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Hi All, I am not a programmer so I have very limited knowledge on the topic. Etoro has quite a substantial user base as far as copy trading software goes, so I would like to know if it would be possible to copy a MQL5 trading account over to Etoro? If it could be possible, I will create a Job under
Hi, I need help to delete all information in VPS. Somehow I duplicated my trading robot and the old information stay there as open trades in other lot size. Now I try to change the lots with server working, but it is placing orders in old lot size and new lot request. Without server the program is
Hi everyone, i just purchased a EA product from MQL5 market and activate it on my broker MT4 platform. The original number of activation of the products is 5 and after installed it on my pc on account #1, it remaining become to 4. 1st question is let say i installed the EA again on the account #2
Hi I cannot connect to the market on MT4 anymore and i cannot download any expert advisor or indicator it was working fine before Please check attached screenshot and let me know about the solution for this
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Hi, I tried to download an expert advisor on MT5, however it would not work. I then reached out to the company who then tried to install the EA, they told me to contact yourself as there were some errors in my EA's in MT5 (I have not messed with any settings). I was told to inform you that I’m
I just installed MT5 and registered to my Account successfully but after 5 seconds the system crashed. Every time I try to run MT5 it Closing itself after 5 seconds I did not find anything on internet to solve this issue Please help
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1. Register a MQL5 account: 2. Open your MT5 platform and go to Menu >> Tools >> Options and click on the Community tab. There you put your Login and Password of your MQL5 account and click OK. 3. Go to the search area of your MT5 platform, on the upper right
My EA is supposed to open a long trade when the RSI value is greater than 70, the k is 1 and there's one position open in the current currency pair. That part works, I tested it, but when we go to the part of doing the reverse, it's doesn't happen anything, in other words, when the RSI value is
Hello, i have an indicator with 12 lines. Sometimes, when switching timeframe, indicator lines disappear. There is no crash, because other functions of indicator still work fine, also no error in the log. Where should i look ? (MT5). Thank you
Trading History: Is the profit value based on $100
How do I request access to my old account if this error appears when attempting to login? My mobile terminal does not provide any message(s) or code to login, and I am logged into my profile there however. Please assist
It seems that there is better place to ask my question, so I repeat it here: I want to create absolutely my own trading robot. So I don't need Expert Advisors e.t.c. I need to create so named Form based application, but I don't find any sample how to create simple easy form. Does anybody know how to
Hello, it seems CEdit has a limited length, it seems 64 chars. The class seems not to have members to extend this. Is this intended or a bug ? Thank you
I'm getting the 10030 error even after doing all checks to make sure I don't fill a wrong type. Here is my code: // check if this fill type is allowed for this symbol bool IsFillingTypeAllowed( string symbol, int fill_type) { int filling = ( int ) SymbolInfoInteger (symbol, SYMBOL_FILLING_MODE
The MetaTrader 5 platform update will be released on Friday, February the 26th, 2021. The new version features the following changes: Terminal: Added ability to access Depth of Market data via the Python API . Three new functions allow quick obtaining of data for statistical calculations and machine
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Joshua Brown, vice president of investments in a renowned New York asset-management firm once said that the forex from his perspective is too risk fraught for an individual investor to engage in preferring to label forex trading as gambling with retail investors in ignorance throwing money into...
Hello to everyone! It might be the most important question we have to comprehend before jumping into the wild Forex jungle. So, thinking of riches fast? Heard the stories of quick money coming from the sky? Yes, it happens with everyone here. NO EXCEPTION! But sadly, just within a few days, weeks or
Discover in 15 Minutes: Watch the Video about Trading Signals in MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 The most frequently asked questions related to the Signals service will be collected and processed in this topic. The list of questions will be updated from time to time. Soon we will try to give answers...
Hi everyone, I would like to share my scalping strategy on the SP500. I would like as well any feedback, I am open for any constructive criticits. Ideally, by sharing this WE could try to create a profitable strategy, I'm willing to see what are your opinions and even sharing your own strategy if
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request Wave Indicator or Elliott Wave --
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Hi folks! I have an idea that I didn't work in yet and want to hear your comments! Moving Average crossing system in my opinion one of the best trading system if it optimized well. My idea is creating self-trained MA cross expert advisor that could learn what the best prameters to use: 1- slow...
