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2020.02.17 21:57
2021.08.09 15:30

Basic Moving Average template EA - Signals from Moving Average indicator and trades accordingly. It's a template to use for further study or develop as you like

    PricerEA PricerEA

    PricerEA is a utility to help any trader to place pending orders (stop or limit) at a specific price.

    SpreadWatch SpreadWatch

    This indicator watches and displays the biggest spread the pair generated. It is recommended to run at least 5 days, from Monday to Friday, to get a big picture of the broker's spread.

    My Trailing My Trailing

    Simple Trailing Stop EA with Trailing Steps and Trailing Start Point It includes Stoploss and TakeProfit too..

    Time Frame Changer Time Frame Changer

    I recently needed an indicator that, once placed in a window, is able to change the Time Frame of all open windows. In addition, I wanted this indicator to be able to react to Metatrader's Time Frame selection bar. Despite my various searches, I couldn't find anything suitable. So I decided to develop my own indicator. I propose it to you here.