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I am looking for what are the best ways to make money with cryptocurrency
Hi, Currently there is no way to subscribe to mql5 signals via metatrader4 for Android. Or maybe I don't know how to do it. So, how to do it or when do you (developers) intend to add this functionality to Android? Thanks
Any new software inevitably contains bugs that are not alwayspossible to detect even under the most rigorous in-house testing. Wetherefore attach great importance to all user reports about issues inour programs and try to answer each one of them. In order to improve feedback from MetaTrader 5 end...
A must ! Before using it or asking any question : please read the Online Help (Also accessible by F1 on your MT5 platform) Strategy Tester For Traders General overview of the possibilities. Overview of results : Visualize a Strategy in the MetaTrader 5 Tester The general information about
  How to Start with Metatrader 5  (1263   1 2 3 4 5 ... 126 127)
I decided to create this thread to help to myself and to the others to start with Metatrader 5. I am experienced in MT4 and in forex in general (i hope : ) but we traders really need to collect all the information about it in one place. I will make some posts about 'how I am starting with MT5'....
Over the past year, the user base of the MetaTrader platform virtual hosting has grown significantly. In this regard, we have significantly invested in the development of the entire service infrastructure and considerably expanded the network of data centers. The new hosting point in São Paulo has
Is it possible that iCustom function calls are slowing down my Strategy Tester? Is it somehow possible to prevent iCustom from drawing or something like this? I just want to grab values from indicator buffers. I have also weird issue with Strategy Tester Graph tab. Graph tab is empty while Tester is
Hi All, I am new to this forum, and i tried contacting support with regards to this but they said to post it on the forums, I dont know if any earlier threads that have talked about this issue, hence i am starting this new thread. I would like to know why is the stop limit order on MT5 different
Hi, I have some GBP/USD hourly tick data, 1 seperate fxt file for each year. The file name in my tester/history folder is GBPUSD60_0.fxt and this specific one contains 2019 data. The files of 2012,2013 etc have the same file name (GBPUSD60_0.fxt). Obviously I'm not going to move them to the same
I am not familiar with coding. Anyone who can help me to rectify the errors? I have attached the downloaded custom indicator
Hello. I have been testing an EA on MT4 with success. Just demo account and 1 month virtual server. I have now gone live and now it does not make trades. Migrassion to the virtual server is OK. In the top of my charts on my PC is says, "EA is not available, make sure that experts are anabled
Hi everyone, does anyone know why mql5 has removed epayment? Does it going to get back or not? What about any similar way for withdrawal? cause withdrawal with Paypal or visa cards are a bit difficult over here
hi im trying to end the void ontick function just after my Stop Loss has been set. Sorry im a newbie and still learning. Im using a strategy quaint moving average strategy and i want to add a trailing stop loss to the code. i think the only was is to end the void ontick function once the rule is
Hello, my problem is, that I cannot login in in the current version. I get no-one Ping. This has already fairly often happened to me. My operating system is Windows-XP. Where does the problem lie? Many thanks for your support. Best regards Rene
Hello there, I'm trying to do a little software to handle myself with other implementation (in other words go out from my safety zone), therefore, i'm trying to create an expert advisor which will be my base to create an api in c++ and then get all i need to have to create my software, in the
When I try to create a BuyStops of BuyLimit order which is too close to the current Ask price (even though the price I want to buy at is the correct side of the Ask price) I get an invalid price error. Is there any way I could detect when this will happen before attempting the order
Hi, in the particular trade I'm creating I want to open a position with the smallest stop-loss that my broker will allow. I've modified some code I found on these forums but it's still not working right and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Here's a snippet of my code: if (type ==
  Something Interesting to Read  (65   1 2 3 4 5 6 7)
This is the thread about books related for stocks, forex, financial market and economics. Please make a post about books with possible cover image, short description and official link to buy (amazon for example). Posts without books' presentation, without official link to buy and with refferal links...
