Multi pair indicators


i see, and in pairs input yoy can add (enter by hands) any pair you like, letter case doesn't metter

like this: UsdJpy... gbpusd....

extern string pairs = "EURUSD;GBPUSD;USDCAD";USDjpy


wow these really look awesome


... long awaited equalisation feature ...

Dem, Mladen doing it again:

this hi-tec integrated system makes hard 4 me to "borrow" parts ...


Very nice work, mladen.

Once again, I can learn from you.

Thanks for sharing your source code.


that's the idea


Thanks a lot mladen for sharing and I was wondering if you can share the indicator that apears in the attachment pic.

1.jpg  79 kb

Even though Mladen did not mentioned this, I believe I should make a comment:

This is first official Author's release of "Multi pairs".

This is final cut, enhanced indis - different from previous versions which has been made for test and private use only - not for public release.

So if someone got it somewhere else - released now "Multi pairs" are different - but now that's problem of those, who might have been spreading it without author’s consent

The true "Multi pairs" - is here, posted on this forum by Author

Something I have been working some time ago.

Multi pair MACD

Multi pair CoeffOfLine

Fantastic work mladen...

Thank you