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TTMM – "Time To Make Money" – Time When Traders Makes Money on the Stock Exchanges The ТТММ trade sessions indicator displays the following information: Trade sessions: American, European, Asian and Pacific. (Note: Sessions are displayed on the previous five days and the current day only. The number of days may change depending on the holidays - they are not displayed in the terminals. The sessions are also not displayed on Saturday and Sunday). The main trading hours of the stock exchanges (tim
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ACPD – «Auto Candlestick Patterns Detected» - The indicator for automatic detection of candlestick patterns. The Indicator of Candlestick Patterns ACPD is Capable of: Determining 40 reversal candlestick patterns . Each signal is displayed with an arrow, direction of the arrow indicates the forecast direction of movement of the chart. Each caption of a pattern indicates: its name , the strength of the "S" signal (calculated in percentage terms using an empirical formula) that shows how close is t
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RBC Range Bar Chart is a classical range bar chart indicator. The indicator features price ranges for charting: High/Low price range is a classical option for analysis. It also has Open, High, Low and Close prices. In the first option, two price values are analyzed at the same time, while other options only use one price. Conventionally, range bars are drawn using tick data but since tick data is not available on the server, charting is only possible based on bar data from standard time frames.
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AABB - Active Analyzer Bulls and Bears is created to indicate the state to what extent a candlestick is bullish or bearish. The indicator shows good results on EURUSD H4 chart with default settings. The Strategy of the Indicator When the indicator line crosses 80% level upwards, we buy. When the indicator line crosses 20% level downwards, we sell. It is important to buy or sell when a signal candlestick is formed. You should buy or sell on the first signal. It is not recommended to buy more as w
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CPA - "Candle Pattern Analyze" - Индикатор поиска и анализа свечных моделей. Индикатор осуществляет поиск наиболее ликвидных свечных моделей, а так же производит анализ истории, как развивалась цена в прошлом. Внимание! В тестере стратегий индикатор показывает только свечные модели. Линии возможного движения, формируются на истории, и показываются только в терминале (естественно при условии наличия истории выбранного интервала). Настройки индикатора по умолчанию - минимальны, то есть, перед испо
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