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Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

usefull links/threads/tools part #21


- all patterns indicators with links: all the indicators in one post; here and here.

- Price Patterns: good public thread.

- candelsticks reversal patterns indicator is here.

- Price Patterns(Gartley,Butterfly,Bat,...) explanation is here.

- 5 pattern indicators and 1 pattern indicator with alert posted here.

- 1-2-3 Pattern indicator is here.

- color patterns (indicator helping to identify the patterns): here.

- WolfWave_nen indicator is here,

- Elliot Wave Indicators is here,

- ZUP indicator: Zup v46 indicator with the instruction about how to use in English and Russian language,

- Gartley Reversal Auto indicator is here.

- Pattern Recognition indicator: fixed version.

- Harmonic EA: simpe EA is on this thread.

everything about candles, inside candles and custom candles:

- indicators is here;

- 4Hour indicator is here;

Esignal thread with some good indicators (Esignal candlestick and so on) is here

Simbasystem-gbpusd: manual trading system and MTF EA based on this system (first post of this thread).

Dynamic indicators: this thread.


usefull links/threads/tools part #22

Fibo & Gann variations:

-ALL W D Gann Stuff thread is here.

- indicators is here.

- all the forex-tsd links to fibo (video, articles, indicators, systems and so on) is here.

- Fibonacci Levels with Price included... posted here.

- Editing Fibonacci levels optionsexplained here

- Camarilla Indicators are here and here and here

- Something about Andrews Pitchfork is here


- Auto Fibonacci by Codersguru is here

- Fibo Circle indicator by cja is on this post.

- Fibo MultiColor indicator by cja is on this post.

- fibocalc_V31 indicator fixed version is on this post.

Fisher thread ishere andEhlers' Fisher Transform here

Juice indicator and different versions is here

Market Profile Unified Thread is here

Market Profilex indicator is on this post. Market Profilex draws market profile and some sort of pivots from the profile!

MatrixRVer1 indicator is on this post. It is some sort of sort of market sentiment indicators for stock and other markets

Different Trailing Stop indicator's based on ATR are locatedhere

Open Close by EA, Script or time , thread is here

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

usefull links/threads/tools part #23


- Working with Excel (tools, indicators, conversion ...) is here;

- COT Data Excel Sheet is here;

- Save Data To A File thread;

- forex data converters thread and some good converters on this elite section post;

- MULTI FIBO CALCULATOR with DDE off course: original thread.

- FX risk calculator with DDE is here.

- Excel Spreadsheet to simulate cost averaging strategies objectively is on this thread.

Convert MT3 onto MT4:

- Convert this MT3 into MT4 for me: the thread with requests and coding.

- Convert: easyLanguage: good thread with some EAs.

- Mql2Mq4 Conversion Tool: thread with conversion tool.

OzFx System:

- original system is on this thread;

- OzFx Squeeze-More EA is on this thread.

Create your own .wav alerts: small thread may be very usefull.

All USD pairs: the thread about display major currencies average movement in one chart.

Working with Excel (tools, indicators, conversion ...)
Working with Excel (tools, indicators, conversion ...)
Hi again, The Multiple Regression Analysis and Forecasting template provides a solid basis for identifying value drivers and forecasting time seri...
Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

usefull links/threads/tools part #24

USD index: good public thread.

Metastock to MT4: thread with help with or convert Metastock indicators to MT4

2 pair one chart (overlay 2nd chart): this thread with indicators.

overlaying indicators: the thread.

OverLayChart-MA indicator: this MA will show the prices like an normal MA but for other pair on your chart.

how to lock source code (mql4 program protection codes): this Codersguru article and this thread on our forum.

emails/sms from indicators/EAs:

- some good links is here;

- good article with some tools is here;

- Send HTTP-Post Request With Meta: the thread.

- xpMail - Send email with attachment anywhere is on this thread.

ATR Trailing Stop: good thread about trailing stop indicators posted and coded.

TradeStation: thread about indicators converted from/to.

AmiBroker : converted from/to thread.

Matlab thread is here.

C++ Convertion and Development: orginal thread.

