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Blahtech Market Profile

Market Profile defines a number of day types that can help the trader to determine market behavior. A key feature is the Value Area, representing the range of price action where 70% of trading took place. Understanding the Value Area can give traders valuable insight into market direction and establish the higher odds trade. It is an excellent addition to any system you may be using.

Blahtech Limited presents their Market Profile indicator for the MetaTrader 4 community. Inspired by James Dalton’s book "Mind Over Markets", this indicator is designed to suit the needs of all profile traders. It delivers functionality of Market Profile indicators usually only found on futures platforms and adds useful innovations like the backtest mode.

Feature Highlights

  • Multi-session display
  • Backtest directly on the chart
  • Custom session times
  • Custom intervals and timeframe period
  • Market and volume profiles
  • Overall market and volume profiles
  • Text based TPO profiles
  • Configurable TPO start letter
  • Value area, Volume value area
  • Initial balance, Point of control
  • Fast access hot-keys

Input Parameters


  • Intervals - Number of interval periods to display
  • Interval Period - Timeframe of the intervals (Days)
  • TPO Period - Timeframe for each TPO row (30 mins)
  • TPO Schedule 1
  • TPO Schedule 2
  • TPO Schedule 3
  • TPO Schedule 4
  • TPO Active Schedules - Comma separated list of active sessions, e.g.  2,1,3

Profile Lines

  • Profile Lines - Choose which lines are shown on chart. Hot-Key "L"
  • Profile Lines Colour 1
  • Profile Lines Colour 2
  • Profile Lines Colour 3
  • Profile Lines Colour 4
  • Profile Lines Colour Developing
  • Profile Lines Extend 1st Schedule - Extends the first schedule lines to the next interval

Overall Volume

  • Overall Volume - Display graphic profile overlaid inline on the chart. Hot-Key "M"
  • Overall Volume Intervals - Number of Volume Interval periods
  • Overall Volume Interval Period - Timeframe of the volume intervals (Days)
  • Overall Volume TPO Period - Timeframe for each Volume TPO (30 mins)
  • Overall Volume TPO Outline - Outline style (Single line). Hot-Key "K"
  • Overall Volume TPO Size
  • Overall Volume TPO Offset (Bars)
  • Overall Volume Max Width (Bars)

Overlay Charts

  • Overlay Charts - Display the graphic profile on the chart. Hot-Key "N"
  • Overlay Charts Join Lines - Separator style between each TPO.  Hot-Key "J"
  • Overlay Charts Colour
  • Overlay Charts Colour Value Area
  • Overlay Charts Colour Point Of Control
  • Overlay Charts Colour Initial Balance
  • Overlay Charts Black Background Auto Defaults

Profile Text

  • Profile Text - Choose the text to display to the right and left of the chart. Hot-Key "V"
  • Profile Text Colour
  • Profile Text Colour Value Area
  • Profile Text Colour Point Of Control
  • Profile Text Colour Initial Balance
  • Profile Text Colour Open Price
  • Profile Text Colour Current Bid
  • Profile Text First Letter
  • Profile Text Font
  • Profile Text Size
  • Profile Text Offset X
  • Profile Text Offset Y
  • Profile Text Show Rows - Limit the number of TPO rows
  • Profile Text Hold Second Profile (mins) - Time to keep displaying previous day’s text based profile (240 minutes)

Summary Text

  • Summary Text Font
  • Summary Text Size
  • Summary Text Offset X
  • Summary Text Offset Y

Hot Keys

  • Hot Keys - Display Hot Keys dialog. Hot-Key "H"
  • Hot Keys Text Size
  • Hot Keys Position
  • Hot Key Map - Keyboard hot-key input map - Allows the user to re-assign the hot-keys

Other Parameters

  • Calculator TPO size - Sets the price range between each TPO row (0 = auto)
  • Calculator Value Area Percent - Percentage of TPO within the Value Area (70%)
  • Calculator Value Area Detection – Equal Hi/Low Method - Choose the methodology when equal numbers of TPO are found above and below the POC
  • Profile End Realtime Colour Early (mins) - Stop the developing profile early
  • Backtest Mode Expire Time (mins)
  • Instance Id - Unique id for multiple instances per chart
  • GMT Offset - Use Daylight savings. Adjust the time by 1 hour. For brokers that switch their clocks in March/September
  • GMT Offset - Manual GMT offset in seconds
2016.04.30 13:10 

I can't compliment Blahtech limited and Deeyana enough, they have made excellent work providing these high quality indicators for sale.

simply the best market profile I have seen for Mt4, they are professional indicators for people who want the best tools available,

I bought the market profile and they even customized it for me at no extra cost, that is a great company and great people. the indicators cost a bit more than others out there, but the quality and features they provide makes no comparison on the Mt4 market, and easily makes up for the price, totally worth it if you want the best tools! recommended

Lee Bryant
2016.04.04 18:05 

Great indicator, quite unique on the MT4 platform from what I have seen and would recommend.

Tim Weston
2016.03.15 22:20 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2016.02.23 12:42 

My trading strategy is based on Supply Demand and Market Profile. In order to get solid MP indicator, I had to rent sierrachart package5, even though I am trading from MT4, as there was no MP indicator available for MT4 platform I would trust to. This indicator does exactly what I need: it shows value areas and POC of any desired trading session (it was mandatory for me) and it shows me current (and yesterday´s) structure of market profile. On top of that, it has one cool feature i havent seen anywhere else – backtest mode. It is easy to customize and it does not slow down my platform. Totally worth the money.

Version 1.1 - 2016.04.12
- Bug Fix : Schedules - Fix error with schedules that span midnight
- Enhancement : Charts - Improve tooltips
- Enhancement : Charts - Add Hotkey "T" - Temporarily double the Ticksize
- Enhancement : Charts - Add Hotkey "Y" - Switch to the alternate schedule/session
- Enhancement : Summary - Change BUY/SELL/NTRL to UP/DN/NTRL
- Enhancement : Developers - Add support for iCustom buffers 0=Empty 1=VAH 2=POC 3=VAL 4=dVAH 5=dPOC 6=dVAL
- Enhancement : Daylight Savings - UseDaylightSavings parameter - Change default to true
- Enhancement : High Res Displays - WindowsDesktopScaling - Add parameter to support desktop scaling for 4K and other high res screens
- Performance : Backtest Mode - Do not recalculate every tick when in backtest mode