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Lorentzos Roussos  

theres a fellow member exploring (with code) aspects of the strategy 

my favorite model is MMXM with STDv

Hi everyone I would like to thank ict for letting me dive in the trading ocean.

I became obsessed with fibonacci drawing chart after chart till I reached 3000 charts on all pairs and crypto and commodities a lot of charts are on floating fibo levels where I don't use the candle body or wick.

Anyway after passing the 5000 charts I can see the exact zones with exact reversal levels I just passed my pending order for the daily candle which means I prepare my pending order around 7 or 8 pm for next day and check it next day. 

Now I am beginning to taste the weekly candle. Wish everyone happy trading. 

You can take any method you like, such as the ICT method, and tell yourself a different kind of story, and well, it'll still stick,

Basically, everyone makes scenarios, and everyone says I'm right, and I think that when a scenario is repeated often, then there will always be big hands to do the opposite. 

Let's take a look at the chain's revenue, over 10k per month