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Trend Screener


Breakthrough Solution For Trend Trading And Filtering With All Important Features Built Inside One Tool! Trend Screener smart algorithm detects the trend, filters out market noise and gives entry signals using Fuzzy Logic (1) and Multicurrency and Multi-timeframe analysis.

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1. Advantages You Get Easy

  • Visual and effective trend detection.
  • It gives you the ability to filter and further improve your trading strategies.
  • Enhanced statistics calculation with Fuzzy Logic (1).
  • Never repaints, never back paints, never recalculates after bar closing.
  • Works in all symbols and all timeframes.
  • Fully compatible with the Expert Advisor (EA) development.
  • Display Trend based on Currencies and TimeFrames.

2. Input Parameters

  1. Info - set prefix of pairs. S
  2. HIFT_X- Set the dashboard position in the dashboard in a horizontal direction.
  3. SHIFT_Y - Set dashboard position in the dashboard in Vertical direction.
  4. BOX_WIDTH - Set dashboard width size in Chart.
  5. BOX_HEIGHT - Set dashboard height size in Chart.
  6. TEXT_SIZE - Set dashboard text size in Chart.
  7. ENABLE_DISABLE_ALERT_NEUTRAL_TREND - Getting alert when Trend Status = Neutral ( Filter number 1 for alerts ) 
  8. ENABLE_DISABLE_ALERT_NORMAL_TREND - Getting alert when Trend Status = NORMAL ( Filter  number 2 for alerts ) 
  9. ENABLE_DISABLE_ALERT_STRONG_TREND  - Getting alert when Trend Status = STRONG ( Filter  3 for alerts ) 
  10. POP_UP_ALERT -Enable-Disable pop-up alert.
  11. SOUND_ALERT - Enable-Disable Sound Alert
  12. EMAIL_ALERT- Enable-Disable Email Alert
  13. PUSH_NOTIFICATION_ALERT- Enable-Disanle push notification Alet.
  14. PairsList :  Used to set the list of pairs to monitor in the Trend Screener.
  15. DISPLAY_MAX_PROFIT_PER_SIGNAL :  Used to hide or display max profit per signal label in the chart.
  16. MAX_PROFIT_OFFSET_LABEL : Used to set the position of display max profit label in the chart.
  17. MAX_PROFIT_FONT_SIZE_LABEL : Used to set the size of display max profit label in the chart.
  18. COLOR_BUY_SIGNAL : Used to set the color of Buy arrow
  19. COLOR_SELL_SIGNAL : Used to set the color of Sell arrow.
  20. ARROW_OFFESET_PIPS : Used to set the position of the arrow in the chart.
  21. ARROW_WIDTH : Used to set the WIDTH of the arrow in the chart
  22. DRAW_ARROWS : Used to hide/display arrows in the chart.

(1) FUZZY LOGIC: Fuzzy logic is a window to the world of machine learning. Combined with genetic algorithms, it can expand the capabilities of creating self-learning or easily optimizable trading systems. At the same time, fuzzy logic is intuitive, as it encapsulates crisp numerical information in fuzzy (blurred) terms, just like a person does in the process of thinking.

If you have some questions or if you need help, contact me via Private Message.


SAYADI ACHREF , private investor and speculator, fintech software engineer and founder MT4screener/MT5screener. 

Alan Moore
Alan Moore 2020.02.20 03:50 

I really like it as a trend filter I have compared it to similar looking indicators and it is different it is pretty accurate when it changes and doesn't flash back and forth often.

Version 5.50 2020.02.27
1. Add Arrows color feature.
Version 5.2 2020.02.26
1. Optimization refresher.
Version 5.1 2020.02.26
1. Fixing a refreshing issue.
Version 5.0 2020.02.25
1. Add max profit feature.
2. Optimizing trend line drawing.
Version 4.0 2020.02.21
1. Add Alerts Filters.
2. Add List of pairs to display all Currencies in the same charts.
3. Add metals, indices supporting.
Version 3.0 2020.02.20
1. Add symbols automatically to the MT4 MarketWatch.
Version 2.0 2020.02.16
1. Optimizing trend calculation.
2. Add Alerts features.
Version 1.70 2020.02.13
Fixing the EURUSD calculation issue.
Version 1.60 2020.02.13
1. Optimizing Fuzzy logic calculation.