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Advanced Accumulated Currency Volume

This Indicator is an affordable trading tool because we have incorporated a number of proprietary features along with a new formula.

The Advanced Accumulated Currency Volume Indicator is specialized for the main 28 Forex pairs and works on all time frames. It is a new formula that on a single chart extracts all the CURRENCY VOLUME (C-Volume) of AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, and USD. This is a great advantage in trading. Volume traders will know how to use it. If you are new then learn how to read the extreme values and add it to your trading arsenal.

Think of C-Volume as a shield, not as a gun.

A warning sign will show on the main chart warning you to get into wrong trades.

This is not the commonly used simple Volume of a pair. The Forex market is scanned and volume for each CURRENCY is extracted and accumulated to C-Volume. We now can see which currencies have the highest or lowest volume. We can see on a single chart what is going on within all 28 Forex pairs. If EURO has a strong spike check the EUR-pairs for possible trades. If Pound has a strong spike then check the GBP-pairs.

Built on new underlying algorithms it makes it even easier to identify potential turning points. This is because it graphically shows C-Volume spikes on a currency. These features were designed to help and keep you out of bad trades and guide you to enter pullbacks.

How to read C-Volume

Important is C-Volume for the base and quote currency of the pair. Ignore the other 6.

C-Volume is not a lagging indicator. It gives an instant warning signal and spikes outside the range are not to be ignored.

  • Do not trade on extreme high C-Volume outside of range band! It keeps you out of bad trades! Or trade the pullback.
  • Do not trade on extreme low C-Volume outside of range band.
  • Higher probability trades: Enter on rising C-Volume within the range band. Avoid trades on falling C-Volume.

In contrast to common volume, this indicator has a special formula and C-Volume can be used on a live candle. As long as the candle is open it will give an approximated value.

Indicator parameters

=== Indicator settings

  • Line width base and quote (make thicker the C-Volumes of the chart)
  • Line width other 6 (the other C-Volumes which are not part of the chart)
  • Line type dot if width=1 (use dotted line for the other 6 above)
  • show only base and quote volume (show only base and quote C-Volumes line)
  • Line Width Range (width or the range upper and lower line)
  • VolMin (%-Level of the lower range line)
  • VolMax (%-Level of the upper range line)
  • Range Period (bar period or the range lines)
  • draw on Chart high C-Volume
  • draw on Chart low C-Volume
  • Font size (The size of C-Volumes names)
  • show Bars back (how many candles back the indicator prints the currency lines)

=== Alert settings

  • alert high C-Volume (is above upper range line)
  • popup Alerts
  • send email alerts
  • send push alerts

=== Color settings

  • AUD Color (C-Volumes line colors, change to your needs)
  • CAD Color
  • CHF Color
  • EUR Color (Euro is white, please change if you use white chart background)
  • GBP Color
  • JPY Color
  • NZD Color
  • USD Color
  • Range Color
  • sign low C-Volume Color
  • sign high C-Volume Color


  1. Use my template. (See comments)
  2. GET FIRST MT4 CHART HISTORY ! (See comments)
  3. Stay within the trend. The indicator is mostly used with one of my other specialized indicators of currency strength.
  4. Check my news and blogs on profile for trading system and trade examples.

I will always help you if you have any questions.

I wish you many green pips in the future and success to your trading career.

Best regards, Bernhard

Rens 2019.09.05 08:08 

Very good indicator to filter out bad trades. I am very happy with it. I use it in conjunction with ACS28 , Impulse with alert and Supply and Demand indicator. Also good support. Thank you Bernhard.

Oystein Knudsen
Oystein Knudsen 2019.08.15 15:51 

A great indicator that works exceptionally well with the other indicators Bernhards developed. Keeps me away from bad signals!

diu 2019.06.18 17:08 

Using it with ASC28, it gives many false signals on H1. What is the best time frame? I have tried M5 up to H4.

Alerts needs to be fixed. If you set the C-Volume option "show only base and quote c-volume" = true.

You get alerts like:

Advanced_Accumulated_Currency_Volume H1 warning high C-Volume

You never know which currency is giving the alert.

Not useful, save yourself the trouble. Stick to marubozu candles, strong weighted candles.

Jerry Pui
Jerry Pui 2019.02.17 13:25 

Great indicator to avoid fake breakouts!

Osborn 2019.02.16 13:33 

Very useful indicator that is worth buying.

jian kuai
jian kuai 2019.02.11 11:47 

Purchased this indicator to combine with my ASC28, should do this early.

very impressive trading idea and system. Thanks Bernhard, 5 stars

SanAshi 2018.12.07 07:39 

I have been using the Bernhard's Indicators (Dashboard, Volume, Strength, Impulse and Supply/Demand) for over a year and have increased my win/loss ratio dramatically.

I am dumping everything else and focusing on this suite of indicators exclusively. THEY WORK.

Great products combined with great service and thorough documentation.

Muhd85 2018.10.25 14:47 

A good addition to acs8 system. What it does is to help u stay out from fakes signal.

Max J
Max J 2018.09.11 19:12 

Good indicator after you master this system.

FauFau60 2018.09.05 22:28 

Very useful indicator to avoid bad trades or take profit at good time. Highly recommended.

