CCI Woodie like - page 4

Here is the introductory document.

Thanks a lot man. I have heard a lot of praise about Woodie's method but when I visited his site it looked too complicated to me.


Many thanks to Linuxser for this great indicator.

Here is the introductory document.

I'm newbie at this forum and on the Forex , but I have to say that Linuxser does a lot for this forum. Really great job

I would like to use Woodie indicator and MT for my trade, but I'm not sure

which version is the last and suitable for MT ?

I have read some manuals about Woodie indicator, tried to use some versions

from this forum, but all manuals were a bit different than versions which I tried. I'm not able to find the same version of manual and indicator.

Has anybody any idea ? Thank you very much.

Hi Linuxser,

Any chance in adding pop-up alert for this indi when the CCI and the LSMA agrees. The pop-up should only appear once when those 2 agrees for the first time.

1) When CCI is above Zero and LSMA is GREEN. Signal for BUY

2) When CCI is below Zero and LSMA is RED. Signal for SELL

Thanks in advance


Personally, the LSMA takes back-seat to the CCI in this case. Once you have a signal from the CCI and you still want to wait for the LSMA, your settings may be wrong on the LSMA or alternatively, you may have to wait for one candle. I suggest you leave it as is and I agree with Linuxer - keep the Woodie idea pure.

Best wishes.