Hi Traders, Cut story short: my history showing that majority of trades which went down 20 pip or more are still hitting TP afterwards! Great! So I would like to open second position (when 20 pip in loss) with same SL, same LOT size, same TP or may be @ Entry Point of original trade. Is there a name
I just started this thread as a continuation of the talking made on this topic (we can read it). Or make it shorter: it was some discussion about forecasting/predicting of the next candle or direction of the movement or market condition evaluation. And it was around standard indiocators in...
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Dear All, As this is my first post on this forum you may think that i am a newbie which i am for sure in comparing with some forex gurus like Igorad, but after spending couple of years in losing money, researching, losing money, researching and finally earning money i don't feel like one . I...
Hi again, The Multiple Regression Analysis and Forecasting template provides a solid basis for identifying value drivers and forecasting time series data. While it utilises a range of commonly employed statistical measures to test the validity of the analysis, results are summarized in text for ease...
Good afternoon, could anyone recommend me where I find en efficient trading system, or a platform that provides graphic proof of the efficiency. Any suggestions? I generally operate intraday or with short to medium time trades. Thank you
One strategy I can use is Andrew's fork
Hi! I am trying to connect an app to MT5 terminal to place trades through the app. In a similar post someone mentioned I can do this by running an EA in MT5 and sending http requests. To rephrase, I am trying to create an EA which will basically convert MT5 terminal to REST APIs. I do not know how
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Some people say that it is the best signal system in the world. It is very famous system and it was developed in the interesting way: Russians recognized this system for MetaTrader some years ago and this western trading system was not very profitable (I am talking about MetaTrader only) but had as...
This thread won't be about a question or problem, but rather about the anouncement of the presentation and documentation of an exciting trading concept. I plan to do a series of postings here in order to keep you guys updated. Anybody who has an opinion on the topic, please don't hesitate to comment...
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Hi Guys question what indicator is best for recognizing the CHOP, sideways price action, other people call it consolidation or accumalation for all time frames? Thanks
Hi, Do you guys know any broker which have at least the last 2 years of US500 history data with Real Volume
Hello guys Is it possible to connect Nest trader to MT4 for real time data... for technical analysis in mt4? Please help
I've searched Google and this forum but found no straightforward answer to this question. It seems like some U.S. stocks can be traded with CFD only. It seems like there's a IB plugin to use but it doesn't look like historical data is provided to backtest. Has someone ever tried it with success? I
Hi all stock traders using MT4/MT5 im new to trading stocks on MT4/MT5,, Im looking for few EAs that can check How stocks are working to study & then code one for myself Could anyone give me some or direct me to the right place to take it/ learn how to code it please
Hello, Where can I find an example of EA to trade stocks or ETFs? An EA based on a moving average would be fine. Thanks in advance, Pierre
Download Link: After watching different youtube videos about different systems It came into my mind to try an build an binary options strategy towards CJA's (TSD) Dolly 15 system. Make an breakout strategy that...
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Hi guys anyone have crypto trading ideas? Share knowledge to others
I'm quite new to COF trading. Anybody else here trading on Amazon, NVDA, Google, Netflix, Tesla, Facebook, Apple etc
At the 19th of October Ak Investment,one of Turkey's largest brokers, officially launched the MetaTrader 4 platform for Forex and CFD trading. The companynow offers its traders access to the rich functionality of thepopular platform — everything traders need from trading and analytical functions, to...
Bitcoin vs USD January-March 2017 Forecast: key resistance level at 850.15 to be broken for the bullish trend to be continuing Weekly (W1) price is located above Ichimoku cloud in the bullish area of the chart. The price is on ranging within the following support/resistance levels: 850.15...
New article Principles of Exchange Pricing through the Example of Moscow Exchange's Derivatives Market has been published: This article describes the theory of exchange pricing and clearing specifics of Moscow Exchange's Derivatives Market. This is a comprehensive article for beginners who want to...