Hi All, I'm looking to find out if an indicator is able to auto trade an account when it Signals? Thanks, TO
  Scalping system  (173   1 2 3 4 5 ... 17 18)
Recently I was experimenting with a couple of indicators used for a non-scalping system presented by BigBear - https://www.mql5.com/en/forum/177573 I was debugging one of the indicators when I switched to the M5 chart and noticed a nice setup for a quick short trade... hmmm.... probably a...
  For Those Looking for the "Grail"  (63   1 2 3 4 5 6 7)
Hello fellow traders, First let me share with you a bit of my background then some valuable information. I am known online as Pip, I have been trading since 2000. I have traded stocks, options, futures, metals, indices, and forex. I have developed and co-developed many tools online, some are free...
  CAC40  (2)
I remember that there was a fantastic signal specially on CAC40 but I lost the link, anyone remembered or have any clues?
Confirming one divergences with another. https://www.tradingview.com/script/LXz2NC1b-Multiple-divergences-NON-REPAINT-by-PeterO/
  Hull Moving Average's Trend System  (113   1 2 3 4 5 ... 11 12)
The system was posted by bradman when he needed this system coded. The system is simple. Long when HMA trend is up, and short when HMA trend is down. Attached is the EA, automated script for metatrader 4, and indicator of this system. You must install both of them. This expert advisor features: You...
Hello, I have a big problem : I'm using the copy trading service. From the trader I selected, many source trades have different lot sizes. Some profit trades use a higher lot sizes so they can compensate other losing trades using a smaller lot sizes. Unfortunately, on my account, all those trades
  Signal Systems  (399   1 2 3 4 5 ... 39 40)
I was affraid to open this thread. Why? because it is difficult to manage many threads on one forum. Anyway - I will try :) So, we are talking about SIGNAL SYSTEMS
Hi, I have a very very very bad pro. I'm using a modified version of metatrader 5 for iran stocks, but I cannot use EAs. It's a complicated situation, I can just keep some EAs online but it doesn't AUTOTRADE. It's just somehow signaling. And most of the EAs(I mean the other ones) disappear just as I...
Hi, I’ve only just starting learning some of the very basics of MQL5 so please forgive me if I’m using the wrong terms to explain my problem, I’ll do my best to explain. I’m trying to create an EA with which includes the “ZigzagColor.mq5” indicator using “EA builder”,. I took a guess that when the
  Martingale EA  (1387   1 2 3 4 5 ... 138 139)
A few days ago I received a PM to code an EA with the following parameters: -User decides initial trade direction (let's say long) and starting lot size (say .1 lot) -New position would be added every time the market moves x pips (say 10 pips) up or down away from the most recent position taken. If...
I just started this thread as a continuation of the talking made on this topic (we can read it). Or ...to make it shorter: it was some discussion about forecasting/predicting of the next candle or direction of the movement or market condition evaluation. And it was around standard indiocators in...
DJIA January-March 2017 Forecast: long-term bullish; resistance level at 19,987 is the key W1 price is located above Ichimoku cloud in the bullish area of the chart: the price is on testing 19,987 resistance lkevel to above for the primary bullish market condition to be continuing. The price is...
Hello, I am looking for a good liquidity provider where I could potentially trade some fixed income products too
  Apple  (35   1 2 3 4)
AAPL Technical AnalysisL daily bullsh with 120.35 resistance to be testing for the bullish trend to be resumed Daily share price is located far above 200 SMA in the bullish area of the chart: the price is on testing resistance level at 120.35 to above for the bullsh trend to be continuing. If the...
Bitcoin vs USD January-March 2017 Forecast: key resistance level at 850.15 to be broken for the bullish trend to be continuing Weekly (W1) price is located above Ichimoku cloud in the bullish area of the chart. The price is on ranging within the following support/resistance levels: 850.15...
CAC 40 January-March 2017 Forecast: bullish with key resistance at 4924.69 W1 price is located above Ichimoku cloud in the bullish area of the chart. The price broke 4860.85 resistance level to above on close weekly bar with 4924.69 as a nearest bullish target to re-enter. Thus, the weekly price is...