Java is on this thread.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

usefull links/threads/tools part #25

Trading simulators, signal/trades copiers, text copiers, signal senders/receivers, spy traders and so on:

- Signal Transmitter/Receiver: tool to send/receive text messages between MT4 instances; the tool is on this post; most recent version is on this post; 64bit version of TradeSwitch.DLL for server operating systems is on this post.

- Trades/Signals senders/receivers between 2 or more Metatraders: good public thread with many software programms.

- SignalSender and Signal Recerver: the tools to send and receive the trading signals via internet and forex-tsd calendar.

- trading simulator and backtester if manual systems/indicators is here.

- good trading simulator coded by Quantem: public thread.

- simple trading simulator with detailed explanation is on this page (elite section).

- trade copy ea - this thread.

- TradeDuplicator EA is on this thread.

Checking Data Integrity script: the original thread is here.

Take a screen shot indicator is here.

Price alert.

- Elite section thread is here;

- Public thread is here;

- Alerter indicator: this post and this thread.

- Price alert aka JC - Line Break Alert indicator is here.

Fozzy trading manually on D1 tmeframe: indicator, templates and trading rules with forward testing results - this page.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

usefull links/threads/tools part #26

TTM Squeeze/BB Squeeze:

- good thread about indicator (with many indcators and discussion).

Multi pair indicators thread. Indicators with milti pairs view in one separate window:

- Multi pair MACD;

- Multi pair CoeffOfLine;

- Multi pair RSi;

- Multi pair Stochastic;

- Multi pair WPR (Williams % range);

- All ADX v1.0;

- All CCI v1.0;

- All Woodies CCI v1.0 and the other different version is here; and MTF version is on this post.

- All RSI v1.0;

- Multi pair CCI;

- All MA v1.0;

- All Laguerre RSI;

- Multi pair Laguerre RSI.

- Multi pair Wilders DMI.

- Multi pair dss.

AllBBands is on this post.

AllTrend Envelopes is on this post.

All_Bands_Stop is on this post.

All Ma Angle indicator is on this post.

All Schaff trend cycle indicator is on this post.

Simple MTF Signals indicators is on this thread (basic list of indicators in a MTF display to receive the signals on the chart).

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

usefull links/threads/tools part #27

MadroGoldenFilter: many indicators and trading system on this thread.

MT4 Files Functions Replacement: original thread.

MT4 Monitor - MT4 DDE in visual basic 6 thread.

Running a program from MetaTrader is not a hard thing anymore! thread.

Max Margin:

- This tool monitors your current margin and writes it out in comments and in file.

- Next version working with AccountEquityAnalyzer is on this post.

- script to delete all all Global Variables is on this post and important explanation about it is on this post.

moving averages indicators (EMA cross and others) is here.

AllAverages_v1 is on this page with the settings: 0 - SMA; 1 - EMA; 2 - Wilder MA(like SMMA in MT4); 3 - LWMA; 4 - SineWMA; 5 - Triangular MA; 6 - LSMA; 7 - real Smoothed MA (SMMA); 8 - Modified MA (MMA); 9 - HMA; 10-ZeroLagEMA.

AllAverages_v1-Lab_tab1 is on this post: improved version with price lebeled on the chart.

AllAverages_v1.1 and MTF version of v1.1: with new MAs: DEMA(by Patrick Mulloy) and T3(by Tim Tillson) is on this post.

AllAverages_v2.1: very advanced MTf indicator used new MTF technique without calls of iCustom function.

AllAverages_v2.1 cc. with color coded by mladen is on this post.

AllAverages_v2.2 indicator: all averages in color by Igorad. Very advanced version is on post.

AllAverages_v2.3 indicator: The main part of Jurik MA is added to collection (MA_Method = 20). It s more advanced version is on post.

AllAverages_v2.5 indicator: sound alert with possibility to change .wav files for different slope direction. New settings for the version.

AllAverages_v2.5 & bands indicator is on this post.

Tim Morris MA indicator is on this post. This indicator was invented by Tim Morris and it was coded for our forum by Mladen: the version is a rewritten from scratch by Mladen (a completely new indicator made) in order to avoid some of the problems the first posted version had. Some of the properties it has the following: the very very quick response to sudden price changes and still very smooth in calmer periods, and it makes it a one of a very few that are able to response so quickly at a averaged value change - for example even the all known Jurik MA lags in some cases behind this moving average.

ma nrp indicator is on this post. It is non-repaing MA indicator in 2 colors.


