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Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

For "Solar wind" believers - the thread 


Zerolag systems thread 


Level Trading

  1. level trading as support/resistance - the thread
  2. Level Advanced Trading thread


Wma 5/20 - Ema: trading system: the thread


Astro: the key thread

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

usefull links/threads/tools part #12


- Heiken Ashi Idea: original thread about idea in general; Heiken_Ashi_Ma no tails indicator ("HA no tails" just shows the HA body and by color change shows when the HA bar flips) and Heiken_Ashi_Ma lines indicator ("HA lines" shows only the moving average of the HA Open and Close and thus clears the view better) are on this post.

- Heiken-ashi Zero-lag Tema: new indicator.

- Heiken Ashi indicators development thread (some very interesting indicators developed);

- Heiken_Ashi_Smoothed indicator is here;

- Heiken Ashi Step Ma Histogram is here;

- Heiken_Ashi_Smoothed indicator with/without alert fixed by mladen is here;

- Heiken Ashi for separate window with sound alert modified by Igorad is here;

- mtf Heiken Ashi (histo) cw, sw is on this page;

- many Jurik indicators with Heiken_Ashi: explanation, first indicators set, new indicators set, original thread;

- Heiken_Ashi_Ma and Heiken_Ashi_Ma_Bars2 indicatorswith many functions are here;

- Step Heiken Ashi indicator is here;

- multi timeframe Heiken_Ashi different versions are here, here, here and this one.

- Multi timeframe HeikenAshiSW_v2created by Igorad is here;

- Heiken_Ashi_MA indicator is here;

- NONLAG Heiken Ashiis here;

- Heiken Ashi Zma indicator with alert on this thread.

- Heikin Ashi (better formula): Heiken_Ashi_Ma_T3 indicator is here and fixed version is on this post.

- Heiken Ashi for separate window indicators are on this thread.

- Heiken_Ashi MA T3 new[Alert] mtf indicator is on this post. It is totally fixed indicator which is recommended to use instead of old ones. All kinds of alerts incl email alert and different T3 calcvulation were added inside parameters.

Heiken Ashi documentation:

- Heiken Ashi documentation and FAQ is here;

Trading systems based in Heiken_Ashi:

- HAMA PAD is here;

- ISAKAS ashi by Kuskus_Osentogg is here;

- Collaboration Dolly + Isakas + Nina System is here;

- XO_Method REVISED is here;

- Heikien-Ashi Smoothed system is here;

- heiken ashi strategy: some modification of well-known system is here;

- Level Trading with Heiken Ashi is here;

- MMA-Pivot-Fibo is here;

Heiken Ashi EAs:

- some EAs BAsed on Heiken ASHI: development thread;

- Pivot System (Heiken Ashi) is here.

- 14EMA- Heiken Ashi Trading System is on this thread and HeikenSample03012010 EA created by davidke20 - is on this post.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

usefull links/threads/tools part #13


- Dinapoli Indicators MT3 to MT4 Importantis here and here;

- Dinapoli Detrend Osc and Laguerre is here;

- DiNapoli Targets Trading system is here;

- more indicators incl MTF is here, here and MT3.

- Detrended Price Oscillator (DPO): this thread;

- Detrended Oscillator, modified to view daily numbers on lower timeframe charts: this post.

Nonlagging tools thread is here with many good indicators (NonLagMA different versions and so on).

Step indicators thread is here.

Guppy Multiple Moving Average:

- Daryl Guppy GMMA�s: thread with some new indicators;

- GMMA Trading System is here;

- indicators and system explanation is here: Guppy MMA oscillator is on this post; Guppy MMA oscillator how-to-use documentation is on this post.

- RainbowMMA thread is here;

Guppy MACD: the thread.

Price Trender:

- good public thread;

- indicator with alert is on this post;

- Very advance PriceTrender_v3: page with explanation.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

usefull links/threads/tools part #14

Tools for price/account/trend/ monitoring:

- Daily data: is a simple tool by mladen to show information useful in the trading. The new version from Mladen is on this post.

Version for Metatrader 5 is on this post.

- MarketPrice indicator (original thread): the thread; #MPrice indicator improved version (with yesterday daily price OPEN, CLOSE and Middle) is on this post; latest version: #MarketPrice_v1_4 indicator with combination CCI, RSI and Stochastic is on this post.

- BS_MarketPrice indicator is on this page.

- Daily Data Window tool: the thread is here. Latest version is on this post. Currency Display indicator is on this post.

- Multi-indics indicator: the thread is here and latest version ( FerruFx_Multi_info+_2_v1.3 ) is on this post; Multi-Indic Watcher (new version) is here.

- !xMeter: the other way to monitor the trades are on this thread; Updated xMeter is on this page.

- indicator to monitor spread and swap is here. For MT5 - here.

- spread indicators are on this thread.

- Status Monitor: indicator to monitor leverage, swap, spead and more.

- MultiPositionExpert EA can monitor all your open trades by pips or deposit currency.

- i-Breakeven indicator from RickD is here; Breakeven_EqPips_w (latest modified version) is on this thread.

- Tools to analyze the trades: elite section thread with many tools.

- Statement visualization indicators: two indicators are on this post, some more versions are here and here.

- Additional account (orders) information Indicators thread is here.

- Price Display Indicator are on this thread.

- script able to read a statement is on this thread.

- Tickwatcher: A kind of a scaner to monitor trends for multiple pairs and time frames. Original thread. Version #3 is on this post.

- Multi pair indicators thread: indicators with milti pairs view in one separate window.

- Stoch Signal: thread about good indicator created by cja.

- Bid_View2.0: very informative indicator (separate window) for open/close/spread and others. MTF version (many TF in just one separated window).

- Mt4_FX_Dashboard tool: original thread.

- MultiPairSinyal indicators: this post.

- Script to see the leverage is on this post.

- market and account info - indicators, displaying various information on chart.

- Multipair_Sinyal indicator: post to download; explanation is on this post and this one; same indicator to trade the Gold: this post.

- Dual-Monitor tool: interesting solution (indicator) to monitor the trades using some tool creating refreshing html - This is an indicator which will create a self-refreshing HTML page that you can put up on your second monitor, or even your main, if you happen to be sitting far away. It has BIG, BOLD text and is visible from a nice distance away.

- Spread and StopLoss indicator with alert is here.

- FunIndicator indicator is on this thread (monitor spread, swap etc for many pairs in one window).

- Tool to display closed order history is on this thread.

- Market Statistics (Volume Histogram, VWAP with SD bands) is on this thread.

On chart orders indicator is on this page. It is showing the orders on chart.

On screen displays: the thread with many links.

MTF Multi Currency Data is on this post. For every pair on the chart: MTf price for many timeframes, high/low and so on, spread and some other things. All the information for many pairs on one your chart.

Semi-auto Trading by drag & drop EA is on this thread. You just drop "SELL", "BUY" or "CLOSE TRADE" on the "Action" shield. It will place automaticaly SL/ TP and TS according to the set you use.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

usefull links/threads/tools part #15

Bar Completion + Currency Info is on this thread.

Neural Network:

- Better NN EA development: good thread with indicators, pdf files and so on.

- good public discussion thread in analytics section.

- some NN files are here.

- Better NN EA: good discussion about NN.

- How to build a NN-EA in MT4: usefull thread for developers.

- Radial Basis Network (RBN) - As Fit Filter For Price: the thread.


1. Indicators and systems development:

1.1. Self-trained MA cross!: development thread for new generation of the indicators;

1.2. Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm: development thread.

1.3. Genetic Algorithm: elite section development thread.

2. EAs:

2.1. CyberiaTrader: big public thread and elite section thread.

2.2. GSelector:

- Self learning expert: good pubic thread;

- thread about trades is here;

- elite section thread is here.

2.3 AI EA is on this thread and this one.

2.4. Forex_NN_Expert EA and indicator: original thread.

2.5. SpiNNaker - A Neural Network EA - original thread.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

usefull links/threads/tools part #16


- big discussion thread about Vegas systems is here;

- Vegas trading system description is here;

- Vegas indicators is here, here;

- Vegas 1Hr Method with indicator, manual and EA is here (small elite section thread);

- More recent manuals and instructions with the indicator is here;

- 4H VEGAS (improved version) thread: H4 Vegas improved by Aleksandr Nevskiy is here;

Waddah Attar:


- original thread with indicators;

- Waddah Attar Strong Level indicator;

- Waddah Attar Buy Sell Vol indicator.

- Waddah Attar Explosion Indicator.

- Waddah Attar Weekly && Monthly indicator.


- TrendMeLeaveMe_Gold Expert: original thread is here with EA this one; the other thread is here.

- Waddah Attar Win Expert: original thread with EA on the this post.

Hedge EAs/Tools:

- HedgExpert_v1. Original thread, idea, version #1, version #1.1.

- HedgeEA: good public thread with EAs and instruction in pdf file.

- Hedge: elite section thread with discussion and EAs.

- 10point3 Hedge is here.

- SMA MultiHedge is here.

- HedgeHog System & EA is here.

- script that hedge positions at the same time/level is here.

- HedgeMulti EA is here.

EES Hedger - Take the other side of the trade: interesting EA is on the first post of this thead.

Hedge Discussion

- Interesting discussion about Hedge Calculation.

- Hedge-ring/triangular/basket.

- Question on Hedging.

Hedge Trading Systems:

- MA over Equity-Indicator for Hedge Trading.

- Low-Risk Hedge (Arbitrage) Trading Methodology.

- 100% hedging system with two brokers.

- simple hedging system.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

usefull links/threads/tools part #17

Regression Indicators including Linear and LSMA:

- Regression Analysis: MT4 indicators from Jan Arps tools.

- Simple Linear Regression Trading system: good system from Linuxser.

- good thread with new indicators/EAs summarized and developed: the thread is here.

- Linear Regression Indicator and channel: the thread is here.

- Linear Regression Slope indicator with standard algorithm from TradeStation: post to download;

- LRMA with colors is here;

- Swing and Linear Regression Indicators: original thread;

- some more LR indicators in forecasting and alert threads: this page, this post and this one;

- Least Squares Moving Average thread: good original thread.

- small thread with some indicators and many links: it's here.

LSMA Experts and Indicators:

- original thread is here;

- the indicators/EAs are on this page;

- some other indicators are on this post;

- indicator LSMA in Color4_Alert is on this post;

- MA in Color_wAppliedPrice EA is on this post;

- some example of the trades and setup for manual trading: starting from this page.

- Triggerlines_mtf indicator is on this post. It is lsma triggerlines nrp.

- T3 indicators are here.

- T3 rsi indicator is on this post. It is totally improved and fixed indicator: this one corrects all those issues and adds something that built in rsi does not have : the built in rsi can not calculate rsi of period 1. One might say that it is not such a big problem but we do think that we are missing a part of what we could get if it (the built in rsi indicator) could do that too (especially when smoothing rsi - like in this indicator in which rsi is smoothed with t3).

ForexForSmarties MT4 indicators is here (created by Igorad).

Chande indicators are here.

screenshots without any special software: it is here.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

usefull links/threads/tools part #18

- Forex Market Conditions, a graphic depiction.

- evaluation of the market condition using six SMA indicators: original public thread.

- how to estimate and predict the market conditions (choppy, trend etc): the post with many links.

- market condition evaluation (incl choppy zones) and prediction using MTF_AbsoluteStrength_v1 indicator: original thread with indicators, live trading results and images; how to use indicator (rules): read all the pages starting from this page till this one.

- signal/histogram version of MTF_AbsoluteStrength indicator with exact rules to estimate the market condition: indicator and links to the post are on this page.

- Market Hours Indicator: the thread with indicators is here.

- Clocks: any kind of clocks and timers are here.

- Multi-indics indicator: good indicator to see the price action by many indicators with many timeframes in one separated window. Original thread.

- time period of bar indicator is here.

- New Candle Countdown Timer Clock is here.

- Candle clock: this EA does not wait for a tick to show the time when a candle will expire and can be set to alert you if some other time frame candle expires.

- MTF b-clock indicator is on this post: candle clock - all timeframes in separate window

- Candle time tools are on this thread.

- EA Switcher: idea is to create some tool to estimate different market condition and manage other EAs by switching on/off depends on market condition, besides it should generate trading signals (emails and so on) and so on. Elite section thread. Still under development.

- AbsoluteStrengthMarket indicators: indicators to analyze the market condition. Read posts starting from this page to this one.

Or read the thread here Market condition indicators/tools.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

usefull links/threads/tools part #19

Trading Gold/USD: good thread with many indicators and images posted.

GOLD_EA_TRADE_lx_v19_1a EA is on this post;

GOLD_EA_TRADE_lx_v19_1b EA is here.

