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Market Scanner

Market Scanner is a ready-made trading system that does not require any additional or in-depth knowledge in the Forex market from the trader. The system automatically analyzes the market using a number of statistical data and outputs ready signals to enter or exit the market. These signals are displayed in form of buy or sell arrows.

Market Scanner features

  • Signals are not delayed and are drawn on the first bar;
  • It shows the moments when it is necessary to enter the market, and when to exit;
  • Sends signals to email and in the form of push notifications;
  • It works on all pairs and on all timeframes.

Indicator Parameters

  • period - indicator period;
  • bars - the number of bars for calculation;
  • Up - color of the buy signals.
  • Down - color of the sell signals.
  • Sensitivity - enable alerts.

Signal Types

  • Prepare to open a buy trade when a blue arrow appears;
  • Prepare to open a sell trade when a red arrow appears.
Ashish Kulkarni
2017.09.23 22:24 

The indicator gives really bad signals. Sometimes the buy signal is ABOVE the sell signal and vice versa, sometimes, the sell signal is BELOW the buy signal.

Using this indicator for either manual or automated trading can lead to losses.

The author has very bad attitude and does not provide any support. He only argues and calls his customers liars.


M.A.C. A.B.E.U.S
2017.09.14 12:17 

would be nice if we could move the panel of place or turn off the panel because the same ends up disturbing

Jiri Kasparek
2017.08.09 07:38   

Hello Andrey,

I bought Market Scanner and I'm excited.

Excellent work. Thank you for your time in programming and thinking at work.

It is, in fact, an excellent and accurate indicator.

2017.07.12 22:27 

Good not repainting indicator.. worth the money!!

Cant wait for version with option to change arrows, turn on/off panel with points and on/off alerts

Version 2.0 - 2017.07.04
Исправлена ошибка работы оповещений. Добавлен еще один фильтр для получения более точных сигналов.