protected from malware.

Besides, you can test an application. Each Market product has its free demo version. It can be tested in the strategy tester and receive a detailed report on the product and its parameters. Thus, you will be able to check the program in action before purchasing it.

Cooperation of participants in MQL5 Market

Payments are based on our own payment system of website. SSL protocol and payment confirmation via SMS messages are used to ensure security of all transactions. Users should register on and deposit their accounts in any convenient way to start using MQL5 Market.

Keep in mind that a purchased application will be bound to your computer by a unique installation code. Thus, even if intruders gain access to your program, they will not be able to use it, as it will not run on another computer. This solution helps to protect the interests of application developers. On the other hand, you will always be able to activate a purchased application on any three computers.

We have launched the service for selling MetaTrader 5 trading applications paying much attention to security issues. We have minimized all associated risks to allow you to concentrate on more important matters - searching for the most suitable trading robot!

Enter MQL5 Market right now to purchase trading robots securely!

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