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Trend direction line MT5

The indicator determines the current direction of the price trend, as well as the probable range of the price movement. The values are not redrawn once the bar is closed.


  • Calculation period - indicator calculation period
  • Range sensitivity period - calculation period of the dynamic sensitivity to price fluctuations
  • Additional mode trend detection - enable the additional mode of determining the changes in direction
  • Trend trigger mode - select the triggering mode for determining the direction of the price movement
  • Trend sensitivity mode - select the calculation sensitivity mode
  • Arrow up symbol code - code of the arrow character for an upward movement (windings font)
  • Arrow down symbol code - code of the arrow character for a downward movement (windings font)
  • Show channel - enable the display of the channel of probable price movement range
  • Channel period - channel calculation period
  • Channel multiplier - channel width multiplier
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