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Telegram message is disabled in withdrawal page and SMS don't receieve. How can fix and enable telegram? I installed telegram desktop version also but not fixed
Hello to all, This thread is opened for discussion about Webmoney alternative,hope the moderator will read this thread and provides a good suggestion to be resolved the Webmoney withdrawal, Anyway if anyone knows a good alternative way for it,are very welcomed, So till now we know the Webmoney
Hi, I'm using different EA's for trades it's possible large sizing trades face more slippage compare to small size? Thanks for your repay and experience
  VPS not working  (191   1 2 3 4 5 ... 19 20)
Seem like my VPS can't trade since Friday. MQL5 London 7 .....
Hi, In the last few days MQL5 has "locked" my funds and won't allow any withdrawals.  I have sent a message to them but no reply yet. Does anyone have any thoughts? Thanks Gary
I need to call a function by name. I will construct the function name in a string. once the string is constructed i need to call that function. something similar to how iCustom() function uses indicator's name in a string
Here you can ask anything and say everything about MQL5 Trading Signal - including signal for MetaTrader 4. I encourage other user who may have experience and answer to reply and answer and help fellow signal user questions here.
Hello, I subscribed to a signal. On the signal page, the price is 30$ but mql5 take me 36$, why
Why even if I stopped the free 24-hour time for the virtual server, does the countdown continue
Mql5 Arbitration court doesnt decide for about two months. So that i cant use my deposit. i m waiting two months ,but they dont decide on a dispute of freelance service in any way. they sometimes get in touch with the developer in russian language , however they dont contact with me . i feel a
MQL4 I can get ObjectGetDouble(chart_ID,name,OBJPROP_PRICE1,0); for the 3 data points, but I can not get the current pitchfork values ( index 0 ) When I hover the mouse over the lines , I get the actual values, so how can we get the values by code? Can we get the line values in mql5
Hi, i hope someone can enlighten me on this. Last Friday , 3 - 4 hours before the market closed i have 9 trades opening which is good because it was following what the signals are doing. Before the market close, the signal provider closed the 9 open trades positions with profits which is a good
  Unable to receive sms  (25   1 2 3)
Hi, I want to withdraw money from MQL5 as screenshot attached. the problem is I am not receiving any sms. and I don't know how to setup telegram message. help needed thanks.
  Non repaint indicator  (34   1 2 3 4)
Hello,which has an indicator that not repaint?repaint indicator constantly changing signals, I think it makes no sense to use repaint indicator.Where can I find no repaint indicator if they exist at all?
  Traders Joking  (11638   1 2 3 4 5 ... 1163 1164)
Do you have interest or hobby outside trading ?, or some jokes and humor for other forumer ? or maybe something else ?, Well, why don't show it here. Life is NOT all about trading or programming, and so is this topic, and you must participate in this topic ;D.
Discover in 15 Minutes: Watch the Video about Trading Signals in MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 The most frequently asked questions related to the Signals service will be collected and processed in this topic. The list of questions will be updated from time to time. Soon we will try to give answers...
I just started this thread as a continuation of the talking made on this topic (we can read it). Or make it shorter: it was some discussion about forecasting/predicting of the next candle or direction of the movement or market condition evaluation. And it was around standard indiocators in...
Hello, I have an account with a broker and I would like to connect MT5 with my account. Can anyone give me an advice on how to make this happen
HI if i wanted to run multiple accounts on mt4 platform , do i need to install multiple mt4 platforms to subscrip to the individual vps or can i use on platform? i know its one vps per account
Pls am little confused here.If I use a stop loss to protect my trade is it still necessary to use a trailing stop? What is the difference between the two? Thanks
Hello everyone I would like to know if anyone has or knows a FREE EA close basket Profit but only for a Magic NUMBER or a Magic Number series thank you all
Hey guys i have really the small problem but it's really hard to find the right solution the case: i want to get my alerts which i did in desktop version on my mobile as a push notifications. the only way it works now- when my computer is running, but how can i do that when i'm offline? make alert -
  Sync with VPS  (4)
Hi, I need a clarification, when I sync my MT4, with the VPS server, I'm not sure if I leave autotrading active or off, every time I activate it, but then it automatically detaches. What is the correct procedure? forgive my English
This thread won't be about a question or problem, but rather about the anouncement of the presentation and documentation of an exciting trading concept. I plan to do a series of postings here in order to keep you guys updated. Anybody who has an opinion on the topic, please don't hesitate to comment...
