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Please read the user manual for detailed information and effective strategies here:

TrendFollowerSR User Manual EN

TrendFollowerSR User Manual DE

Correct identification of the trends in stock investments are pivotal and TrendFollowerSR ensures this perspective while displaying the correct trend on multiply timeframes to help you go long way as much as possible.

The latest technology of the Indicator enables to track whether if a certain trend has just begun, has already existed for a longer period or how long is to be going to carry.

There is also a strength feature which shows the possibility of continuity and short or long life span of a trend.

Another effective function is the detection of the possible trend change. It gives you the opportunity either to get out of the market in time or to take a small pullback with you.

With this wide range of functions, the TrendFollowerSR is a power tool for trading.

Due to its understandable and simple presentation on the chart, even beginners can easily learn how to use it.

Take Your Trading Experience To the Next Level!

and get the exclusive  TrendFollowerSR-Analyzer!

So you have all these outstanding features on 10 symbols and all timelines in a smart and clear Design.

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Key Features

  • Innovative trend detection
  • Posibillity to change the settings instantly, to improve the strategy
  • Display of the current trend strength
  • Display of the current trend duration
  • Presentation of the profit
  • 1-click symbol and timeframe change
  • Tooltip with chart and positions
  • Smart Minimized mode
  • Possible Trend change detection
  • Drag & Drop the menu for position change
  • Trend-Integrated MACD
  • Notification Alerts
  • Amazing design
  • Works in all symbols and all timeframes
  • Overview simply of everything important!

TrendFollowerSR Inputs


  • Drawing Type - current or last candle
  • Signal Delay - delay of the signal
  • Sensivity - Trendsinsivity
  • Transform - Transform the trenddrawing
  • Reverse Oszillator - reverse drawing of MACD

S & R:

  • Support and Resistance - enable or disable the SR
  • Support - Color for the Support Zone
  • Resistance - Color for the Resistance Zone


  • Label color - the color of the font
  • Label Highlight - color for hightlighing in the menu
  • Status BUY - the color of the menu status line (at the bottom)
  • Status SELL - the color of the menu status line (at the bottom)
  • Status TrendChange - color of Trendchange UP
  • Status TrendChange - color of Trendchange DOWN


  • Timeframe 1 - the first timeframe in the menu to show (M1 - MN)
  • Timeframe 2 - the second timeframe in the menu to show (M1 - MN)
  • Timeframe 3 - the third timeframe in the menu to show (M1 - MN)
  • Timeframe 4 - the forth timeframe in the menu to show (M1 - MN)
  • Timeframe 5 - the fifth timeframe in the menu to show (M1 - MN)


  • MT4 Alert - notification on Metatrader 4 Terminal
  • Email Alert - notification with email
  • Mobile Alert - notification on mobile

ice.cream77 2020.05.28 10:32 

Very helpful and useful indicator, Author is always there for help!

4xtrader41 2020.05.26 20:36 

been using for a few weeks awesome A+++

papaya.5 2020.05.24 17:03 

holy grail!!

Антон Боцул
Антон Боцул 2020.05.17 12:02 

Good indicator

mathew114 2020.05.15 10:32 

Very profitable product

hawkhook11 2020.05.12 10:27 

Extremely reliable indicator. The signals are really so accurate and precise, you can't go wrong.

So glad I came across this system! Guys, invest a little and you won't regret it!

Kostbar 2020.05.04 21:21 

Ich gebe diesem Indikator 5 Sterne.

Der Indikator ist sehr zu empfehlen gleichermaßen für Scalper oder Swingtrader.

Die Installation hat sehr gut funktioniert. Es gab keine technischen Probleme.

Es wird auch eine schriftliche Anleitung mitgeliefert.

Dort wird sehr genau beschrieben, wie man den Indikator anwendet.

Hält man sich an die Anweisung, funktioniert die Installation sehr gut und sehr schnell.

Der Indikator arbeitet sehr zuverlässig.

Er reagiert sensibel, und er reagiert präzise.

Was ich besonders gut finde, ist, dass er durch Farbwechsel warnt, wenn ein Kurs sich verändern könnte.

So ist der Indikator auch für das Scalpen in Seitwärtsphasen gut geeignet

Die voreingestellen Timeframes im Panel sind M1, M5, M15, M30, MN. Man kann sie aber selbst verändern.

Das Panel kann man verkleinern und auf dem Dispay hin- und herschieben.

Allerdings finde ich das Panel insgesamt zu groß.

Es wäre gut, wenn es in einer der nächsten Versionen deutlich verkleinert werden würde.

In Zusammenhang mit dem Analyser erhält man für einen sehr überschaubaren Preis einen hervorragenden Indikator.

Was nicht unwichtig ist: der Kundenservice ist vorbildlich nett.

5 Sterne für diese brilliante Arbeit.


I give this indicator 5 stars.

The indicator is highly recommended for scalpers and swingers.

The installation worked very well. There were no technical problems.

There is also a written manual included.

There is a very detailed description how to use the indicator.

If you follow the instructions, the installation works very well and very quickly.

The indicator works very reliably.

It is sensitive and reacts precisely.

What I find particularly good is that it warns by changing colour when a course could change.

So the indicator is also well suited for scalping in sideways phases

The preset time frames in the panel are M1, M5, M15, M30, MN. But you can change them yourself.

The panel can be made smaller and moved back and forth on the display.

But I think the panel is too big.

It would be good, if it would be significantly reduced in one of the next versions.

In connection with the analyzer you get an excellent indicator for a very manageable price.

What is not unimportant: the customer service is exemplary nice.

5 stars for this brilliant work.

kalinkus 2020.05.03 11:24 

Brilliant system and strategies.

Finally a high quality product in the market..

force.em 2020.05.01 09:36 

amazing system! Almost every trade with profit!

Really.. i'm glad i bought it.

maggie1234588 2020.04.26 09:33 

Best trendindicator out there

Author is open for new features on customer wish, really best service!

skylocker777 2020.04.23 13:39 

very good product

glowpryd 2020.04.20 10:45 

best indicator i ever used!

author is nice and helpful

with the analyzer I have a perfect overview of my main markets


cocow5 2020.04.18 11:09 

impressed! pls give me analyzer

trader7771122 2020.04.16 21:11 

excellent indicator and excellent support!

rainwalker123 2020.04.16 08:16 

I am blown away, the BullBear Analyzer, prevents you from making wrong trading decisions, and keeps you on the safe side of the trend.

Works also great on M1 timeframe for scalping.

Hammer Indikator, bin begeistert. Schade, dass ich ihn nicht schon früher benutzt habe.

niko_444 2020.04.14 21:58 

BEAST! best indi ever


maxpainted 2020.04.13 23:39 

Just wow!!! soo amazing!

Yves Murundelger
Yves Murundelger 2019.01.30 17:23 

I rated 1 star few days ago, changed mind after checked carefully how it work. Great job!

max.pleasu 2019.01.18 09:25 

Ebenfalls ein sehr guter Indikator vom Autor

zusammen mit PROscalper eine sehr gute und wirkungsvolle Kombination!

Bazi Siguqa
Bazi Siguqa 2017.08.22 16:53   

Yi kaka ye indicator lento!! Ningawutengi lomhlanzo!!

urgot 2016.05.06 03:12 

best on market!

mexxlabel 2016.03.04 19:08 

This indi is a must to hv, living best when u change parameters to your special needs! AAA

Aravind 2015.11.22 07:50 

Best trend following indicator

kumir 2015.11.02 08:22 

Good work! Very good!

Jaric Terios
Jaric Terios 2015.10.25 10:49 

Very good indicator, saw this before the update and didnt bought. But now its a MUST HAVE!

Good support also. greetz Jaric

Still very good, paul is very kindly and very helpful!

katrena_only 2015.10.22 00:06 

По заявленным данным, опровергаю - индикатор перерисовывает, каждый таймфрейм кричит о своем., из разряда бесплатных никчемных дюков. Скажу так, что у меня стоит один бесплатный индикатор, который дает сигналы получше. Удивлена теперь видио, и тестеру, который сама проверяла. Там все как с картинки, все идет идеально. А на реале, прыг скок, и все против тренда. Первый раз заплатила за индикатор, и сделала вывод - сидела на попе ровно со своей прибылью, и не стоило надеяться на большее. Жаль потерянных денег. Кол ставить не буду, а за перерисовку дюка (за старания и списывание) поставлю 2 звезды)

daily_trader 2015.08.03 13:17 

отличный индикатор! Продавец всегда поможет с настройками индикатора.

filhoquerido15 2015.07.19 15:31 

excellent indicator!very useful in eus Business ...

SkystheLimit 986
SkystheLimit 986 2015.06.25 15:38 

Excellent indi!

Version 4.0 2020.04.12
New Features:
- New Design
- Posibillity to change the settings instantly, to improve the strategy
- Display of the current trend strength
- Display of the current trend duration
- 1-click symbol and timeframe change
- Possible Trend change detection
- Drag & Drop the menu for position change
Version 3.0 2019.01.05
- Improved the Code
- Changed the Menu Background
Version 2.90 2016.08.17
- Added two new Timeframes in the Menu
- Fixed Drawing of the Arrows with Support and Resistance = off
Version 2.80 2015.07.27
- improved the calculation of the pips
Version 2.70 2015.07.07
- Fixed drawing of the trend 2 (arrows did not appear)
- Fixed removing of the object
Version 2.60 2015.07.02
-Current pips will not be removed after TF switch
-SR History on/off
-Added EMail Alert
-Added Mobile Alert
Version 2.50 2015.06.22
-Bugfix in the last pips calculation
Version 2.40 2015.06.19
Made the oportunity to show an oscillator (chooseble in the settings) on the Trendline.
Also now you can change the form of the Trend (only for Trendtype 1).
New inputs:
- Transform x - change the form of the trend
- Trend Oscilator - choose which osc you want to draw or turn it off (MACD, Bulls/Bears, RVI)
- Reverse - reverse the drawing of an oscillator
- TrendOscillators settings
Version 2.30 2015.06.17
Added New input:
-Drawing type

::So you can choose now the drawing of the trend (on current bar or on closed bar).
Version 2.20 2015.06.01
-Minor fixes
-New inputs:
-.Show/Hide Arrows
-.Enable/Disable Alerts
-.Color for Support
-.Color for Resistance
-.Show/Hide Menu
Version 2.10 2015.04.30
- Drawing arrows not too far away from the chart
- Calculation for Profit (on JPY Charts)
Version 2.0 2015.04.22
****** BIG UPDATE *******
- Added the menu for quick overview
- Added a second trend line with another algorythm, so you can choose between two trends
- Added new support and resistance zones. You can still choose the old ones

- Shows actual status of the three timeframes which you can choose from
- Shows the pips of the current trend
- Shows the pips of the last trend
- Total rate in pips
- Status line of the current trend