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Keith Watford

You may not have noticed but you are posting files for MT5 in the MT4 section.

ex4 or ex5 files cannot be modified only mq4 or 5.

Mladen Rakic

Also, May I kindly ask you to make a sound and message alert when the arrow appears?

Best Regards...

<ex5 file deleted>

Please read my posts (regarding using the centered TMA for signals) again. I have nothing to add to that

Anderson Caldera
Anderson Caldera  
hola   Mladen Rakic , he leído todas tus publicaciones y son excelentes. pero quería pedir un favor adicional. ¿Puede colocar y alertar el cruce de los niveles 55 para compra y 45 para venta cuando la Línea tma cruza estos niveles? el tipo del tipo de alerta móvil
Mladen Rakic
Mladen Rakic
  • 2021.08.22
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William Snyder #:

Hello Gincius, made the histo version, please remember this indicator will recalculate.

Hello Mladen Rakic. Can you help me make the TMA histogram to create rectangles on the chart that appear as the chart background as in the image below. I want to use it to improve my trend trading system based on the TMA such that it is easy to see the trend on different timeframes. I want it to work like the Momentum scalper indicator attached below