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BinaryIndicator is a highly accurate indicator for trading binary options. It shows excellent results in scalping. This indicator is based in multifactor analysis of trend indicators, as well as confirmation oscillators, which in the end gives an increased accuracy of signals.

Advantages of the indicator

  • Increased accuracy of signals.
  • Excellent results when trading binary options with a short expiration time from M30 to M1.
  • It works on any timeframes.
  • Works with any trade symbols.


  • alert - enable/disable audio alerts (enabled by default).

Recommendations on working with the indicator

  1. Wait for a signal to appear (BUY - blue arrow up, SELL - red arrow down).
  2. Open a binary option in the direction of the signal.

The indicator is excellent for scalping, it is recommended for use on the M15 chart.

In addition to the main signal, arrows on the chart also form a confirmation signal.
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