14093979 2018.08.30 13:08 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

azxtrader 2018.08.22 19:40 

Very good indicator

tiger7481 2018.08.16 15:35 


ioricool 2018.08.08 19:31 

Very nice

Babak Shahabi
Babak Shahabi 2018.07.28 12:06 

It simply works!

I do recommend it

fina1 2018.07.26 15:05 

very good indicator

Luigi Salvatores Buigues Morillo
Luigi Salvatores Buigues Morillo 2018.07.16 19:05 

funciona a la perfecion, alquile los 2 otros indicadores impulse y stregnht 28 y me enamore de la simplicidad y eficacia de estos, siempre y cuando se siga las reglas y condiciones .resumidante PERFECTO.

muchas gracias bernhard

shawnnny 2018.07.13 03:28 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Eng Yoon Lee
Eng Yoon Lee 2018.06.30 18:35 

u can know when the market reversal at the same time. it is one of the holy grail forex market

Dajmoz 2018.06.27 12:26 

Great Indicator

kedawson 2018.06.25 17:50 

Very good indicator,

nhatbon23 2018.06.17 18:59 

Good !!

philipp238 2018.06.13 13:42 

Using C-volume to spot possible trend reversals during my trading. Simple and fast indicator to proof trend or stopping volume.

In combination with ACS and Impulse - C-volume completes my trading instruments.

Sathomaso 2018.04.21 00:26 

Currency Volume - the shield, the condom for his strategy. This indicator saved a lot of money for me, one year by now (yes, i will extend my subscription). It's about to find out if the direction the rate takes is "true" or if you have to stay out of the trade, how to identify if it was just a spike or maybe start of a trend. I totally agree with Julian, more or less it makes no difference trading the data of a cfd or spot forex because in the end the bulls and bears statistic is the same. But I could imagine that at spot forex the spikes could be way more extreme due to the higher overall volume(?), never studied this. Bernhard best support so far.

dcau93 2018.04.08 04:24 

I am a newbie in the forex and I tested a lot of indicators and I am on the side of losses trade !

I took advanced dashboard and leave side because I'm more visual

Bernhard answered my questions even if everything was already explained in the blog!

then I came back to take the other products : AC28, impulse, advanced supply, advanced volume

I again asked Bernhard who answered by mail several times, quickly and courteously knowing that everything was already explained many times! what patience !

in the end I read the post, download the photos of explanations and now I understand all the interest of these visual tools and I even reintegrated dashboard!

in fact I see I will not have lost trade with these tools after taking a little time to understand

Tomorrow Monday, April 8, 2018 I start my trade quietly having understood what was largely explained and that I read in the patient mails of Bernhard and finally in the articles of the blog and post

actually a global view of the currencies very synthetic and easy

I have not seen this elsewhere with this level of relevencec is why I recommend this product to be in positive trade and I leave this post while I do not take the time to do it generally

so a big thank you for the support by email and for all the explanations for the products

i am french, retired and as you see my english could be better !

Alba89 2017.11.21 08:31 

Great product.

Eng Hoe Teh
Eng Hoe Teh 2017.10.15 07:21 

Great support and well coded excellent product, definitely deserve 5 stars.

Julian Lo
Julian Lo 2017.05.22 14:04 

"The Forex market is scanned and volume for each CURRENCY is extracted and accumulated to C-Volume." How cool is that? I have never seen anything like this. I have at least 4 other different volume related indicators. I have tried accumulation/distribution, money flow, on-balance-volume, and price-volume analysis. Nothing can match. The only sensible one may be the market profile, but none is able to monitor 28 pairs from 8 individual currencies. Often I hear people say "This is not stock market. Volume data is useless because you will never get the true volume of the entire forex market". Think about this. The volume data from your broker are from broker's liquidity providers. There may be 12 to 20 banks who handle all the transactions for your broker and for other brokers. You are trading with other traders in this pool. The group may have different total volume than that from another group in a different corner of the world. Why should I care? If there are no more buyers in my pool due to volume exhaustion, the price will drop - within this pool. So I short the currency and make money from other traders in this pool. Besides, volume in this group is not isolated in vacuum. It goes up and down with the entire market. So, forex volume works just the same as stock market. If you use Impulse, this indicator will help you from getting into a trap. Highly recommended.

Version 1.4 2018.03.09
Optimized drawing of the sign on actual chart for high currency-volume and the alert.
Version 1.3 2017.12.27
New including ALERT for extreme C-Volume.

New inputs:

=== Alert settings
+ alert high C-Volume
+ popup Alerts
+ send email alerts
+ send push alerts
Version 1.2 2017.06.22
+ added warning sign in the main window when C-Volume of the base or quote currency is extremely high and outside of the range band.
+ added warning sign in the main window when C-Volume of the base or quote currency is extremely low and outside of the range band.

new input parameters:
+ draw on Chart high C-Volume
+ draw on Chart low C-Volume
+ sign low C-Volume Color
+ sign high C-Volume Color

This default values have been changed:
VolMin = 50
VolMax = 200
Range Period = 7

Now you have the drawings on the main chart and you can optimize the settings to your trading style and timeframe!