The first time I learned to write EA, I wrote a good EA, but I was ridiculed in various QQ groups, so I thought about asking you to be objectively evaluated. 1. Suppose I didn't cheat. 2. Suppose I have no past optimization. Based on the above two conditions (because there is no clearest in my
What Indicators Would You Use To Predict The Next daily Candle?
Hi everyone, I am looking for a way to use the alert window to enter or sell as described, you can help with some script or pointing here on the forum of how to use. Best Regards, cf32EA1l
  Signal Systems  (390   1 2 3 4 5 ... 38 39)
I was affraid to open this thread. Why? because it is difficult to manage many threads on one forum. Anyway - I will try :) So, we are talking about SIGNAL SYSTEMS
  Executable file  (3)
Hello everybody, somebody know if there is a way to discover the source file from an executable file. Thank you
Hi, Could you help explain how we can connect MT5/MT4 platform with broker to place the trades. We tried using trader copier/trade commander but now want to avoid the trader copier. Is there any way, we can directly place trade to our broker by using meta trader. We heard that zerohub provide such
Bitcoin vs USD January-March 2017 Forecast: key resistance level at 850.15 to be broken for the bullish trend to be continuing Weekly (W1) price is located above Ichimoku cloud in the bullish area of the chart. The price is on ranging within the following support/resistance levels: 850.15...
Good day everyone, I am new to this business of Forex and Binary and in a short time I have incurred some losses and currently looking for the best approach to this market. I am particularly interested in Binary Tick Trade. Does anyone here know if there is any indicator or strategy applicable to...
AMP Futures has officially announced the launch of the MetaTrader 5 platform for trading futures. AMP Futures is a US regulated Chicago-based Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) providing access to the global electronic futures markets for individual traders, as well as US and foreign Introducing...
The Best Stocks Of 2016: Nvidia (based on the article) The price was increased by 10% just for December only!
  Apple  (30   1 2 3)
AAPL Technical AnalysisL daily bullsh with 120.35 resistance to be testing for the bullish trend to be resumed Daily share price is located far above 200 SMA in the bullish area of the chart: the price is on testing resistance level at 120.35 to above for the bullsh trend to be continuing. If the...
Just curious about anyone trading preferences, I mean what do you prefer to trade Forex, Stocks, Futures? Is well known that Forex is the greatest market hands down, but unfortunately it doesn't offer certain analysis tools such as true volume, the book or TRIN, TICK, VIX tools which can be very...
  Forecast and levels for Dax Index  (57   1 2 3 4 5 6)
Dax Index January-March 2017 Forecast: flat within bullish with key resistance at 11,649 W1 price is located above Ichimoku cloud in the bullish area of the chart. The price broke 11,485 level to above on close weekly bar with 11,649 as a nearest bullish target to re-enter. Thus, the weekly price is...
  Forecast and levels for S&P 500  (462   1 2 3 4 5 ... 46 47)
S&P 500 January-March 2017 Forecast: long-term bullish ranging within the narrow s/r levels for direction W1 price is located far above Ichimoku cloud in the bullish area of the chart. The price is on ranging within the following narrow support/resistance levels for the bullish trend to be resumed...
The international broker has expanded its exchange trading offering. Using the multi-asset platform, traders can invest in securities of global corporations, such as Allianz, BMW, Bayer, Siemens, Heineken and Royal Dutch Shell. This addition to the previously available portfolio of US stocks, brings...
Hello, Can any one please suggest me the best indicator for binary options trading? Thanks...
Hello. I try to use the Strategy Tester to test my EA, buit get the message "no more than 1000 symbols can be selected" each time. I guess it's because my EA tries to trade more than  1000 stocks and the MT5 limits the max number of symbols that can be selected.  I tried to unselect the symbols in...
Hey everyone, I`ve been trying to create a Custom Symbol that updates with the market. I tried using the Synthetic instrument formula but I get an "Unkown Parser Error" because the instrument starts with #. Does anyone know a way to circumvent this?
