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Kijun Sen and 1 Envelope

This indicator draws:

  • 1 Kijun Sen + 1 Envelope + 3 Price Labels

The Kijun Sen, Envelope and Labels can be hidden as required. 

Envelopes can be used to identify:

  • Price ranging;
  • Overbought price levels;
  • Oversold price levels;
  • Take Profit levels;
  • Stop Loss Levels.

All parameter changes can be permanently saved and loaded via the Save and Load buttons in the Inputs tab.

The Color tab offers limited and temporary change that expires on chart close or timeframe change, unless permanently saved in a template.

The Kijun Sen traditional default period of 26 is optimized for the daily timeframe. Lower timeframes require appropriate parameter adjustments.

For lower timeframes the Kijun Sen period can to be increased to 34, 50, 100 etc., and the deviation of Envelopes can be lowered.

Inputs and Parameters

  • Kijun Sen Period: 26;
  • Envelope Deviation: 4000;
  • Kijun Sen and Label Color: DodgerBlue;
  • Envelope Upper Band and Label Color: Lime;
  • Envelope Lower Band and Label Color: Red;
  • Kijun Sen Width: 3;
  • Envelope Width: 1;
  • Kijun Sen Style: Solid;
  • Envelope Style: Solid;
  • Label Font Type: Franklin Gothic Medium;
  • Label Font Size: 12;
  • Show Kijun Sen: true;
  • Show Envelope: true;
  • Show Labels: true.
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