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Mr Top Bottom MT5

Mr Top Bottom shows you best entry price in the direction of main trend. It's a non-repaint indicator that draws arrows on best Tops and Bottoms. It uses a DYNAMIC PERIOD based on price movement. So the calculations is too complicated, But the indicator is very simple to use. Each arrow has a specific impact value from 1 to 10. Basically there is no important difference between impact numbers. The main point is that a higher impact value means that signal is generated from a bigger swing. When it draws a Buy arrow on a bottom, It means that we had a Trend, A correction, And now this bottom is a reliable trigger for buy trade in the direction of main trend. And Vice Versa for Sell trends.

Key Features of Mr Top Bottom:

  • Doesn't repaint
  • Identifies the best Trigger
  • Useful for Trend Trading and Swing Trading
  • Powerful in Up-Trends, Down-Trends and Non-Trend situations
  • Works on any Assets and Time-Frame
  • Suggests best entry price to reduce risk 
  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Sends Alerts, Emails and Push Notifications
  • The Sensitivity parameter helps trader to compatible it with his/her own trading type


Main Setting:
  • Maximum Bars : Maximum candles to draw arrows. This parameter won't change the results of calculations. Just decrease the calculation time
  • Signal Type : "Current Bar" means: The last signal will be generated before last candle is closed. And "Confirmed Bar" means: the last signal will be generated after last candle closed.
  • (Changeable on the Panel)

  • Sensitivity: You can set the Sensitivity from A to C. A means the lowest Sensitivity and C means the highest. I myself prefer the B that is medium one
  • (Changeable on the Panel)

  • Arrow Size : Size of Arrows
  • Buy Arrow Color : Color of Buy arrows
  • Sell Arrow Color : Color of Sell arrows
Alert Setting:
  • Show Screen Alert : Shows screen alert if an arrow appears
  • Send Push Notification : Sends a push notification if an arrow appears
  • Send Email : Sends an Email if an arrow appears

Panel and info Setting:

  • Show Candle Time : If it is true, The candle clock countdown timer will be shown
  • Candle Time Color : To set the color of candle time text
  • Move panel in X axis : Moving Panel in X axis of chart
  • Move panel in Y axis : Moving Panel in Y axis of chart

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