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MetaCOT 2 DCOT Index MT5

MetaCOT 2 is a set of indicators and specialized utilities, that allows to analyze the CFTC (U.S. Commodity futures trading commission) reports right in the MetaTrader terminal. This indicator analyzes the Disaggregated Commitments of Traders (D-COT) reports and is analogous to the classic COT Index indicator, calculated for the COT reports.

D-COT Index is the most popular, efficient and simple indicator for determining the extreme overbought and oversold points of the market. It is calculated based on the data on the net positions of traders from the D-COT (Disaggregated Commitments of Traders) report according to the formula of the Stochastic oscillator. The values of the indicator from 0% to 20% and from 80% to 100% point at the moments of the extreme overbought and oversold state market, signaling the frequent reversal of the price after reaching these levels.

Find out more details on the calculation method of this indicator in the book by Larry Williams: Trade Stocks and Commodities with the Insiders: Secrets of the COT Report".

Below are the main indicator parameters and their description:

  • Source of Report - D-COT report type. There are two types of report: Futures Only and Futures And Options;
  • Group of Traders - group of D-COT report participants;
  • Period of COT Index - period of COT Index calculation. Recommended values: 26, 52 and 156 weeks;

This indicator is designed for analyzing commodity markets (metals, oil and gas, food, raw materials). Use the TFF series indicators for analyzing the financial markets (currencies, indices, bonds), particularly the TFF Index.

The indicator operation requires the CFTC reports to be downloaded and installed on your computer, which can be done with a special report installation utility MetaCOT 2 Install CFTC Reports MT5.
More details on the description of the indicator settings can be found in the blog "MetaCOT 2: Settings and Possibility".

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Version 2.12 - 2017.04.07
Version 2.11
- Fixed the error that caused the data to be redownloaded, even if the data have been downloaded earlier. This error caused a significant slowdown of the indicator operation in the strategy tester and loaded the computer hard drive.
- Now, all indicators are compiled from the source codes of MetaCOT ToolBox. A common code base prevents errors in individual indicators and further synchronizes the code management.
Version 2.11 - 2016.11.07
Fixed the error in the calculation algorithm of the COT index compared to version 2.10. In value 2.10, the historical values of the COT index had been calculated incorrectly.