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Hull Bollinger Bands

The Hull Bands indicator combines the hull moving average with the Bollinger bands. In this way, you will get a faster response to the standard deviation bands and better predict market changes. The indicator will help you to join an upcoming move earlier and maximizing your profit. It is great how this indicator deals with the price action; you can check the pictures below to see this beauty.
Establish your market analysis, check which are the pairs that will likely move, apply this indicator and enjoy the great entries and exits.
Aravind 2019.04.09 11:26 

Good one. Helpful indicator for trade analysis.

John Audi
John Audi 2019.02.10 19:20 

Thanks for your contribution to the community, a piece of art. Good Job!!!!!

Makkiee991 2019.02.10 19:14 

Finally, a new indicator which improved my trading performance, perfect entries and exits, allows me to let my profits roll and cut my losses short. Worth every penny!!!!!!

MAR_MAR 2019.02.10 13:03 

This is a very impressive indicator...amazing entries, great risk management, and also catches huge moves with breakouts..Use it for all my trades now!!!!!!!!

jianototi 2019.02.10 10:50 

I loved this indicator, clear, easy to use with any pair (EUR or any) in a dynamic market. good Job!!