Hello, Where can I find an example of EA to trade stocks or ETFs? An EA based on a moving average would be fine. Thanks in advance, Pierre
DJIA January-March 2017 Forecast: long-term bullish; resistance level at 19,987 is the key W1 price is located above Ichimoku cloud in the bullish area of the chart: the price is on testing 19,987 resistance lkevel to above for the primary bullish market condition to be continuing. The price is...
  Bitcoin forecast  (6)
Now and while bitcoin has extra ordinary movement who can suggest a reasonable strategy to forecast its next movement? it will break its current top or will it will be resistance in future?
Hello, I want to get current profits on positions on the same pair. if(PositionGetInteger(POSITION_TYPE)==POSITION_TYPE_BUY) if(PositionSelect("EURGBP")){Profit_1=PositionGetDouble(POSITION_PROFIT);} if(PositionGetInteger(POSITION_TYPE)==POSITION_TYPE_SELL)
Hi, for my EA, I need to constantly check if a given price level was crossed. For example, if the current quote broke out the established value for a partial exit and, therefore, a market order needs to be executed at that moment. The most obvious way of doing this is constantly checking if the
Hi, I'm looking for a free EA that closes all my positions if these are together reached a defined profit. Example: Defined profit is: 100 Now: AUD/NZD: + 100 USD/JPY: - 50 EUR/USD: + 25 Current profit: 100 - 50 + 25 = +75 Still waiting Later: AUD/NZD: - 100 USD/JPY: + 250 EUR/USD: -50 Current
i test this code to serach in all my symbols and find ichimoku crosses but i have error #include <Indicators/Trend.mqh>#include <Trade\PositionInfo.mqh>#include <Trade\Trade.mqh>#include <Trade\SymbolInfo.mqh> CPositionInfo m_position; // trade position objectCTrade
I was wondering the use of slippage and what value to specify? MT4 documentation uses 3 for slippage. Can slippage minimize the annoying requote when trying to place an order? What value of slippage can minimize 'requote'? Can I use slippage as large as 20 or just use 0? Thanks in advance
Hello I made an EA (MT5) by EABUILDER site, it's conditions are very simple But does not open any positions can anybody help ?! The EA is attached Thanks
All I have noticed so far is that virtual hosting is all about getting signal, auto trading, hosting indicators and copying trades. But I want to host my own EA on a remove server so that I can trade using my EA on a hand held device. My EA has trading buttons as well. Where can I get such service...
Sorry for my bad English. I built an expert in mql4 that creates more than 200 objects on chart and in 'onchartevent' event and 'ontimer' event change the objects properties like width, height, color and... it works like a charm in mt4 without using of ChartRedraw() or WindowRedraw() functions
Trying to update EA which has already been installed on terminal (on my VPS so same terminal etc) and says it's going to use one of my activations any reason why
Hello Forex World, How are you everybody? I am new in this world. I am learning about Forex everyday. During learning period, I have found an IDEA. It is very simple. The IDEA is, in a single candlestick I want to open a trade if this candlestick goes up or down 10 pips from it's open position
Hello everyone, I am completely new at programming in mql5 and unfortunately I have some problems to build my code based on a simple moving average. I am basically trying to : buy the position when the closed price < SMA sell the position when the closed price > SMA When I compile my code, there is
hello i wrote an EA that opens positions based on signals from a custom indicator (icustom function) but once one position is opened the rest of the currency pairs stops showing the custom indicator and the EA cant get anymore signals until that position is closed. I tired using multiples of the EA
I developed an EA and tested it on 1 minute time frame, it worked perfectly well and obeyed the rules programmed in the EA. But when i tested it using the Strategy Tester and i tried to trace the result with the chart window (ie when it open sell or buy and close same), i discovered that it wasn't
Hi everyone, I've been using an EA generator to test different strategies. One problem I have come up against a few times is when the EA gets in a trading loop. It enters and exits hundreds of losing positions in the space of a few minutes. This happens because there's an overlap between the entry
// DECORATOR// A way of sub-classing more functional objects, dynamically.//// RULE// Open classes for extension and close for changes////
Need some help to get this indicator up and running.Get these errors: 'OP_TOLERANCE' - undeclared identifier support_vector_machine_indicator-3.mq5 147 28'OP_TOLERANCE' - cannot convert enum support_vector_machine_indicator-3.mq5 147 28'OP_TOLERANCE' - cannot convert enum
  Indicators with alerts/signal  (15817   1 2 3 4 5 ... 1581 1582)
Some indicators with alert/signals with author's comments: - EMA-Crossover_Signal: Enter two Exponential Moving Average periods and it'll tell you when they crossed. - SMA-Crossover_Signal: Enter two Simple Moving Average periods and it'll tell you when they crossed. - SMMA-Crossover_Signal: Enter...
