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Dashboard RSI Multicurrency

Multicurrency and multitimeframe modification of the Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicator. You can specify any desired currencies and timeframes in the parameters. Also, the panel can send notifications when crossing overbought and oversold levels. By clicking on a cell with a period, this symbol and period will be opened.


  • RSI Period — averaging period.
  • RSI Applied price — price type.
  • Clear the chart at startup — clear the chart at startup.
  • Set of Pairs — set of symbols
    • Market Watch — pairs from the "Market Watch";
    • Specified manually — pairs specified manually, in the parameters "Pairs".
  • Pairs (separated by a space or semicolon) — list of symbols separated by spaces or semicolons. The currency names should be written exactly like the broker's, keeping the case and prefix/suffix.
  • Time Frames (separated by a space or semicolon) — list of timeframes separated by spaces or semicolons.
  • Sort pairs — sorting the list of pairs.
  • Position on chart — corner to display the panel on the chart.
  • X offset (pix) — shift the panel along the X axis;
  • Y offset (pix) — shift the panel along the Y axis;
  • Refresh dashboard every (seconds) — update period for all pairs and timeframes.
  • Open the pair in a new window — open a symbol in a new chart window by clicking.
  • Chart template — the name of the template for the chart, if the chart opens in a new window.
  • Coloring the cells according to the —paint the cells of the table according to the levels of overbought/oversold or according to the direction of the previous candle.
  • Color Up — cell color if the indicator increases.
  • Color Down — cell color if the indicator decreases.
  • Color Stop — cell color if the indicator does not change.
  • Transparency (0-255) — transparency of the panel.
  • Font name — font name.
  • Font size — font size.
  • Timeframes for alerts (separated by a space or semicolon) — list of periods for which the alert will be sent (separated by a space or semicolon).
  • Overbought level — overbought level for alerts.
  • Oversold level — oversold level for alerts.
  • Check alerts only on bar closing — check level crossing only after bar closing.
  • Pop up alert — pop-up alert.
  • Push notifications — push notification.
  • E-mail notifications — e-mail notification.
  • Sound alert — sound alert.

Tim Eubanks
Tim Eubanks 2019.12.02 18:08 

Extremely good dashboard, that will replace most strength indicators if used properly! Rated *AAA

aw1977 2019.09.06 00:07 

Thanks....good job

Version 2.0 2019.11.22
1) Added parameters for changing the text of alerts.
Version 1.90 2019.11.06
1) Changed the alert algorithm when the indicator starts.
Version 1.80 2019.10.26
1) Added periods for alerts - "Timeframes for alerts".
2) Added parameter for clearing the chart at startup - "Clear the chart at startup".
3) Added center alignment of the panel - "Centered".
4) Added offsets for the panel - "X offset (pix)" and "Y offset (pix)".
5) Reverse the order of pairs of "Market Watch" without sorting.
Version 1.70 2019.02.21
1) Added an alert to exit the overbought / oversold zone.
2) Added parameter: "Check alerts only on bar closing".
Version 1.60 2018.11.06
1) Added an alert when all timeframes are oversold or overbought.
Version 1.50 2018.10.15
The color scheme has been fixed, now a white scheme is used for background colors other than black.
Version 1.40 2018.07.09
1) Added the "Set of Pairs" parameter to select the symbols of the Market Watch.
2) Added parameter "Chart template". The specified template will be applied when a chart is opened.
3) Code optimization.
Version 1.30 2018.03.23
1) Added one more option for the list of pairs - "Pairs". One line can contain up to 256 characters.
2) Now the names of pairs can be set in both upper and lower case. If the name contains both cases, then the exact name should be specified.
3) Code optimization.
Version 1.20 2018.02.19
1) Added parameter: Coloring the cells according to the Levels or to the Previous candle.
2) Added the ability to run several indicators on one chart.
Version 1.10 2018.02.05
1) Removed automatic change of the letter case. Now the currency names should be written exactly like the broker's, keeping the case and prefix/suffix.
2) Added a tooltip for each cell.