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The indicator shows favorable points for entering the market. The indicator can be used for scalping on small timeframes and for long-term trading.

Indicator inputs

  • Count bars - bars counted to draw indicator. Optimal value on chart 500..1000. For an EA this value can be reduced to 1, improves testing and optimisation speed
  • Indicator period - bars used for calculations, can be 0 to 100
  • Deviation, 0..100 - indicator deviation coefficient, 0 to 100
  • Filter period - filter period in bars, 1 to 50
  • Filter applied price - applied price chosen from the list
  • Filter level (50-100) - filter level, values in range 50..100
  • Filter Shift - how many bars shift of filter default 0
  • Only completed bars - choose to work on completed bars only or on null bar too
  • Arrow vertical shift - distance from arrow to bar extreme
  • Up arrow color - choose color for UP arrow
  • Down arrow color - choose color for DOWN arrow
  • Arrow size - give size, optimal
  • Allow alerts globally - allows all alerts when true
  • Pop-up alert - allows showing a pop-up alert when an arrow appears
  • Play sound - allows playing a sound when an arrow appears
  • Sound file - sound file, must be placed in %terminal path%\Sounds or it's sub-directory
  • Send e-mail - allows e-mail message on arrow appearance when true
  • Send push notification - allows sending notifications on arrow appearance when true

Example of parameters list to pass to iCustom

input int drawbars=10000; //Count bars
input int P=5; //Indicator period
input int K=5; //Deviation, 0..100
input int cper=4; //Filter period
input ENUM_APPLIED_PRICE cpr=PRICE_CLOSE; //Filter applied price
input int lim=70; //Filter level (50-100)
input int csh=0; //Filter Shift
//Passing other parameters not required, they configure the appearance of the indicator on a chart

Example of call from an EA on the 1st bar

double dc1= iCustom(_Symbol,0,"DreamCatcher_v2.500release",drawbars,P,K,cper,cpr,lim,csh,0,1); //first buffer - up arrow
double dc2= iCustom(_Symbol,0,"DreamCatcher_v2.500release",drawbars,P,K,cper,cpr,lim,csh,1,1); //second buffer - down arrow
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Version 2.5 2017.02.24
Improved the indicator calculation speed.
Version 2.2 2014.07.18
- Now arrow is shown show one bar earlier.
- Added possibility to define arrow shift from bar's extremum as a raio of bar height - value shift=0.5 means distance between indicator's arrow and bar High or Low of (High-Low)*0.5.
Version 2.1 2014.07.16
Added option to select a sound file for notification.
Version 2.0 2014.07.14
1. Added options to on completed bars oly ("Only completed bars" = true).
2. Added all types of notifications (alerts, push notifications via MetaQuotes ID, email and sound) triggered when the indicator changes its direction.
Version 1.12 2014.02.11
- Indicator compiled for the latest terminal version.
- New filter levels, now values are within the range 0-100.