Trading Crude Oil Futures:

- good discussion is on this thread.

- system for OIL TF M5 is here.

Variable MA's:

- original thread is here;

- VMA indicator with template is here.

BrainTrading system:

- many versions with many indicators, many setups, trading results, installation, explanation and so on are on this public section.

- BrainTrading system with market condtion indicator (indicators, temlate, rules) is here.

Scalping methods: good thread with some trading systems, templates and indicators.

Some good review about scalping in general: this post.

Re-enter or reenter - read this post; indicators for re-enter - see this post.

Supertrend as Histogram: good thread with indicators and explanations.

Supertrend line: good public thread.

New SuperTrend indicator which works the same as the ProRealTime version where you can set the 'Nbr Periods': the thread; new not-repainting versions are on this post.

Super Signals Indicator: the thread with indicators.

SuperTrend nrp indicator is on this post. This version does not repaint and this indicator is having multi timeframe and interpolated features. One parameter needs an explanation : OldCalculation. There are some versions of super trend that were using a fixed difference for calculating when the trend changes direction or "steps" in the same direction. If you set the OldCalculation to true, it will calculate like those earliest versions, otherwise it will use a normal average true range for that task (the default).

SnakeForce - simple TMA indicator is on this post. This is a snake force made to use simple triangular MA (so no repainting of the last 5 bars). We can clearly see where the shift happened and the effect of centering triangular MA has on it (On the image: upper is the original Snake force with centered TMA (last 5 bars repainting) and lower is the SnakeForce with "regular: TMA - no repainting).

Triangular moving average (TMA) thread is here. Good discussion threads with indicators uploaded and about what TMA is and what TMA is not.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

usefull links/threads/tools part #20

- Why we need indicators which are painting the past? Read this post and this one. How to trade "painting-the-past" indicators: live trading example with SHI_SilverTrendsig (trades and images): since page #2 till page #4.

- re-painting indicators: evaluation and fixing thread.

- SnapShotI indicator: this indicator makes screen shots of active chart at regular intervals. By default, one tick after beginning of a new bar. Some evaluation of some indicators using SnapShotI indicator is on this post.

- SnapShotI indicator new version is on this post.

- Snapshot 2 indicator is on this post. The latest snapshot indicator that allows to specify how many ticks have to pass between the shots got lost in this migration.

Fractional Product Inefficiency:

- Codersguru thread with indicator is here.

- (FPI) predictive price by Nicholishen: good thread with new indicators to predict the price movement.

- Triangular Arbitrage: good thread started by Nicholishen about the systam related to FPI.

FX Snipers Ergotic indicators with many versions including MTF and histogram bars: original thread.

Elite section versions:

- Fx Snipper's Ergodic CCI Trigger with alert is on this post.

- Fx Snipper's Ergodic CCI Trigger histo is on this post in Classical histo view.

- Fx Snipper's Ergodic CCI Trigger histo bars is on this post in Bars histo view: green when trigger bellow ergodic CCI, red when trigger above ergodic CCI, gray when (if) they are equal.

everything about zigzag:

- indicators, EAs, coding etc is here,

- GoldWarrior EA (Zigzag Trading System) is here,

- ZigZag Channels is here.

- NonLagZigZag indicators is here.

- ZigZag Percent indicator: fixed indicator, explanation about here and here.

- Channel trading system with zigzag indicator is here.

- Follow The Bouncing Pip: trading system with zigzag indicators and good EAs, for example: bouncingPipEA_BigBear_v23 EA and bouncingPipEA_mPowerV41 EA.

- Zigzag Scalping system is here.

- ZUP indicator: Zup v46 indicator with the instruction about how to use in English and Russian language and next versions of Zup are here.

- 3_Level_ZZ_Semafor indicator: public thread.

- LabTrendZigZag_v1 is on this post.

- LabTrendZigZag_v1.1 with calculation of cycle periods and distance between turning points is on this post.

- LabTrendZigZag_v1.2 is very improved version: this post.

- ZigZag with alerts is on this post.

- DoubleZigZagNoRepaint indicator is on this post. Non repainting signals based on zigzag indicator made by Arturo Lopez Perez (you must have the original zigzag indicator in the indicators folder - it can be downloaded from the first post of this thread).

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