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Currency Analyzer

Our most popular Currency Analyzer is now available for purchase with a variety of features to help brighten up anybody's Forex trading.

Unlike other indicators, Currency Analyzer is designed to deliver the real market analysis straight to your desktop rather than from unreliable tick data from brokers.

  • No more barrier for real market information.
  • Read the investment data of your trading pair straight from big investment banks.
  • Get the complete community outlook.
  • Filter the economic calendar, which is applicable only for your trading pair. Be precise.
  • Get the volume details of investment made on your particular trading pair by real Forex traders from all over the world.
  • Get to know how much money is invested, won and lost by real Forex traders.
  • Analyze what the major indicators show for your trading pair.
  • Get inspirational quotes to make you inspired every second.

A simple technique for finding real market overbought and oversold area

  • For Buy Entry: If the Symbol Investment -> Average Long Price is shown in green (Price level less than Average Buying Price) indicating oversold state, good to enter.
  • For Sell Entry: If the Symbol Investment -> Average Short Price is shown in green (Price level greater than Average Selling Price) indicating overbought state, good to enter.
Want to get this indicator for free?

Share this indicator and earn 10% payoff for every purchase your friend makes, 10 purchases = cost of the product, and the indicator is yours.

Steps to make it work:

  1. Add itrade.i-directory to Tools->Options->Expert Advisors->Allow WebRequests for listed URL (refer to the screenshot for details).
  2. Drag the application to the chart.
  3. Select Template, Opaque for black screen and Transparent to display the chart.

* The data is updated every five minutes.

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