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Advanced Currency IMPULSE with ALERT

This Indicator is a unique, high quality and affordable trading tool because we have incorporated a number of proprietary features and a secret formula. With only ONE chart it gives Alerts for all 28 currency pairs. Imagine how your trading will improve because you are able to pinpoint the exact trigger point of a new trend or scalping opportunity?

USER MANUAL: click here

Built on new underlying algorithms it makes it even easier to identify and confirm potential trades. This is because it graphically shows whether the strength or weakness of a currency is accelerating or not and measures the speed of that acceleration - think of it like the speedometer in your car. When you accelerate things obviously happen faster which is the same in the Forex market i.e. if you pair currencies that are accelerating in the opposite directions you have identified a potentially profitable trade.

Vertical lines and arrows for currency momentum will guide your trading!

The dynamical Market Fibonacci 23 level is used as an alert trigger and will adapt to market activity. If the impulse hits the yellow trigger line you will receive the alert on MT4 or your email or push alert. Then you know as a trader what to do. The pair and direction are already given. Just click on the alert button to switch to the pair or to open a new chart for your further analysis. The alert level can be changed by user input and 3 Sensitivity-levels can be chosen.

Get the initializing trigger of a new trend early! This acceleration and deceleration can be used by both swing traders and scalpers. To swing traders it shows when a new trend has been triggered and to scalpers, it shows which pairs are going to have movement. From our clients and our own experience, we know the two indicators work so well together that it is truly a case of 1+1= 3!

Indicator parameters

To see the full list click here.
  • Impulse Sensitivity (Sensitivity slow/medium/fast)
  • Line width base and quote CS (make thicker the currency of the chart)
  • Line width other 6 CS (the other currencies)
  • Line other 6 CS dotted if width=1
  • HIDE the other 6 CS lines (show only base and quote CS)
  • show Bars back (how many candles back the indicator draws)
  • show buttons - SPECIAL: To change the pair on the chart just click the 2 currency names. Click two names to build a pair. Simple: click GBP and JPY to change the chart to GBPJPY.
  • Show CS labels (at the end of the lines)

=== Alert settings

  • alerted chart open in new window (false for change chart in the same window)
  • alert on the live or closed candle
  • CS-Impulse Trigger at market Fib (higher=stronger)
  • GAP value for V-Line (higher=stronger)
  • draw arrow for Impulse alert
  • draw bull and bear V-Line (CS speed sentiment)
  • popup Alerts (popup MT4 alerts. It will tell strongest or weakest currency, value, possible trade pair)
  • send email alerts (To receive alert email, enter your credentials in your MT4)
  • send push alerts (to your phone)
  • show values in main=0 or sub-window=1

=== Color settings

  • You know how to use it. (Euro is white, please change if you use white chart background)

=== other settings

  • open support charts!
  • arrow size (1 to 5)
  • write Global variable trigger value (for developer)


  1. Use my template. (See manual)
  2. The Alert trigger value can be edited at any Market Fibonacci level in settings. It can be any number. The default is 25. The yellow line shows the level on the chart.
  3. Then we see the numbers of the highest and lowest Impulse value.
  4. Followed with the Currency which reached the trigger value (if there is any).
  5. A timer will allow one alert per currency and candle.
  6. A button will then pop up with a suggested pair. By click on it, it will change the pair on the chart. The button may change or disappear if conditions are no longer met. Still, you can have a look at the chart.
  7. Use “open chart in new window” if you do not want to interrupt the indicator.
  8. SPECIAL: To update automatically the MT4 history; 7 support charts can be opened (see manual)! This function is off by default.
  9. Check my news and blogs on profile for trading system and trade examples.
  10. Read the user manual.
  11. Study the complete trading system.
  12. Send me a private message to get the latest information.

I will always help you if you have any questions.

I wish you many green pips in the future and success to your trading career.

Best regards, Bernhard

2017.09.17 21:12 

Thanks Bernhard for this great indicator and great support!!!

2017.09.14 11:24 

Highly over-rated

2017.09.13 18:31 

Добрый день! Приобрел 3 месяца назад 2 индикатора к своей стратегии Advanced Accumulated Currency Volume и Advanced Currency IMPULSE with ALERT в стандартном исполнении он мне не много не подошел, пару дней потратил на изучение, поигрался с настройками под свою торговлю и в путь и вот прошло 3 месяца совершено чуть больше 500 сделок удачных сделок 68%♣, просадок значительно меньше чем было, работаю на бирже опционов. Огромное спасибо за вашу работу Bernhard c удовольствием бы его выкупил на постоянную основу! 10 из 10!! ♣Брал в аренду на 3 месяца для проверки, теперь докупил годовой абонемент!

2017.07.13 17:01 

Since starting to use Bernards system I've done away with almost all my other indicators, trading only with CS28, Impulse and the C Volume indicators. This really is a complete system and by following the rules I'm profitable and very happy with this style of trading. Using currency strengths in this way to identify the best pairs to trade seems really obvious once you start using it and I wouldn't go back to my old system.

The support is also top notch, regular updates and new features are added all the time.


2017.07.06 07:56 

very best indicator i ever used! excellent support by bernhard, thank you so much! romuald

2017.06.26 10:52 

great indicator and perfect support from Bernhard


5 stars

Jakob Dalsgaard
2017.06.20 13:05 


2017.06.18 22:02 

Good Indicator...worth the money spent.Awesome support.