AMP Futures has officially announced the launch of the MetaTrader 5 platform for trading futures. AMP Futures is a US regulated Chicago-based Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) providing access to the global electronic futures markets for individual traders, as well as US and foreign Introducing...
Hi, Are there any brokers allow trading both FX and stocks/index for the Hong Kong markets? Thank you in advance
Am a python programmer i programmed a triangular arbitrage bots for cryptocurrency. Now a good deal drove me to forex trading i want to build a triangular arbitrage bot. i tried to understand how to do triangular arbitrage manually on MT5 before building the EA bot for it but i understand None. i
Stock Market A To Z: 26 Names, Themes And Trends To Watch (based on the article) A is for Apple "The stock trailed the broader market in 2016, but there may be tailwinds in 2017. Tax reform may include a provision that incentivizes the company to deploy its billions in foreign cash back to...
Downloaded the MT5 platform on my PC, I'm trying to access US stock market data. I've searched the web for the how-to's and all of them say to go to the symbols list under marketwatch. But I'm not seeing a list of markets as opposed to what is being shown in these how-to guides for getting stock
Just curious about anyone trading preferences, I mean what do you prefer to trade Forex, Stocks, Futures? Is well known that Forex is the greatest market hands down, but unfortunately it doesn't offer certain analysis tools such as true volume, the book or TRIN, TICK, VIX tools which can be very...
Hello all, I am new to this forum and I have recently downloaded MT5. Now I want data for Indian Stocks. Can someone help me who are authorized data vendor for India Exchange NSE for MT5. There are many data vendors for Amibroker and Ninjatrader in India but not for MT5. How I can import historical...
Hi all I'm about as new here as one can be. Both to trading and to this forum and is my first post here. Hoping I can get a answer to a question. Google hasn't been able to help. I want to know how can I calculate my lot size for opening a trade on NAS100. Is there a known formula? For forex pairs
Hi I'm hoping someone can help my to explain what all these contract specifications mean. (Looking at the NAS100) I took a snippet from two brokers. (I only list the specifications I am unsure about) AxiTrader: JP Markets: Stops level: 1 4 Profit Calculation mode: CFD CFD Margin Calculation mode
to start your weekly trading i advice you guys to go to favorite symbol chart and draw daily support and resistance and weekly support and resistance as well and write it down or keep it on different colors on your charts. whatever your strategy you should know these points
HI, I tried using the cloud network to optimise my EA. I have 29USD in my balance and I start the optimisation, enter the password and then it says "processing" next to MQL5 Cloud Network Europe. Then after some time it says "failed". It tries the same thing with the same result with MQL5 Cloud
Hello, was wondering if someone can help code this concept into an EA for me. Applies to any symbol, any timeframe. Unfortunately I just don’t understand coding, however I do know how to apply it! Default Parameters (but adjustable) Lot Size 0.01 2
Hi, I'm new to programming in MQL5 (and programming in general). I'm currently writing an expert advisor, and I need it to open multiple positions at once for the purpose of scaling out and adjusting positions. My MT5 is in hedging mode. I've figured out how to use cTrade to open positions. But what
Hi everyone, how can I properly check if the following code returns correct price value ObjectGetDouble(ChartID(),"Line",OBJPROP_PRICE,0); other than checking if it is bigger 0? Thanks
  Normalize Price?  (1)
Hey guys, can someone explain me the idea behind this code? double NormalizePrice(double p){ double ts=SymbolInfoDouble(_Symbol, SYMBOL_TRADE_TICK_SIZE); return(MathRound(p/ts)*ts);} Can it not be simply replaced with this? NormalizeDouble(value, Digits()) Help very much appreciated
Hello, Anyone can help me on solving the the warning message of "Posible loss of data due to type conversion" on the lines highlighted below: void updateVolume(){ long OneDay=60*60*24; datetime
Hii am working to build my expert and want to Hide input tab window from users , while all variable parameter are active in hidden ? thank you
