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when I enter the custom indicator every thing freezes same indicator from indicator list it works let me know what I can do such as b band from indicator list works from custom indicator list freezeze


Mohd Asraf Hamzah  



I opened a free signal for subscription using my demo account.

But it shows this error "Inadmissible withdrawal operations on demo account detected. ".

How do I fix this?

Please help. 

Sergey Golubev  
hi, can you explain to me with details how to setting amount lot forex trading if I use signal provider from because i'm newbie here. thanks you very much for your help

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Can you change the ratio in which a signal is subscribed to?

angevoyageur, 2014.02.04 13:31

You have only 2 ways to act on the calculated ratio :

  • Increase "% of deposit used" in Signals settings.
  • Add more capital to your account.

Alain Verleyen  

Hello i have downloaded the MT5 platform and opened a demo account but cant use it because it says that OpenCL is not supported can you please help me resolve that issue so that i can be able to see price quotes real-time thanks!

There is no problem to use MT5 even when you get an error message in the Journal tab about OpenCL. It's minor issue only important if you want to use OpenCL, which is rarely the case if you begin with MT5.
Stephanie Kissel  


i have a problem with a subscription. I subscribed to Johnpaul77, but i dont see the orders or something. So i had no benefit of it so far. Also i cant see that i have subscribed to it on the signal page. Only i my account i can see that i payed 21 credits. I also cant activate it in options. It says no connection to the signal.

Also i want to know, bec i also connected it to my demoaccount instead of my real account, if i can change it? I subscribed it 1 hours ago, and i can see on the http that there are 4 orders in the pipeline, but i cant see one in my metatrader 4.

Would be nice if i can get help and also to be able to transfer the signal to my real account instead of my demoaccount.

Thanks in advance. English is not my motherlanguage.

can someone tell me that how can i delete my all signals and how can i delete my account?