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2016.04.26 14:50
2016.11.22 07:32
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Author:  MetaQuotes Software Corp.

Based on the use of a slightly modified Hull Moving Average (HMA).

I added an indicator that paints the bars in different colors according to the HMA. It is auxiliary in nature and is used only for illustrative purposes.


Buy when the HMA line is tilted upwards (green), and the SMI crosses the signal line from below, at the same time the indicator must not be in the overbought state (i.e. higher than 70).
Buy when the HMA line is tilted downwards (red), and the SMI crosses the signal line from above, at the same time the indicator must not be in the oversold state (i.e. lower than -70).
The initial stop loss is 150 points.
Half of the position is closed once the SMI reaches +80. For the second half, wait for the exit signal after moving the stop loss.
Fully close the position when the HMA reverses and SMI approaches the extremums (+70/-70)
The system works best with yen pairs.

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

ZZ_Standard_Functions_TF_YR1_Lib ZZ_Standard_Functions_TF_YR1_Lib

Set of standard functions for the YR1 timeframe.

ZZ_All Quotings 0-0070 ZZ_All Quotings 0-0070

The script is designed for downloading history on all known currency pairs, metals, indices, CFD and for controlling "holes" in history.

Juice Juice

It is not recommended to open a position when the histogram is red. If all indicators give entry signals, the final check is done according to this indicator. The histogram must be green.

Pivots_Hi_Low Pivots_Hi_Low

The Hi/Low indicator shows how close the current value of the parameter is to the minimum and maximum values over a certain time interval.