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2018.10.19 14:18
Hull levels.mq5 (19.38 KB)view

Hull moving average is, apart from what is widely know about it as a fast and smooth average, known for two issues that are not too positive (depending on point of view, but in general it can be considered as a nuisance) :

  • it tends to overshoot
  • it sometimes changes the slope so quickly that it produces too much signals

This version is addressing those two things.

  • For overshooting this version is having the "divisor" parameter. That parameter, if set to 2.0 produces exactly the same Hull average as the original. Any value less than 2, "slows" down the Hull average and lessens the overshooting, and any value greater than 2.0 "speeds" it up (but also adds overshooting). So, one has to find some balance how to use that parameter and some experimenting is advised when it comes to its usage
  • For signals it is using dynamically adjusted levels. They are in a lot of cases able to filter out small, insignificant changes (and signals) and are probably going to help in trading decision(s)

Display can be adjusted to display filled zones (in order to be able to see the trend state and changes in an easier mode) or to display just colored lines for that purpose

The "big picture" example with filled zones turned on

Directional smoothed momentum Directional smoothed momentum

Directional smoothed momentum (momentum of averages)

Volatility adjusted WPR Volatility adjusted WPR

Volatility adjusted WPR (Williams Percent Range)

Rsi (var) - Hull Rsi (var) - Hull

RSi (var) - Hull average

Reverse No Repair Reverse No Repair

The Reverse No Repair indicator can show bullish arrows and bearish arrows.