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Basic ATR based take and stop expert adviser - expert for MetaTrader 4

Kenneth Parling | English Español Português 日本語 Deutsch

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2020.03.14 13:47

With this template i'm demonstrating the use of Average True Range based take profit and stop loss levels. Take profit and stop loss levels are calculated using ATR factor multipliers.

It's not recommended to use this template for trading purpose as is because there are no entry rules at all - this is only a demonstration of how it works. But if you take a moment and can use pieces of my other source codes and put something together of your own and there are a few to choose from.

For example you have my other source codes to chose from;

Advisers settings


    Trend flex x 2 Trend flex x 2

    Trend flex x 2 (metatrader 4 version)

    Multi Currency Template Multi Currency Template

    This is Multi Currency Expert Advisor Template that can trade according to symbol list (default 6 symbols). For Example, Ichimoku Chinkou Span is used for entry logic. // Main input parameters input double Lots = 0.01; // Basic lot size input int StopLoss= 50; //Stoploss (in Pips) input int TakeProfit=100; //TakeProfit (in Pips) input int TrailingStop = 15; // Trailing Stop (in points) input int TrailingStep = 5;// Trailing Step (in points) input int Magic=1; // Magic Number input int Slippage = 100; // Tolerated slippage in brokers' pips string symbol[] = { "AUDUSD","USDCAD","USDCHF","EURUSD","GBPUSD","USDJPY"};

    Arrow and Smile Arrow and Smile

    Arrow for input and Smile for output.

    Tether Line Indicator Tether Line Indicator

    Best Direction Indicator. Red Line means the market UP. Blue Line means the market Down.