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Trend Angle Mt5

TrendAngle can be used for manual trading or as a basis of an Expert Advisor.

Sometimes, it is necessary to quickly determine a slope angle and a trend. In most cases, the angle is greater in case of a sharp growth and lower in case of a flat. Traders often have difficulties when defining a flat. The indicator displays a slope angle value that does not depend on a chart scale.

The indicator displays a slope angle and a trend line. The slope angle and the current symbol price are displayed on the screen. In case of an upward movement, the slope angle is positive, otherwise, it is negative.

The indicator works on any currency pair and timeframe.


  • Spread – price deviation from a trend line (for example, for EURUSD, 0.0035 corresponds to 35 points of a four-digit quote). This parameter excludes the market noise and excessive volatility.
  • Calc_History – calculation period (for example, 144; the greater the value, the more accurate the auto construction of a trend line).

This is the first version of the indicator. Your feedback and suggestions are welcome. Please write your comments.

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