Get in touch with developers using Service Desk!


Any new software inevitably contains bugs that are not always possible to detect even under the most rigorous in-house testing. We therefore attach great importance to all user reports about issues in our programs and try to answer each one of them.

In order to improve feedback from MetaTrader 5 end users, we have implemented Service Desk section in each MQL5 Community user Profile. Any user can send a Request about problem discovered in our product.

Why a new section, if any registered user can write an error message on the forum? The fact that Service Desk is directly integrated into our in-house TeamWox GroupWare, that is used by our developers. This means that every working day in MetaQuotes Software Corp. begins with the overview of received requests about problems found in our products.

For this very reason we invite you to report any bugs directly to our developers via Service Desk. Your message will be immediately accessible to our Quality Assurance, Technical Support and Trading Platforms departments. Each request sent from Service Desk is compulsorily treated, and is either closed after fixing the problem, or queued for making a decision in the future.

We ask you to report each found error in a separate request, while adhering to certain rules:

  1. The request contains description of only one problem. It will allow us to focus on its solution and during its processing and discussion not to specify what was corrected or was unable to reproduce.
  2. In request subject please specify a brief description of problem, so we can always find it among other requests.
  3. In the beginning of a request briefly describe the problem. For example:
    Can't save trading reports in HTML.
  4. Give a detailed description of actions taken to reproduce the problem. Complement your request with screenshots (if necessary) that are referenced in description. For example:
    On the "History" tab I choose "Save as Report" from context menu, and then get the following message - see attached picture SaveReport.png.
  5. Describe the achieved result. For example:
    In "Profit" column for the open position #12372330 the profit is displayed as much as (see attached picture InvalidProfit.png)
  6. Describe the expected result. For example:
    At the same time on the "Trade" tab for this position #12372330 the profit is displayed as following, that is $20 less than in report (see attached picture TradeTab.png)
  7. Provide the necessary details to reproduce the error. For example:
    Account #50000 on MetaQuotes_Demo server, Investor password adkfn_45.
  8. Provide additional details that can help find a solution. For example:
    OS Windows 7, the terminal is installed in a separate folder on drive D and is running in portable mode.

All these recommendations are compiled using our own long-term experience of communicating with customers, and we will be grateful to you if you adhere to them.  Please, notify us about found errors. We can find and fix them as soon as possible only with your assistance. With your help we will do our best to create the superior trading terminal for You!

Amir Yacoby  

It's nice to have this option, but what about defect #11049 which was closed by the dev team, without it being fixed or without giving any feedback by your team?

It would be nice if your team would give as little as feedback to the people that assist as you request.

hongbin fei  
I send question too, but no one answer, Oh, mygod
Don't worry, your requests are not ignored, they are in queue and will be processed soon


each compiling ( of *.MQ5 files) ends with the message "internal error #-3", Line 0, Column 0, on the MetaEditor.

I have downloaded Meta Trader 5 build 458 with a Demo Account. In the MetaEditor I can't compile anything, not yet the indicators given

as example in the path "MQL5/Indicators/Examples". Allways I get an "internal error #-3". I don't know its meaning.

There is no problem with the compiling of  *.MQH files.

Compiling from the command line produces a message: " (0, 0): error 124: internal error #-3".

I attach two .jpg files with hard prints from the compiler runs.

The OS is Windows XP Home, I have administrator rights, and Meta Trader 4 is also installed (and shows no problems).

I'd like to have a solution. Thanks.

Joao M. R. Martins

Documentation on MQL5: Standard Constants, Enumerations and Structures / Environment State / Account Properties
Standard Constants, Enumerations and Structures / Environment State / Account Properties - Documentation on MQL5



I have now installed Meta Trader 5 under Windows 7 and the compiler error "internal error #-3" doesn't

appear anymore. No error at all. It seems, it appears only under Windows XP...



Rashid Umarov  
Open your Profile and select Servicedesk there. You can write your request directly to developers.
Jinsong Zhang  
Please send feedback to user when the problem is fixed.
hongden nguyen  

Why  we dont have Live chat room? 

If we have any question, we can chat in live room that, then anyone , any member can reply immediately!

I love live chat for us 4room!