It gives me this error when I try to do a backtest on IcMarkets BuyPositionOpen(): Incorrect data for a trade request structure! BuyPositionOpen(): OrderCheck(): Specified type of order execution for the balance is not supported
My coding is using IsNewBar function as below; After compiling, there is an error message that 'IsNewBar' - function must have a body What should I modify for my coding?? input double Lotsize=1.0; input int Slippage=10; input int Stoploss=30; input int Takeprofit=30; input int MAPeriod=20; input int
Hi All, Having a funny one with a super simple EA and I'm not sure exactly what the matter is. In principle I simply want to execute a buy trade when the current market price (Going by the Bid) is greater than previous day's high, and also the other way - selling when lower than previous low
Hi guys, writing an EA that accesses signals from indicators comes with the task to fill their parameters when creating their handles. Because I am not integrating all of these indicators in an EA - I have to re-define all parameters of these indicator in the EA. A brief example to outline what I
  Closing graphs  (6)
Hi; anyone know how close all graphs at same time? tks
void Long() { if(MathAbs(MaxLossPerOrder) > 0) { for(L_Count = OrdersTotal(); L_Count >= 0; L_Count--) { RefreshRates(); OrderSelect(L_Count, SELECT_BY_POS, MODE_TRADES); if(OrderSymbol() == Symbol()) { if(OrderType() == OP_BUY && OrderMagicNumber() == LongMagicNumber && OrderProfit() <=
  Requests & Ideas (MQL5 only!)  (513   1 2 3 4 5 ... 51 52)
Terms and Conditions: You describe (you provide) the idea. I place an open MQL5 code in this branch. I place this code in a CodeBase. I specify the author of the idea and the author of a MQL5 code in a code. The coding services are provided "as is" and you use them at your own risk. List of ideas
Hi, I am currently finding couple of things which don´t seem to work proper in tester, but which surely should. 1. ObjectSetInteger(chartid, name,OBJPROP_ALIGN,ALIGN_CENTER)); - has no effect in tester, all edit fields have left alignment 2. ObjectSetString(chartid,name,OBJPROP_TOOLTIP,"Tooltip"); -
Hello, I'm trying without success to make a cloud/ribbon in one of my oscillators but it doesn't work. This method works on the main chart for creating candle sticks. And yet I would like something like this; Here is the code snippet I use; //custom functions double s=
Hello friends ! I ask you or could I find the Ichimoku Multi Time Frame indicator on MT4? On the Graph in H1 there will also be H4 thank you
Hi guys, I want to create an indicator where for each time-bar in the main window, the indicator will show 2 bars. Is it possible? Thanks
//+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| 5min_Indicator8.mq4 |//| Ferrari Green Associates LTD |//| https://www.Ferrari-Green.com
  RSI indicator  (1427   1 2 3 4 5 ... 142 143)
RSI indicator We are continuing discussion about the indicators. We have the following thread: Parabolic SAR indicator Momentum indicator Stochastic Oscillator Divergence Indicator Now we are talking about RSI. "Technical Analysis from A to Z": OverviewThe Relative Strength Index ("RSI") is a...
Is there any way to chnge the input value from a variable programatically... Lets say we have extern x=5,,,and on input parameters appears x=5 Can i change it within the code and make it x=10 and input parameter change from x=5 to x=10? I know within the code i can change the input parameter but on
I have a customized indicator that I cannot enable alert function. Can anyone help me with enabling alert function? I tried for days and just can't figure out by myself, finally reaching out here for help hopefully. Thanks a bunch. Conditions to send alert to mobile or desktop: - when the alert
hello i want change this code from one buffer with together ( green , red ) , to two buffer color ( buffer ( green ) , buffer ( red ) until if i want use it with expert i can call every buffer alone thank you and i want ask about how i can to separate the sale quantity and the purchase quantity
  Indicators with alerts/signal  (15837   1 2 3 4 5 ... 1583 1584)
Some indicators with alert/signals with author's comments: - EMA-Crossover_Signal: Enter two Exponential Moving Average periods and it'll tell you when they crossed. - SMA-Crossover_Signal: Enter two Simple Moving Average periods and it'll tell you when they crossed. - SMMA-Crossover_Signal: Enter...
