Demark Auto Trader


Demark Trend Auto Trader EA.



What is the TF and all default ?


Try default.

But it is for mt3.


Hi again,

What abt time frame for this EA ?


I do not have mt3 already.


Good evening,

It is the worst EA than I tested , see statement day :eek:

On this link : 17.10.2005


Daily chart?

I listened this ea was a lot better.



I will try to find more information about this EA tomorrow and will post here. I agree with forexts: this EA should be with much better results. Should.


John Taylor tested it in daily chart and got very good results.


Bruno, all that I found is the following:

this EA was written by russians as some EA based on Demark. Change the lot size to 0.1. And yes it is much better on day timeframe.

This EA is well-known. I have sent our request about some explanation and weblink to your statement to this russian author of this EA (by e-mail) and I asked for some improvement if any.

But it seems they stoped to develope the Demark EA for MT3 and they are still waiting for the good version of MT4.