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Indicator to measure market activity and to show speed of price in pips/sec.

Have you been wondering, what is current speed of the market? I see the ticks jumping up and down, can I measure their speed?

All these questions can be answered by TickSpeed v1.0- good looking indicator with good configuration possibilities. It will show you directional movement speed in ticks per second or in time defined by you!

Good for scalpers, good for long term-traders. Good for beginners, good for pros. This indicator is useful for everyone who can't miss the tick. It's a nice gadget with smooth animation and nice graphics. By default, it's located in the bottom of the screen, but you are free to chose the best place for it - just select and drag-and-drop.

And that is not all - indicator comes in one file! No pictures, no includes, no libraries, no font files to install - it's all included in one file!

No more talking - download and enjoy! 


  • Animated change of speed helps to better see size of price movement and makes your working interface more friendly;
  • Indicator is made transparent and will look good on both - black and white - backgrounds;
  • Indicator is moved to background, therefore you can still keep your current indicators, panels and objects on your chart, TickSpeed will not block anything;
  • You can move it around the screen and place it in anywhere you want. Just select and drag-and-drop;
  • It gives you access to three configuration parameters:
    • Interval (time in seconds for calculations);
    • ShowPrice (select your favourite calculation method - "average" or "total sum of ticks");
    • OutputMultiply (parameter to optimize output range).
  • Default configuration settings gives you clear view of price change for every new second.

This indicator is simple, effective and adjustable - download it now! 

Do you want to see it action? Go and check out some videos in YouTube:

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