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Eagle Arrow Indicator MT5

The indicator is based on the algorithm which shows arrows signals to entering the market using CCI and overbought/oversold oscillators as well as the speed and direction of the price change.


  • The indicator does not repaint.
  • The indicator does not recalculate.
  • The indicator works on all timeframes.
  • The indicator works on all pairs, stocks, crypto currencies, metals, futures and CFDs.
  • It gives signals on the current candle.


  • AlertOn - enable/disable push notifications when the arrow appears (it shows pair, entering price for trade when the dot appears, type of trade: buy/sell).
  • MailOn - enable/disable email notifications when the arrow appears.
  • SoundOn - enable/disable sound notifications when the arrow appears.

Signal types

  • Open a buy trade when a lime arrow appears;
  • Open a sell trade when a red arrow appears.
2018.02.08 19:55 

I have tested the demo version before this release and I can confirm that this is an excellent indicator that has already won me many trades & Very easy to use. Worth the money.Thank you!