I am trying to create a buffer in the FFC indicator that pulls the symbol for the upcoming news events. line 196-201//--- Buffersdouble MinuteBuffer[];double ImpactBuffer[];double PreviousBuffer[];double ForecastBuffer[];string CountryBuffer[];line 218-225//--- indicator buffers mapping
  Currency Strength Formula  (13   1 2)
Hello Guys I need help in creating the Currency strength formula that works on comparing the correlation of 8 major pairs that looks like below 50 is neutral, below 40 is weak currency, above 60 is strong currency Anyone can help on giving the formula on how to calculate those? thanks
I'm an amateur coder. I'm having issues getting my indicator to work properly. The following is a RSI based momentum indicator that paints candlesticks based on RSI level + Inside Bar and Pin Bar patterns. The indicator looks like it works. However, the [0] or [i] bar repaints to normal candle color
This one is for those that use metatrader 5 Metatrader 5, unfortunately, did some things that hardly are logical. One of the things done by it is that builtin averages (and all the other builtin indicators) are not functions any more. That is as big a nonsense as it can get. Instead of making...
Dear Mladen, I want to find an index for you. I originally had this index. I accidentally deleted it yesterday. This indicator is...
Hi , I want to make indicators that shows interest rates, inflaction, pil etc... in separate windows imported by csv files. Can anyone give me the right input, or tutorial or base in which work for develope it this myself? Maybe is possible do it by wizard in MT5? anybody know? Please, any help is
Help - can someone here help me, could you please help me to code this type as shown in the picture, Putting Rectange in specific Separator or for the past 4 months high low box. Thank you so much
Hello. I am wondering if there is an indicator that, taken a period of market movement (for example last week), it searches in all history of price to find a movement that is very similar, and makes the prevision based on the previous movement. I don't know what to search for... Does someone know
Hi there, I found this code for the 3-10 Momentum Oscillator threeMA = MA(C, 3); tenMA = MA(C, 10); threeTen = threeMA - tenMA; trendLine = MA(threeTen, 10); Plot(threeTen, "3-10 Line", colorGreen, styleLine, Null, Null, 0, 0, 2); Plot(threeTen, "3-10 Line", colorGreen, styleHistogram + styleNoLabel...
Usually I find 3 x ATR(14) in open source scripts, but I think it is too narrow for 1m trading. 6? 7? (I mainly trade EURUSD, but happy to learn about other markets too)
Hi everyone,I want to make something like in this video Any ideas about how to import an image in the chart and implement two buttons to move back and forward and change the angle
Hi Traders/Devs, I am trying to create quite a complex indicator that pulls data from the 28 major pairs and I keep getting error 4806 when I try to copy the handle data to the buffer, can you see what is wrong? Pairs is an array with lists of pairs, in this case I tried to get the RSI value for all
Hi, I have a simple MT4 trendline indicator which shows pipcount on chart which I need converted to MT5. Is there anyone who can do this for me? Thanks, Sharon
SelfLearningExperts: Selflearning Expert Advisor Author: Дмитрий
Trading the trend: Trading the trend Author: Mladen Rakic
GridderEA: t's a multi-currency grid and martingale system that can trade all input pairs from one chart. The expert will close all orders for each pair using a profit level. The expert has the possibility to trade up to 100 pairs. It's a grid, hedging and averaging system. Author:...
CompassLineEA: The expert uses iFollowLine and iCompass indicators to generate signals.It's an easy and quick way to test both indicators. Author: Nikolaos Pantzos
Support Resistance Trader: Support and Resistance lines are used with the Standard Deviation indicator for generating trade signals. Author: raposter 
Wedge pattern: "Wedge pattern" naked trading price action EA draws 2 mini Trend Lines with "Fractals" on chart and trades with Wedge pattern strategy,has Trailing Stop Loss &Take Profit works with all time frames major forex pairs and stocks NASDAQ. Author: Aharon Tzadik
New article Developing a cross-platform grider EA (part III): Correction-based grid with martingale has been published: In this article, we will make an attempt to develop the best possible grid-based EA. As usual, this will be a cross-platform EA capable of working both with...
