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Argo Channel

The indicator draws a trend channel and adds Fibonacci levels (extension).

It is a part of Argo-Trix strategy's set. However, it can also work as an independent strategy (trading within a channel, side channel's breakdown or Fibonacci levels).

The indicator has plenty of settings that can be changed according to your strategy and trading style. For those who trade within a channel, the indicator displays inclined or inclined + side channels and defines the side channel's width in the terminal window. The levels are built by the last two or the last two + previous extreme points or an extension is added following these points. The indicator allows disabling the drawing of the channel, as well as definite or all Fibo levels. It is possible to disable removal of the channel from the screen allowing users to examine the channel from different TFs in one window.

Иван Чемадура
2016.05.01 07:38 

Полезный индикатор!

Покупкой доволен :)

Спасибо разработчику