Public development.

NEMA indicator is on this post. Indicator can calculate up to 49 ema and it uses up to 50 calculating buffers internally and it calculates ema, dema, decema, tema ... and so on depending on NemaDepth parameter. The description of DECEMA and NEMA was provided together with the rules how to use it with trading.

Elite section improvement.

Zero Lag NEMA indicator is on this post. So, depending on NemDepth parameter it is zero lag ema, zero lag, dema, zero lag tema ... and so on.

AllBBands is on this post.

AllTrend Envelopes is on this post.

Ema Angle Zero: the thread about MA angle.

Visual Cross MAs tester is on this post.

MADistance is on

- this post: good indicator by Hiachiever writing the distance between MA and price on the chart. The settings are adjustable.

- And same indicator with alert is on this post.

- Latest version with audio and or pop-alert is on this post.

Price above or below MA: indicator is on this post.

MA Price Alert is on this page: good indicator created by cja with very advanced settings (select timeframe, sound, email, popup alert, change the sound to yours, ma mode and much more).

All MACD colored: is on this post.

MACDType parameter :

0 : "normal" MACD

1 : ZeroLag MACD

2 : MACD of RSI

3 : MACD of Momentum

4 : MACD of CCI

MTF All MACD: MTF and colored all MACD indicator (in one separate window).

AllStochastics: the indicator is on this post (same as AllAverages indicator).

AllTrendEnvelopes indicator by Igorad is on this post; next fixed version is on this post.

Stochastic of a stochastic: double stochastic and regular stochastic. It is on this post.



true - calculates double stochastic

false - does not calculate double stochastic (same as regular stochastic)

PriceField (prices chosen according to stochastic calculation not the usual price choices)

0 - low/high

1 - close/close

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

usefull links/threads/tools part #28

Moving Average Ribbon: very good indicators coded by mladen (original idea from Jose Silva - Metastock).

Jurik Smooth Ribbon indicator is on this post. This is a Jurik smooth version of a moving average ribbon. Just one secret: plotting a difference of a 2 averages is in fact a macd, so this one could be treated as a kind of a "on chart" jurik smooth macd.

Currency heat map: very good thread with indicators created by mladen.

- original version is on this post;

- other versions is on this page.

Trade Assistant - this indicator gives buy and sell signals on multiple timeframes: original thread.

ToR - Trending or Ranging: original thread; indicators is on this post; latest indicator version is here.

Trend Friend: original thread.

CCI Helper: the thread.

Price Percentage Oscillator is on this thread.

Stochastic Trader is on this thread.

Patriot Road: nice trading system well coded by indicators.

One Side Gaussian indicators:

- original thread is here;

- Indicators (One side gaussian support/resistance, One side gaussian rate, One side gaussian MA, One side gaussian trend) are on this post.

Indicator and methodology for finding peaks: good thread with some good new indicators.

School of Pimpology: good thread about trading technique (about how to trade).

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

usefull links/threads/tools part #29

Chaos Theory by Bill Williams:

- Chaos Theory by Bill Williams: the thread; latest indicator - Chaos gator is on this post.

- Chaos Explorer (my indicator for patterns): this thread;

- Trading Chaos - (Rrofitunity): this thread;

- Chaos EA final: this thread;

- Fx-Chaos (Template): the thread;


Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

usefull links/threads/tools part #30

Trend /Reversal /Continuation HELPER:

- very improved tool to monitor the price and trades on the chart: The thread with full explanation with Signal_Bars_v2 and up to v6;

- Signal_Bars_v8 is on this thread;

- Signal_Bars_v3_Daily - CJA's classic is on this post;

- Signal_Bars_info indicator is on this post (based on Signal_Bars_v3_Daily).

- Signal_Bars_HAS_v01 working with Heikin_Ashi indicator: this post.

- Signal_Bars_HAS_v02 working with Heikin_Ashi indicator - next version: this post.

- Signal Bars v9. Updated indicator from cja. It automatically adjusts when used on the standard or extra digit platforms. Indicator was tested on FXDD / FXPro and GoTrader brokers. Download the indicator from this post.

- Signal Bars v10a is on this post.

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