Programming Patterns - Decorator: A way of sub-classing more functional objects, dynamically. Author: dmipec
super-signals: The semaphore arrow indicator of trend change Fig.1 The super-signals indicator Author: Nikolay Kositsin
New article Extract profit down to the last pip has been published: The article describes an attempt to combine theory with practice in the algorithmic trading field. Most of discussions concerning the creation of Trading Systems is connected with the use of historic bars and...
MQL_Easy: A cross platform library/framework Author: Dionisis Nikolopoulos
Unity Pro: Multi-asset cluster indicator taking all currencies as a sum of values forming a whole market, that is unity (1.0) Author: Stanislav Korotky
Three Colors: Example: Moving Average indicator filling by different colors Author: MetaQuotes Software Corp.
RSI in MA: RSI in iMA is an indicator to change color in iMA if iRSI crosses level up (uptrend) or crosses level down (downtrend). Author: Nikolaos Pantzos
iADX_Advanced_Histo: The indicator is shown in a histogram the ADX uptrend and downtrend uses a different way.You can set period of indicator and bars count averages levels. Author: Nikolaos Pantzos
Hi all, I am trying to test this indicator but sometimes it moves and doesn't stay centred in the indicator window. I am sure it is something very easy to fix, I have attached a screenshot to show the issue. Hope someone can have a look. Thank you
Hi Guys, I am trying to extract MA values (with iMAOnArray) when I attach a 13 SMA to the OBV indicator by drag and drop using the First Indicator option: My code is below and the param2 values are all zero. I have read many of the other posts about iMAOnArray and I think I have used it correctly
  Traders joking, the beginning  (7622   1 2 3 4 5 ... 762 763)
They say that an average trader can work for about twothree years. Then he has enough money to buy Ferrari and spend the rest of the money on psychoanalyst and antidepressants. Well, drive your Ferrari and save the rest of the money by reading our next column. Making money is one of the funniest...
With the latest update, the strings set with ObjectSetString do not work any more with my horizontal lines. Why
Hi, is there a way keep OrderComment() at TP/SL and also when OrderClose partial ticket as it's can be done manually? Thank you in advance
How to read all of the current positions in my trading account, using MQL4 , not MQL5 ? Thanks very much
Dear All, I wonder if anyone can help me in this topic. I am new to MT4 coding but somehow manage to get what I expect but at one place I stuck. I have prepared indicator which shows previous week high and low with some addition pip lines. Now I would like to add specific levels figure next to lines
  Floating Charts problem  (12   1 2)
Hi everyone, Floating Charts from stopped working 2 days ago, and the website is unreachable. Does someone else have the same problem? Thanks in advance
Hi. I am converting a single currencyindicator to a multipairs indicator and I would like to know the correct way to proceed. The indicator I am working on is a keltner channel, which works ok on the current symbol, however, I don't fully understand how to use IndicatorCounted() on a external pair(a
Hello How to change leverage in demo account ? Leverage was set at 1:100 and I want to change it at 1:5 Thank you.
Am starting to experiment with EAs and custom indicators and would like to know if there is a fast way to 'comment-out' (//) in one go code that is selected in MetaEditor. Figure there must be, but have been unable to find the solution so far. Thanks in advance for any help.
Hi all, So i'm having issues passing the pair string input for an indicator im trying to use within EA. When using the indicator directly on a chart and entering the required symbols as inputs I have no issues and the indicator displays as expected, however when calling the indicator via iCustom the
I am more comfortable working with dark color bars on a white background. If I right-click on a chart and click "Properties", I have the option of changing to a different color scheme (in my case I prefer "Black on White"). However, I find myself having to do this for every new chart window that I...
  Terminal window missing  (12   1 2)
I have been running MT4 on my laptop for several months. All of a sudden the terminal window won't appear? i have tried re-booting and several different profiles, no go. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Steve
On Debian XFCE Buster Wine MT4 on both the Terminal and the MetaEditor we need to press ALT every once in a while bc the key gets "stuck" in a weird glitch. Anyone got a fix? Would be so great if they did a native AppImage