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Revised template attached to article MetaEditor: Templates as a Spot to Stand On. The main idea of this revision was to avoid redundant size definitions of service arrays and dynamic changes of these arrays sizes. Service arrays are immediately allocated with the size of up to 100 orders, counters that indicate the array size are added,

int OurTicketsCounter;   // counter of "friendly" orders, it specifies the limitation for arrays Tickets[100][9],CommentsTicket[100][2]
int SL_TP_Counter;       // counter of orders to be modified: for array newSL_and_TP[100][5]
int OrdersToCloseCounter;// counter of orders to be closed: for arrays ticketsToClose[100][2] and lotsToClose[100] 
int OrdersToDeleteCounter;// counter of orders to be closed: for arrays ticketsToDelete[100]

that are initialized with zero value at each launch of the function start() in the separate special function InitCounters():

//| reset all counters of service arrays                             |
void InitCounters()
   OurTicketsCounter = 0;
   SL_TP_Counter = 0;
   OrdersToCloseCounter = 0;
   OrdersToDeleteCounter = 0;

Modifications result in that the EA created using the template loses out only two times to a specially designed EA written fully manually. I would consider this result more than acceptable.

Store it in the folder 'experts/templates'.

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Original code:

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