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EasyTrend Pro

EasyTrend Pro is the powerful trend indicator provided with all necessary for trade and it is very easy to use. Everyone has probably come across indicators or Expert Advisors that contain numerous input parameters that are difficult to understand. But here, input parameters are simple and it is no need to configure anything — neural network will do all for you.

Classic version: EasyTrend

Difference from a classic version

  • The multi time frame panel is added, so you can check a trend for other timeframes without switching the schedule. The size of panel is regulated by tuning, and also adapts to the down-scaling of screen in Windows. Data on a panel renovate is in real time.
  • The zone of purchase-sale is added. Now you get signals of purchase and sale. The zone adapts to current market volatility.
  • A neural network is improved. It works quicker and qualitative the changes are vast and affected all.
  • An indicator can be used for trading in binary options.
  • Support of cryptocurrency is added.

Input parameters

  • Buy-sell zone — On/Off the buy-sell zone.
  • MTF Panel — On/Off the multi-timeframe panel.
  • Panel size — a size of multi-timeframe panel.
  • Alerts — notification management, here you can disable some types of notifications. Off/Trend/Signal/Trend & Signal.
  • Alerts on PC — On/Off notifications in the terminal, turning of notifications in a terminal off is Off. 
  • Mobile push-notifications — On/Off mobile push-notifications.
  • E-mail notifications — On/Off notifications by mail.


  • It does not get redrawn.
  • Suitable for all types of trading, and also can be used in binary options trading.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Notifications in the terminal, phone and by mail.
  • The buy-sell zone is adapted to the current market volatility.
  • It works on all timeframes, but the sale and purchase zone does not work on W1 and MN1.
  • Automatically adjusts to all currency pairs, metals, cryptocurrency, CFD and even oil.

How It Works

It is based on the analysis of the current change in the price deviation from its average value over a certain period and the statistical average of the absolute value of this parameter. The analysis results are adjusted by the sensitivity coefficient and vertical shifts, which in turn depend on the current trading instrument, timeframe and inclination angle of the trend channel. All internally variable parameters, values and automatic adaptation is managed by a neural network.

How to trade?

You can see an example of trading in the attached video.

A classic method

  1. Choose a timeframe to trade, suppose M15. Wait for a trend change notification.
  2. Next, wait for a buy or sell signal. After receiving the signal, be sure to check the trend on higher timeframes. When trading on M15, check M30, H1 and H4 - the trends should match your signal.
  3. Open a trade. Set Stop Loss at the same distance from the opening price as the opening price is from the trend line.
  4. After the price crosses the trend line confidently, set Stop Loss to breakeven and gradually move it with the price. You can use trailing.
  5. You can close the transaction by stop loss or by crossing the price with a moving average.


  1. The timeframe is M1 or M5.
  2. You can open a trade either by a buy-sell signal or by a change of trend. Use trailing stop.
  3. Closing a deal when crossing a moving average or trailing.

Binary options

  1. The timeframe is M1 or M5 and a five-digit broker.
  2. Waiting for a buy-sell signal and confirm it with higher timeframes.
  3. Open a deal with expiration equal to the timeframe multiply by 3. Example: if you trade on M1, then set expiration to 3 minutes.

Trade instruments, period of chart, and also exit conditions from a transaction - all of it you can chose individually for yourself.

Have a questions? Ask here: Denis Glaz

Don't forget ask questions, left reviews and good luck!

Evgeniy Sysoev
Evgeniy Sysoev 2019.05.11 21:15 

Мультитаймфреймовая панель очень удобна и практична. Использую индикатор на больших дистанциях. Отличная работа.

Vaithianathan Sreeram
Vaithianathan Sreeram 2019.05.11 09:14   

after the updation, i feel it is better than previous version, looking for live signals, i will update and post my comments on monday live markets.. i hope this is one of the best tools before entering a trade

Version 1.1 2019.05.15
Version 1.1

• Minor bugs fixed.
• Fully redesigned buy-sell signals. Now you can receive quality signals absolutely on all instruments, even on indices.
• Redesigned trend generation algorithm for M1 and M5. There will be more signals with better quality. Especially important for those who trade binary options.
• Changed text of notifications. Now you can see trend direction on 3 higher timeframes directly from the notification text. The matching trend is a plus sign, the opposite trend is a minus sign. In the text of the notification, it looks like +-+.