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MACD Trend Scanner

The indicator monitors the MACD trend in multiple timeframes for a specific market. No more shifting in between charts to check the trend direction while trading.

Key Features

  • Indicator can be used for all markets
  • Monitors every timeframe, from M1 to MN
  • Able to move display label on chart by single click

Indicator Usage

The dashboard appears to the left and upper part of the chart when attached. The shell encapsulating a timeframe goes red on a down trend, green on an up trend. If the default location of the dashboard is inconvenient, it can be moved to a convenient location on the chart. This can be done by selecting (double click or single click depending on how objects are selected on the user’s terminal) the first shell and dragging it to the preferred location. Drop it and the others will follow suit.


  • FastEMA // Fast EMA
  • SlowEMA // Slow EMA
  • SignalEMA// Signal EMA
  • PeriodM1 // 1 minute
  • PeriodM5 // 5 minutes
  • PeriodM15// 15 minutes
  • PeriodM30// 30 minutes
  • PeriodH1 // 1 hour
  • PeriodH4 // 4 hours
  • PeriodD1 // Daily
  • PeriodW1 // Weekly
  • PeriodMN // Monthly
  • AlertOn // Alert on trend
  • PopAlrt // Popup alert
  • MailAlrt // Email alert
  • PushAlrt // Push alert
butcherfx 2018.04.29 18:43 

Useful indicator.

Version 1.10 2019.08.31
Minor bug fixed.