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Dear To whom it may concern, How to add cryptocurrencies to the mt5
Hello, Can any one please suggest me the best indicator for binary options trading? Thanks...
I have a MT5 account with real stocks, no margin, no shortselling. My positions are separate, with each buy as a separate record. I recently wanted to partially close a position (i.e. Sell limit order on a partial number of stocks). However I realized I do not know how to do that. When I right click
When you think about Forex for a long time, many ways will come to your mind, one of them can be mathematics, it is time that nothing will affect our mind. Technical and fundamental analyzes have expired, price and price are important It knows that wherever it goes, we will be with it. In a word
first of all, I am not a coder I found a strategy on trading view on renko charts which is working fine for me its source code is readable is there any way i can convert that strategy into mt4 EA ? And if i cannot do that then can i hire freelancer for that work? and if yes then how much i should
I'm trying to make my EA to open a single long trade ONLY when it crosses the 70 level. Unfortunately, it opens many buy orders. I did something wrong but I can't find the error. #include<Trade/trade.mqh> CTrade trade; void OnTick () { //creating an array for several prices double
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I just want to send limit orders. but I could not. I need help. these are my codes: // Filling type if (IsFillingTypeAllowed ( Symbol (), SYMBOL_ORDER_LIMIT )) Trade.SetTypeFilling ( SYMBOL_ORDER_LIMIT ); else if (IsFillingTypeAllowed ( Symbol (), SYMBOL_FILLING_IOC ))
I'm trying to code my EA in mql5 and after a certain condition is met I would like the EA to loop through all the open orders and modify the SL, to just a few pips above/below the order open price but after double checking over and over it keeps on reporting Error 4754. I check and ensure that
I have a VPS in NY (6ms latency to IC Markets) and a VPS in london (90ms latency to IC Markets). When I run my EA at the same time on my NY vps & my London VPS, they take trades in different directions from time to time. Does this make any sense and can someone shed some light on this issue? Thank
I bought 3 EA's recently. Problem is I installed them wrongly using wizard instead of file/open data folder/copy on/off done. I tried deleting files from both my MT5 account and in my files, then when I tried to re install the EA goes to my market section only in my navigator. When I then try the
Hi all, I have had quite a challenge in that my code opens positions up to the limit of PositionsTotal()<=say 10. I wish to have one position per currency pair at any given time. Kindly find attached part of my code for that part which is not limiting open orders. Please point me to what I could am
Hello everyone, I'm trying to create a library that can open trades the same way a trader sitting in front of MT4 will open trades. So far, I've been able to bring up the order window and simulate a keystroke on it. However I've been unable to edit any of the fields or even click on the "sell by
I'm trying to remove a previously placed pending order using the below python script but for an unknown reason it returns retcode 10013 which translates to "invalid request"... import time import MetaTrader5 as mt5 if not mt5.initialize(): print( "initialize() failed, error code ="
Hi, For simplicity, I have inserted only the basic code of an EA below. I believe it is enough and easier to understand my question. void OnTick()   {   CountBuyOrders(); //gets the BuyOrders   CountSellOrders(); //gets the SellOrders   if(BuyOrders+SellOrders==0) //check if there are any...
Hi, Do any members have any tips to prevent major slippage during times of low liquidity or high volatility? I am developing an EA for scalping and running into issues with large slippage during certain times of the day. I would like to prevent trades that are more apt to slippage. I don't think the
Hi,experts I doubt if we can change parameters of indicator during the ea/script is running? as we know,we need to declare (ma_Period,symbol) them in Onit() firstly before using. Let say I want to use moving average’value of 10-50 period,Does I need to declare 40 buffers and 40 handles? thank you
Hi, A while ago I purchased, Magic 7 EA with 5 activations. but now the EA is disappear from market completely how do you re-install the EA, normally you go to market and then download/install it from there. Although the EA is making huge loss sometimes, but I still want to give it a second chance
Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could share a "Currency Strength Indicator" (which measures the strength of a currency's price in relation to other changes) for Metatrader 5. Thanks and have a good day. 
Hello Everyone, I am looking for a particular indicator for MT5 that will allow me to hide all wicks from the candles and just show the bodies (purely open/close body). