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I'm trying to develop a integration with Poloniex API (, buy I'm facing some difficulties on doing private HTTP connections. Here's my code, can anyone help me? Server is returning the message {"error":"Invalid API key\/secret pair."} Thanks in advance
Is it possible to have more than one row of chart TABs? If not would you consider to add it to MT4? Thank you
hello, do you have same issue, or it s just me? since this morning trying not receiving any notification :( how can i resolve the issue
hi guys seems i dont get the correct answer out of copybuffer for some reason can anyone shed a light on this plz double MACD_Array[];double MACD_SIGNAL_Array[]; ArraySetAsSeries(MACD_Array,true);ArraySetAsSeries(MACD_SIGNAL_Array,true);int MACD_Handle=iMACD(_Symbol,_Period,8,17,9,PRICE_CLOSE);int
Dear Experts, Could you help me to get the Highest Low of Last 10 candles!! Actually I want to check Last 10 candles and get the Highest Low value of a candle within that 10 Candle!! Thank you in advance for the Help
my money has been locked because my wallet does not ready last time 11:20 but now it is ok, so mql5 still locked my money. and I was asked on service desk but no one reply 11:21 plz check for me
The Main Study Python Releases for Windows - website, MetaTrader5 : Python Package - website  ---------------- The Article MetaTrader 5 and Python integration: receiving and sending data - the article ---------------- The Video ...   ---------------- The CodeBase Optimal F for MQL5 (per Ralph...
Hi guys. I am new at freelancing in MQL5. Please tell why I cannot select some job items in freelance page?(
Hello I now have set up and already had a few 'passes' on my contribution the MQ Cloud The question I have is what do the orange and green bars mean on the attached chart (taken from MQ4 stats page)? I'm trying to understand how busy my 'server/s' may be in the coming weeks / months Many thanks in
Please i need help getting windowpricemax for all symbols in multi currency EA. How to get Maximum price chart for each of the symbol and timeframe. double lower_range= WindowPriceMin(0)+ 0.09*(WindowPriceMax()-WindowPriceMin()); double upper_range = WindowPriceMax(0)-
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Hello I can't connect to the MQL5 community on MT4. I get an error message indicating "authorization failed". What should I do? I use a pro macbook.
  Traders Joking  (11783   1 2 3 4 5 ... 1178 1179)
Do you have interest or hobby outside trading ?, or some jokes and humor for other forumer ? or maybe something else ?, Well, why don't show it here. Life is NOT all about trading or programming, and so is this topic, and you must participate in this topic ;D. authorization failed  (55   1 2 3 4 5 6) authorization failed I can't install EA on my MT4 and already send ticket to service desk but no one answer me. How to fix it ? Thank you
Hello, Since today, my LINUX VPS server can't connect to MQL5 in order to receive the signals. I've run the MT4 terminal successfully untill now using WINE. I don't believe that my VPS provider changed something and I wander how to fix this problem??? When I open a terminal in my WIN7 laptop...
Greetings, Hope this is is correct section to post. I am trying to get the Python integration to work with Metatrader 5, however I am getting this error when execute the pythonscript- NameError: name 'MT5Initialize' is not defined Have made exactly like the tutorial fond here -
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I was affraid to open this thread. Why? because it is difficult to manage many threads on one forum. Anyway - I will try :) So, we are talking about SIGNAL SYSTEMS
I just started this thread as a continuation of the talking made on this topic (we can read it). Or make it shorter: it was some discussion about forecasting/predicting of the next candle or direction of the movement or market condition evaluation. And it was around standard indiocators in...
I am trying to develop software for traders to see real-time trades they do using metatrader. Idea is to login to my app, which is directed to metadata server and get latest information of my trades and histories. As I am completely new to the trading domain and metatrader, can anyone explain the
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Hello fellow traders, First let me share with you a bit of my background then some valuable information. I am known online as Pip, I have been trading since 2000. I have traded stocks, options, futures, metals, indices, and forex. I have developed and co-developed many tools online, some are free...
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A few days ago I received a PM to code an EA with the following parameters: -User decides initial trade direction (let's say long) and starting lot size (say .1 lot) -New position would be added every time the market moves x pips (say 10 pips) up or down away from the most recent position taken. If...
Hi, I can't solve the problem. The code snippet works to close partial positions with the same ticket, but how can I increase the position ??? I looked everywhere, I tray with the negative - but it doesn't work. Anyone got any idea? Or it's impossible in mql5? if(account.Profit() > 600 /*&&
  'Close all'/'Open' tools  (585   1 2 3 4 5 ... 58 59)
'Close all' scripts for MT4.
Hi, in the particular trade I'm creating I want to open a position with the smallest stop-loss that my broker will allow. I've modified some code I found on these forums but it's still not working right and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Here's a snippet of my code: if (type ==
Hello, I have a big problem : I'm using the copy trading service. From the trader I selected, many source trades have different lot sizes. Some profit trades use a higher lot sizes so they can compensate other losing trades using a smaller lot sizes. Unfortunately, on my account, all those trades
Please find indicator (in download area) which is forecasting the support and resistance of current day based of previous day. All the calculation is based on Thomas R. DeMark book "New Science of Technical Analysis". Works on the timeframe less than H4 (including H4 of course).
Hello, I've been developing EAs for some years now. I have always tried to make an EA that can work on any forex pair. I've always thought that a good EA should be able to make profit regardless of what forex pair it was running. This is what I usually do: Have an idea, write EA, make some
This thread won't be about a question or problem, but rather about the anouncement of the presentation and documentation of an exciting trading concept. I plan to do a series of postings here in order to keep you guys updated. Anybody who has an opinion on the topic, please don't hesitate to comment...
Hi all I want to make a strategy that use bollinger band indicator. but i don't know how to improve it when certain case: 1) how to check when the bollinger band expansion when it has breakout or trend, what indicator or price action or maths to check if it is not consolidation. 2) how to
For strategy analysis in DLL use in processing queries and filtering? But really what is the idea of the database usage in trading?(‾◡◝) Just wondering if anyone has used MySql yet in their strategies. I am guessing I could optimize settings while running live.. Thx
Hello I'm trying to find an Expert Advisor that will open a trade in a negative related currency pair triggered by a certain loss of another running position, behaving as a recovery automatic EA. Is there anything that I could find? Thank you
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Hey I'm new to this website I really wanna learn how to trade in and out Can someone help me from where should I start and keep doing something consistently so as to get a brief idea of how to trade A help would be much appreciated...thank you
AMP Futures has officially announced the launch of the MetaTrader 5 platform for trading futures. AMP Futures is a US regulated Chicago-based Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) providing access to the global electronic futures markets for individual traders, as well as US and foreign Introducing...
Hello, I am looking for a good liquidity provider where I could potentially trade some fixed income products too
Hi, Are there any brokers allow trading both FX and stocks/index for the Hong Kong markets? Thank you in advance
Bitcoin vs USD January-March 2017 Forecast: key resistance level at 850.15 to be broken for the bullish trend to be continuing Weekly (W1) price is located above Ichimoku cloud in the bullish area of the chart. The price is on ranging within the following support/resistance levels: 850.15...
My coding is using IsNewBar function as below; After compiling, there is an error message that 'IsNewBar' - function must have a body What should I modify for my coding?? input double Lotsize=1.0; input int Slippage=10; input int Stoploss=30; input int Takeprofit=30; input int MAPeriod=20; input int
Am a python programmer i programmed a triangular arbitrage bots for cryptocurrency. Now a good deal drove me to forex trading i want to build a triangular arbitrage bot. i tried to understand how to do triangular arbitrage manually on MT5 before building the EA bot for it but i understand None. i
Stock Market A To Z: 26 Names, Themes And Trends To Watch (based on the article) A is for Apple "The stock trailed the broader market in 2016, but there may be tailwinds in 2017. Tax reform may include a provision that incentivizes the company to deploy its billions in foreign cash back to...
Downloaded the MT5 platform on my PC, I'm trying to access US stock market data. I've searched the web for the how-to's and all of them say to go to the symbols list under marketwatch. But I'm not seeing a list of markets as opposed to what is being shown in these how-to guides for getting stock
Just curious about anyone trading preferences, I mean what do you prefer to trade Forex, Stocks, Futures? Is well known that Forex is the greatest market hands down, but unfortunately it doesn't offer certain analysis tools such as true volume, the book or TRIN, TICK, VIX tools which can be very...
Hello all, I am new to this forum and I have recently downloaded MT5. Now I want data for Indian Stocks. Can someone help me who are authorized data vendor for India Exchange NSE for MT5. There are many data vendors for Amibroker and Ninjatrader in India but not for MT5. How I can import historical...
Hi all I'm about as new here as one can be. Both to trading and to this forum and is my first post here. Hoping I can get a answer to a question. Google hasn't been able to help. I want to know how can I calculate my lot size for opening a trade on NAS100. Is there a known formula? For forex pairs
Hi I'm hoping someone can help my to explain what all these contract specifications mean. (Looking at the NAS100) I took a snippet from two brokers. (I only list the specifications I am unsure about) AxiTrader: JP Markets: Stops level: 1 4 Profit Calculation mode: CFD CFD Margin Calculation mode
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AAPL Technical AnalysisL daily bullsh with 120.35 resistance to be testing for the bullish trend to be resumed Daily share price is located far above 200 SMA in the bullish area of the chart: the price is on testing resistance level at 120.35 to above for the bullsh trend to be continuing. If the...
to start your weekly trading i advice you guys to go to favorite symbol chart and draw daily support and resistance and weekly support and resistance as well and write it down or keep it on different colors on your charts. whatever your strategy you should know these points
Good evening, I am learning MQL4 and testing an EA. I have a problem: some orders come in at a price actually never reached! Is it a programming error? Is it a DEMO ACCOUNT problem? There is some screen-shot
Hello all, For some unknown reason, the signal tab in mt4 is not displayed correctly anymore nor working on Linux Ubuntu with wine. But it used to, around 2 weeks ago. Attached are 3 screenshots showing 3 tabs : 2 tabs are working fine (market and articles) and the "signal" one doesn't. We can see
FILE_SHARE_READ and FILE_SHARE_WRITE do not work proper. MQL creates buffers with different contents for the same file. Please watch the example. It´s one of these "Sometimes bugs". If you cannot provoke the shown output, play around with the lines, add more FILE_SEEKs or change the filename. If you
Hello, I have some big problems subscribing to a mt4 signal with Ubuntu GNU/Linux. I had succcess a month ago but now not. In fact, it would be so great if we could subscribe directly via mql5. Without a Windows system it's rather difficult to install a working mt4. And via the Android app it is not
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Hi all, Just wondering if there is an option somewhere that affects the use of multicore/thread CPUs in the MT5 tester? I ask, as previously - up until yesterday my MT5 tester would stream through testing using all 8 cores, now it only does 1, then it might start using another core 3/4 through...
Hi guys, I'm with a problem here, I tried to search for a solution but didnt see any other cases like mine. Attached is the trade result graph and a piece of the history result in pips ( I checked the box "profit in pips for faster calculations" ) and in money. The results, as you can see, is that
i have a problem with this EA and i can't find it.... #property copyright "Copyright 2019, MetaQuotes Software Corp." #propiedad enlace ""#propiedad versión "1.00"#propiedad estrictadoble en15min, en30min, en60min;doble en15min1, en30min1, en60min1;doble en15min2, en30min2
Hello, I would like to have a rational explanation on the loss of earnings. There are two big issues: 1/ The first is that there is a mismatch between the subscribed signal and the positions that have been opened and closed on my side thanks to the signal subscription (running on a MQL5 VPS). 2/ I
Hi All, I am creating a a simple manual trader with buy and sell buttons but cannot get the buttons to work in the tester.  I'm sure there is a secret to this.  Anyone that can help?
can someone help me to add time filter in my ea
Please watch the video Thx
Hi everyone. I'm using the StopsLevel() and FreezeLevel() methods of the CSymbolInfo class to help calculate the minimum stop-level for an open position. I'm getting 40pips returned in StopsLevel() for EURUSD so I'm subtracting 0.0004 from the ASK price before placing a BUY order. My problem is that
Hello,  i want to code an Indicator with buttons. The buttons should do an OrderSend and Order Modify function. When ich try to test this, there comes the Error, not possible to send an OrderSend() from an indicator.   is this true or is this only a warning?   amando 
Does anyone know of some code that will amplify the size/lot of a signal? There's a reliable signal I'd like to subscribe to if I can automatically open an additional, larger trade on the same account. Thanks, Richard
Hi guys, is there any way to disable opening Market orders (Not pending orders) in Terminal. I can code an expert which can close immediately Market orders but its not good idea cause I pay spread to the broker. So looking for ideas to code an expert in order to disable execute Buy and Sell
Hello everybody. Maybe someone already uses tick volumes in their vehicles, tell me a few points on them, namely: How much does it correlate with the real (on derivatives)?How much does it correlate with the real (on derivatives)? How much does it correlate with the real (on derivatives)? Is it
Good afternoon, I've been using Tradestation and MT4 for many years. On Tradestation it's straightforward but on MT4 I'm not sure. When you add an indicator to a chart almost all indicators are placed underneath the price action. How do I place an indicator over the price action instead? For example
For example,I want to keep right part of ellispe which in the rectangle,hide the left part. If i use canvas to draw this,when i move the chart, the ellipse dont move. i want to the object i darw move with the chart. so I hope draw this use price and time ,not the x and y coordinate. thank you
Can anybody recommend good ZigZag indicator? Original ZigZag behavior is little bit strange as you can see in attached pictures. Thanks
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Post all MA indicators here.
Hello everyone; I've no knowledge on programming. Can a person help me to add a moving avarage for gold line of bt_trend_trigger_indicator in the mq4 file. Thank you
Hi all I'm relatively new to trading so sorry if it might sound silly. I wish to find an indicator that scans moving averages NOT for crossovers, but for aligned set of moving averages; preferably one which can scan also the 1min and 5min timeframe. Also the moving averages shouldn't be fixed
Hi ... I will purchase MT4 indicator, but it's not install my Mt4 platform
Good Day Can anyone please provide me with a good reversal Indicator. A non repainting one please
Good evening someone can show me an indicator pivot point supports and resistances for mt5 Thank you
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First of all I am using this small script (attached) created by Beluck and fixed by Igorad. To use it be sure that you have "all history" in "account history" in your Metatrader (for the right calculation).
I would like some help trying to find out how many weeks are profitable after a backtestis made, i usually do 20 weeks backtest, I tried to build an array of profits and dates like OnTester documentation article, after that I tried split these results on another week array with no luck, any
what indicators do like the most for stock trading
  Zigzag indicators  (627   1 2 3 4 5 ... 62 63)
Different zigzag's indicators please post here.
  CCI Woodie like  (263   1 2 3 4 5 ... 26 27)
  Experts: Smart Tunel Trading  (77   1 2 3 4 5 ... 7 8)
Smart Tunel Trading: The Smart tunnel is a smart robot for trading with an automatically drawn trend line to act with it and market movement.Enjoy :) Author: Ali Sabbaghi
New article Library for easy and quick development of MetaTrader programs (part XXVII): Working with trading requests - placing pending orders has been published: In this article, we will continue the development of trading requests, implement placing pending orders and eliminate detected
Simple Pip Value Calculator: "How much is a 1 pip movement on EURUSD (or any pair) worth in my currency???" It's a question we see asked frequently on the MQL forums and other forex websites. Knowing how much a 1 pip or 1 point move on a currency is going to make you (or cost you) is one of the...
New article How to Order an Expert Advisor and Obtain the Desired Result is published: How to write correctly the Requirement Specifications? What should and should not be expected from a programmer when ordering an Expert Advisor or an indicator? How to keep a dialog, what moments to pay special...
  Scripts: Balance Graph HTML  (21   1 2 3)
Balance Graph HTML: Display interactive HTML graph of the account balance inside the web browser. Author: amrali
Currency Strength Index (CSI): Trading the STRONG against the weak! Author: amrali
Hull moving average: Hull moving average Author: Mladen Rakic 
Bermaui Bands LCS lite: Have a look here: developed it into my own lite MT5 version Author: Firmin
New article False trigger protection for Trading Robot has been published: Profitability of trading systems is defined not only by logic and precision of analyzing the financial instrument dynamics, but also by the quality of the performance algorithm of this logic. False trigger...
  Experts: Safe Trend Scalp  (23   1 2 3)
Safe Trend Scalp: Safe Trend Scalp is an automatic robot that trades with automatic Trend lines that ea crated with market history. Author: Faeze Bakhshayesh
MQL5 Wizard - Trade Signals Based on Crossover of Two EMA with intraday time filter: MQL5 Wizard allows to create the code of Expert Advisors automatically. See Creating Ready-Made Expert Advisors in MQL5 Wizard for the details. The trading signals of the strategy, based on two moving averages are...
MACD_Colored_Histogram_2019: Trending Indicator MACD with coloured Histogram to detect trend and retracements in that trend. Author: festiveboy 
PricerEA: PricerEA is a utility to help any trade to place pending orders (stop or limit) at a specific price. Author: Nikolaos Pantzos
Daily/Weekly HL: Previous day&week High/Low Author: Fabio Cavalloni
Trade Copier - Open Source - Multiplatform - Transmitter Side: Trade Transmitter will Transmit Trades from MT5 Demo or Real accounts using CSV Files. Each trade request created manually or by other EAs on MT5 terminal will be automatically transmitted. Positions and orders summaries are also
This is an EA I worked on , but it did not work as well as I had hoped. Most if not all EA's I have made are like this, but they may still be interesting to someone, so I will share some of them here. This first one was supposed to find a combination of the previous N (eg.7) losses (where the SL was
Hi all, I am looking for what I call a "What's the worst that can happen" MT4 indicator" In indicator that shows on the screen: 1. Current balance 2. Current equity 3. Projected Balance assuming all SLs are hit. My situation is this: I usually have a lot of trades open and use a trailing stop. To
Hello guys, I am running 32 terminals on windows 7. IF i try to run more than 32, the 33rd terminals does not launch so i assume the maximum allowed terminals to run is 32
I am rewriting my EA to use MQL4 newer Graphic Controls and I am having difficulties getting the EA to respond the way I would like. The first problem is I would like the CAppDialog to Align to the right side of the charts as that is where the price action is. The Second issue is with CSpinEdit I
  Traders joking, the beginning  (7751   1 2 3 4 5 ... 775 776)
They say that an average trader can work for about twothree years. Then he has enough money to buy Ferrari and spend the rest of the money on psychoanalyst and antidepressants. Well, drive your Ferrari and save the rest of the money by reading our next column. Making money is one of the funniest...
I have a question. If I attach the indicator on the chart. This indicator has arrow with buffer signal. I want to read this arrow or buffer signal from EA. But I don't want to use iCustom. How can I read signal from the attached indicator? Any good idea
Hello im new here on mt5 forum, not sure if this is where im meant to be but cant find the Mt4 forum, Ive been using and programming Mt4 for quite a while, now installing to a new computer and the Mt4setup.exe file is installing mt5 instead which is just wierd. Ive tried downloading the mt5 setup to...
Greetings, I have a high resolution screen, and it does not display MT4 properly. I am using Version 4.0 Build 950.  Specifically the text in the indicator window is overlapping and so is unreadable. What can I do to fix this problem? 
I want to teach my trading panel to change MT4 color scheme programmatically. I need to change background color, color of bars, etc (I already know how to change color of graphical objects). I couldn’t find how to do it. If it is not possible to do it in MQL4, then it should be possible using
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The thread about threads: what's going around the forum everywhere    ============ MT5, mql5, suggestions for improvement thread ============ Requests & Ideas The beginning Requests & Ideas, the beginning - the thread   Suggestions for Trading System thread  After Requests &...
Is there a way to sort the accounts in the accounts tree in MT4, I would like to have mine in alphabetical order of server name
Hi friends, I'm trying to install MT4 platform of different brokers and I faced a problem during installation.  I just installed metatrader 4 of some brokers without any problem but for some others at the final stage of the installation a window popup and requires me to enter the proxy server...
Hello, I'm coding an EA and in my EA I need to detect the changes in the history pool. Is it safe to assume in MQL4 that the pool is being changed only by adding new orders to the very end of the history pool? If not, how one can detect all changes which happened in history pool since last time
Hello, I am getting a strange issue with a custum indicator I have to work with. I want to print the value of one buffer of the indicator I am using for the EA I am coding, but as shown in attached image, I get empty value number after 2 candles which is right the value I use in iCustom function for
Hi there, I was wondering if it was possible to get a list of input parameters given to an EA or Indicator? Right now I'm logging my EA's settings to a new file automatically whenever it detects that I'm using different settings so that I can look back and see what I was using in the past.  However,...