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Important: For the correct font in the Menu, please download and install the "Agency FB" font!

TrendFollowerSR is the tool for traders who trade by following the current Trend!

With integrated menu you have a overview about the Pips, the higher/lower Timeframes and current Trend.

The integrated SR Zones and also the integrated MACD will help you to make the right Entry in the Market.

TrendFollowerSR is really easy to use and to understand, so it is suitable for beginners and also for professional traders.

Ideal to take the whole trend, the Menu, SR zones and the MACD will give you the overall view!

Why use TrendFollowerSR?

  • Two different types of a trendline
  • Integrated Oscillators
  • Integrated SR Zones for the trend
  • Overview about other timeframes using the menu
  • Overview about the pips on the trend
  • Very easy to use and to understand

TrendFollowerSR Inputs

  • Digits Broker - your digits in the chart


  • Trendtype - choose between two types of a trendline
  • Trendsensivity 1 - sensivity of the first trend
  • Trendsensivity 2 - sensivity of the second trend
  • Trend Oscillator - choose the Oscillator on the trendline
  • MT4 Alert - Metatrader Terminal Alert
  • EMail Alert - EMail Alert
  • Mobile Alert - Mobile Device Alert

S & R:

  • Support and Resistance - enable or disable the SR
  • Continue SR - show the SR in the history
  • SRbegin - when does the SR appear (after which bar)
  • Support - Color for the Support Zone
  • Resistance - Color for the Resistance Zone


  • Coord. X - X coordinate for the menu (horizontal)
  • Coord. Y - Y coordinate for the menu (vertical)
  • Menu Background color - the color of menu
  • Manu Label color - the color of the font
  • Menu in Background - if yes, then you see other objects through the menu
  • Statuscolor BUY - the color of the menu status line (at the bottom)
  • Statuscolor SELL - the color of the menu status line (at the bottom)


  • Timeframe1 - the first timeframe in the menu to show (M1 - MN)
  • Timeframe2 - the second timeframe in the menu to show (M1 - MN)
  • Timeframe3 - the third timeframe in the menu to show (M1 - MN)


  • MACD
  • Bearish/Bullish Power
  • Relative Vigor Index
Bazi Siguqa
2017.08.22 16:53   

Yi kaka ye indicator lento!! Ningawutengi lomhlanzo!!

2016.05.06 03:12 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2016.03.04 19:08 

This indi is a must to hv, living best when u change parameters to your special needs! AAA

2015.11.22 07:50 

Best trend following indicator

2015.11.02 08:22 

Good work! Very good!

Jaric Terios
2015.10.25 10:49 

Very good indicator, saw this before the update and didnt bought. But now its a MUST HAVE!

Good support also. greetz Jaric

Still very good, paul is very kindly and very helpful!

2015.10.22 00:06 

По заявленным данным, опровергаю - индикатор перерисовывает, каждый таймфрейм кричит о своем., из разряда бесплатных никчемных дюков. Скажу так, что у меня стоит один бесплатный индикатор, который дает сигналы получше. Удивлена теперь видио, и тестеру, который сама проверяла. Там все как с картинки, все идет идеально. А на реале, прыг скок, и все против тренда. Первый раз заплатила за индикатор, и сделала вывод - сидела на попе ровно со своей прибылью, и не стоило надеяться на большее. Жаль потерянных денег. Кол ставить не буду, а за перерисовку дюка (за старания и списывание) поставлю 2 звезды)

2015.08.03 13:17 

отличный индикатор! Продавец всегда поможет с настройками индикатора.

2015.07.19 15:31 

excellent indicator!very useful in eus Business ...

2015.06.25 15:38 

Excellent indi!

Version 2.90 - 2016.08.17
- Added two new Timeframes in the Menu
- Fixed Drawing of the Arrows with Support and Resistance = off
Version 2.80 - 2015.07.27
- improved the calculation of the pips
Version 2.70 - 2015.07.07
- Fixed drawing of the trend 2 (arrows did not appear)
- Fixed removing of the object
Version 2.60 - 2015.07.02
-Current pips will not be removed after TF switch
-SR History on/off
-Added EMail Alert
-Added Mobile Alert
Version 2.50 - 2015.06.22
-Bugfix in the last pips calculation
Version 2.40 - 2015.06.19
Made the oportunity to show an oscillator (chooseble in the settings) on the Trendline.
Also now you can change the form of the Trend (only for Trendtype 1).
New inputs:
- Transform x - change the form of the trend
- Trend Oscilator - choose which osc you want to draw or turn it off (MACD, Bulls/Bears, RVI)
- Reverse - reverse the drawing of an oscillator
- TrendOscillators settings
Version 2.30 - 2015.06.17
Added New input:
-Drawing type

::So you can choose now the drawing of the trend (on current bar or on closed bar).
Version 2.20 - 2015.06.01
-Minor fixes
-New inputs:
-.Show/Hide Arrows
-.Enable/Disable Alerts
-.Color for Support
-.Color for Resistance
-.Show/Hide Menu
Version 2.10 - 2015.04.30
- Drawing arrows not too far away from the chart
- Calculation for Profit (on JPY Charts)
Version 2.0 - 2015.04.22
****** BIG UPDATE *******
- Added the menu for quick overview
- Added a second trend line with another algorythm, so you can choose between two trends
- Added new support and resistance zones. You can still choose the old ones

- Shows actual status of the three timeframes which you can choose from
- Shows the pips of the current trend
- Shows the pips of the last trend
- Total rate in pips
- Status line of the current trend