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Yunny Fractals MTF

This multi-timeframe indicator displays classic fractals and points where they may be formed. It marks them with different colors. Each color corresponds to a specific timeframe.

If you use Yunny Fractals MTF in your trading systems, then in addition to classic use of fractals you'll always be aware of the timeframe the local level is formed at and how big the players are now on the market.

Indicator Input Parameters:

  • Fractal arrow shift - shift of the fractal label relative to high/low of the bar;
  • Yunny Fractal arrow shift - shift of a probable fractal label relative to high/low of the bar;
  • Yunny Fractal arrow code - label code for the probable fractal point;
  • Show legend - show/hide the legend for timeframe colors;
  • Legend location - location of the legend;
  • Legend X-offset - shift of the legend to the right/left;
  • Legend Y-offset - shift of the legend up/down;
  • Push legend on the X axis - expand the legend along the time axis;
  • Font size of the legend - font size for the legend;
  • Font type of the legend - font type;
  • Speed up the indicator calculation - speed up the first calculation of the indicator (the speed increases due to decreasing the depth of history data use for the first calculation on small timeframes);
  • Add timeframe №… - include timeframe №… in calculation;
  • Timeframe №… value - period of timeframe №… ;
  • Timeframe №… color - color of timeframe №... .
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