Thitewat Subviyapong
2017.06.14 08:38 

it's very good

this indicator like EYE DEVIL it's can analysis all market currency pairs in realtime

2017.06.08 18:20 

The Impulse gives you the real momentum within the market. It's the actual signal-maker within Bernhard's strategy. No matter which of Bernhard's tools you use, it works as part of his strategy or in other strategies as confirmation - just because of the density of information you get. If anything goes at any currency, you'll see it immediately with this tool. And the biggest feature from my opinion - always comparing to all other currencies. The new dynamic configurable trigger is what I call a V 2.0! Bernhard gives 100%.

@Irmscher9: Just change the timeframe!

Julian Lo
2017.05.22 20:45 

I don't think you can do without this indicator if you are using ACS28. I haven't found anything equivalent or close. This is what you do if you have Impulse. Download a demo of any indicator from MQL5 that is based on volatility, engulfing candle, or breakouts of some sort, test it in strategy tester and add Impulse to the chart to compare them. Usually from the price chart there is no sign of movement preceding Impulse. However, a double spike in Impulse is always magically followed by a price move in the predicted direction, except when C-Volume exceeds its limit. Use Impulse with C-Volume the result is unbeatable.[Edit: This product comes close, but it's only for one chart at a time https://www.screencast.com/t/j5uXsuREh4v]

2017.05.19 11:46 

I'm not very happy with this product, it's next to useless for me. To be effective you need all 3 indicators, I have only 28 currencies and impulse and I only lose money most of the times if I follow the signals given by these. If you wait for a perfect signal it would take you weeks or of waiting, as it appears only a couple of times a month at best.

2017.05.11 22:03 

Great product! Great support! Very recommended!

2017.04.25 11:02 

Just perfect if you keep to all the published rules.

Special thanks to Bernhard for the indicators

2017.04.18 01:31 

Very great product, i would recommend it to anyone. This makes forex trading extremely easy.

Thank you Bernhard

2017.04.14 16:34 

This product should be used together with Advanced Currency Strength28 to form a very profitable trading system, if the trader uses proper money management. Bernhard's support for both indicators is also very fast, friendly and comprehensive. Both indicators are highly recommended.

2017.04.07 19:09 

Klasse Produkt ! Ich nutze es In der Kombination mit Advanced Currency Strength28 und Advanced Currency C-Volume - ein erstklassiges"Waffenarsenal" für den Forex-Markt.

Der Service ist wirklich 1A - superschnell, hilfreich und nett.

2017.03.14 14:09 

Very good indicator! Thx Bernhard! :-)

index itinet
2016.11.15 14:58 

Good Indicator

2016.09.29 15:18 

i just purchased this indicator yesterday, very impressive and not only the indicator but the overall system and support from Bernhard, easily 5 stars

2016.09.20 10:27 

Currency Impulse... one of the best i bought... usage is very profitable and settings and alerts just pure fun to use. I got both indicators. Also the support from Bernhard is perfect. He helps all time and is open for wishes and changes...happy to find somebody to trust.

Version 2.2 - 2017.07.31
Optimized drawings of the arrows and v-line.
+ added quick change buttons
+ added update quote charts
+ added labels at the end of the lines
As requested by customer:
+ added input for arrow size

Another magic function will automatically open 7 support charts in the background to speed up the broker feed and update the external history data. When the indicator is applied to another timeframe those charts will follow. While using multiple indicators those charts will be shared. (This function is by default deactivated.) Please read the user manual blog.

New inputs:
+ Show CS labels
+ CS label size
+ open support charts! (default is off because it is already active with ACS28)
+ arrow size (1 to 5)
+ arrow and alert delay seconds after restart (3 to 30)
Version 2.0 - 2017.06.08
+ added a historical trigger line and buffer in sub-window.
+ added arrows in sub-window when the trigger was hit.
+ added arrow in the main window when the alert was hit.
+ added a second function for an inverted speed of the quote and base currency with an editable minimum difference value (as a different signal than impulse alert)
All the graphics are based on the new buffer which represents historical trigger with dynamic market Fibonacci values.

new input parameters:
+ draw arrow for Impulse alert
+ draw bull and bear V-Line
+ GAP value for V-Line (higher=stronger)
+ V-Line bull color
+ V-Line bear color

This default values have been changed:
Impulse Sensibility = slow
CS-Impulse Trigger at market Fib = 25

Now you have the historical view and you can optimize the settings to your trading style and timeframe!
Version 1.25 - 2017.05.17
Added setup information in the header.
Added for developer Global variable with TF for trigger value.
Version 1.24 - 2017.02.15
Improved function to read correlated external pairs.
Market Fibonacci trigger line will reset after 5 candles by default.
Version 1.23 - 2016.12.22
New calculations added: now we get better print for Impulse lines - more better alerts.

I have added an option to show only base and quote lines.
++ Show only base and quote CS (do not show the other currencies)
Version 1.21 - 2016.11.22
Optimized some calculations.

Impulse Sensibility default set to slow because it suits better to beginners.
Version 1.20 - 2016.10.21

I have added the option on click alert button to switch to the pair in the same chart instead of new chart window.

- User setting: alerted chart open in new window (set to false to use same chart)

I also added a timer to show the alert button at least 60 seconds before it will be deleted if signal is expired, but it can switch to an other pair if it is better.