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Sergey Golubev  
The link is on your profile, and link to your profile is on top right corner of this page, or just look at the image on the first post of this thread.
Alain Verleyen  

I do not have the option to Add reviews in the signal to which I subscribe, i don't see where to post a reviwe


You are off-topic.


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angevoyageur, 2013.10.10 17:43

Really ? Go to the signal page and see the link.

Also you can only post 1 review by signal.

If you have still a problem, please write to ServiceDesk.

Grzegorz Korycki  
while using nano accounts ou get all trades divided by 100 while following a signal. If ou use 100% of the account you still invest basically 1% as exchange rates are wrong. Exchange rates for EUR:USD and EUC:USD ahould be the same - 1:1.27, while for EUC:USD is 100:1.27. Understand that everthing on that account is divided b 100 so there is no need to addjust the course. Investing 0.01 lot on nano is equal to investing 0.0001 lot and thats what im getting. Signal set to 95% is using 1-2% of m account investing 0.0001 lot (0.01 lot in MT4 nano account) all the time, So if the owners account is going to get wiped out, i lose 1-2%. Its ridicolus, ive selected nano account to have better accuaracy in resebling the lot size. (for example 0.015 lot instead of 0.01 or 0.02)
Grzegorz Korycki  

sorry i get impatient and nervous when i see absurds. (losing time and money ever second) so just about ever day. 




ServiceDesk is not replying on the threads publicly. You should go to your profile and write the message to them (with name of the signals and so on)

See first post of this thread with few images

Dear Service Deck, 

Requested  a free signal service

Journal said  

Signal - Subcribe to a signal service started

Signal - not renew their subscription to a month

Why is the signal service not able to come in on this broker? 

Not sure what this mean? 

I am able to get the signals from another broker. Working good.

Is it possible to get signals for two brokers from the same signal provider?

Trying to test the difference of the spead. 


Simon Gniadkowski  

Dear Service Deck, 

You need to contact the Service Desk via the link in your Profile . . . 
Java de Carvalho  
Hello, my signal was disconnected. I can not rehabilitate. how to proceed?