  Stochastic Oscillator, the beginning  (1286   1 2 3 4 5 ... 128 129)
I tryed to collect everything about one indicator: Stochastic Oscillator. "Technical Analysis from A to Z": OverviewSto.chas.tic (sto kas'tik) adj. 2. Math. designating a process having an infinite progression of jointly distributed random variables. --- Webster's New World Dictionary The Stochastic...
Sorry, I cant seem to find the answer to this, when selecting the free demo of a paid indicator, do you get access to it for a short period of time? Or is in a limited capacity such as for simulation only? thanks
  Zigzag indicators  (628   1 2 3 4 5 ... 62 63)
Different zigzag's indicators please post here.
Hello everybody. Maybe someone already uses tick volumes in their vehicles, tell me a few points on them, namely: How much does it correlate with the real (on derivatives)?How much does it correlate with the real (on derivatives)? How much does it correlate with the real (on derivatives)? Is it
  MT4 indicator not install  (11   1 2)
Hi ... I will purchase MT4 indicator, but it's not install my Mt4 platform
Good afternoon, I've been using Tradestation and MT4 for many years. On Tradestation it's straightforward but on MT4 I'm not sure. When you add an indicator to a chart almost all indicators are placed underneath the price action. How do I place an indicator over the price action instead? For example
Trade Statistics Report Real Time: This will display the Account Trading Report for real trade. Author: jaffer wilson
  Experts: Safe Trend Scalp  (30   1 2 3)
Safe Trend Scalp: Safe Trend Scalp is an automatic robot that trades with automatic Trend lines that ea crated with market history. Author: Faeze Bakhshayesh
Fast In Fast Out for Fast Money: FIFO strategyWhen all the market movement makes you have lost, This ea makes a good profit with a little profit with many orders in a short time Just on a Candle. Author: Faeze Bakhshayesh
My Trailing: Simple Trailing Stop EA with Trailing Steps and Trailing Start Point Author: Mehmet Cak
volatility_Bar: volatility, flat Author: Martingeil
Smart Lines: Converts trendlines into horizontal lines. Author: TUESON KAY PATTON
Parabolic SAR Expert: Classic strategy based on Parabolic SAR indicator. With Auto Lot options and Trailing Stop. The EA is automatically generated with Mission Automate - visual strategy builder. More info: https://www.mql5.com/en/articles/4951 Author: Andrey Barinov
Four clicks to draw an arc-shaped channel: A quick way to draw an arc-shaped channel in 4 mouse clicks. Author: Nikolai Semko
Automatically enable or disable the automated trading button: Let say you have an EA and you want it to trade in between an interval of time but you do not have the source codes to modify the EA.This utility allows you to automatically enable or disable the automated trading button. You can use the...
New article Fuzzy Logic in trading strategies has been published: The article considers an example of applying the fuzzy logic to build a simple trading system, using the Fuzzy library. Variants for improving the system by combining fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms and neural networks are proposed....
Multi currency pair Indicator: This indicator watches the major currency pairs to find the status of the current candle (Bullish or Bearish) of USD, EUR, and GBP compared to other currencies such as EUR, JPY, GBP, CHF, AUD, and CAD. Author: heao
Perfect Trend Line 2: Perfect Trend Line 2 Author: Mladen Rakic
New article How to create bots for Telegram in MQL5 has been published: This article contains step-by-step instructions for creating bots for Telegram in MQL5. This information may prove useful for users who wish to synchronize their trading robot with a mobile device. There are samples of bots in...
  Experts: NewsReleaseEA  (22   1 2 3)
NewsReleaseEA: NewsReleaseEA is an expert to trade about economic news uses pending orders. Expert receives data for events from 'http://forexfactory.com'." The expert can trade up 28 (31 with yuan) pairs from one chart. Expert has the option for manual strategy (user strategy) or uses one...
JSON Serialization and Deserialization (native MQL): Serialization and deserialization of JSON protocol. The code is ported from a high-speed С++ library. Practical example: authorization on a website and parsing the response CJAVal jv;jv["login"]="Login"; // loginjv["password"]="Pass"; //...
This 24 hour server time format on the MT4 drives me nuts. Can you PLEASE offer 12 hour local PC time for the charts
Hi everyone, very new to mql4. Hope someone here can help me out. I want to create an ea that measure the highest and lowest price within a specific time period every single day. For example from 8am to 12:00. I want to use the high and the low within this period to set pending buy/sell-stop orders
Hi Where is? I search many locations and view MQL4 editor but when install it .... allways get Metaeditor5 is installed
The MetaTrader 4 update will be released on Friday, January the 24th, 2020. The update provides bug fixes and stability improvements. The new version will be available through the Live Update system
  Steady EA  (15   1 2)
Hello everyone, I wanted to post an EA I been working on, perhaps we can improve it together as right now it is very bare bones. I do ask that if anyone borrows any code from this ea and modifies it or improves it to please post it back here. The Ea is simple, it is a combination of candle patterns...
Good day. I am two instances of the same EA runing. So this EA, opens an order if previous order on the symbol was a loss. And you have just manually opened a new order making the total orders 2. So if i have 2 instances say on chart 1. Usdjpy chart 2 gbpusd both have EA attached Then on chart 3
  Traders joking, the beginning  (7759   1 2 3 4 5 ... 775 776)
They say that an average trader can work for about twothree years. Then he has enough money to buy Ferrari and spend the rest of the money on psychoanalyst and antidepressants. Well, drive your Ferrari and save the rest of the money by reading our next column. Making money is one of the funniest...
  Indicator custom  (1)
I would like to know the code mql4 when I apply the RSI to OsMA. Thank you
Hi all experts, I am familiar with MT4 coding and and I have developed many simple EA in MT4 platform. For my new EA I want to open sell and buy in two different currency pairs. The EA is attached to EURUSD chart and I want to know: - How to get Ask and Bid and Spread for USDJPY when EA is running
Does changing the values on MagicNumber and Identifier give you different results
Hey Guys, I am struggling with getting my ea to trade both directions without immediately closing them. Any suggestions? I am relatively new to coding
I'm not getting enough data on my charts. I'm using Oanda as my broker symbol EURUSD-5. On Tool > Options, MAX BARS IN HISTORY is set to max and MAX BARS IN CHART is also set to max. Closed the application and relaunched it, nothing has changed the max historical data on the 4hr chart goes back to
  How to predict RSI Level???  (11   1 2)
Hello all. excuse me for my english. can anybody help me how to predict RSI level? actually i mean how to use RSI's formull in my code? for example: at EUR/USD chart i have this now: and RSI level with 8 period has 48.4325 value. i want to use RSI formull and see this: if in this candle price go up...
Hello, I need to develope and indicator who show arrow down with this condition: if (iMA(Symbol(),0,10,0,MODE_SMA,PRICE_CLOSE,1)<iMA(Symbol(),0,40,0,MODE_SMA,PRICE_CLOSE,1) && iMA(Symbol(),0,10,0,MODE_SMA,PRICE_CLOSE,2)>iMA(Symbol(),0,40,0,MODE_SMA,PRICE_CLOSE,2)) and arrow up with this condition
  Retard the alert several seconds  (45   1 2 3 4 5)
Hello everyone. I would like to modify this code so that the alert, instead of appearing at the opening of the candle, detects the conditions after a few seconds. Thanks for everything, Massimo. int start(){if (BarStart !=Time[0]) {  BarStart = Time[0];   //Indicator Buffer 1            if (...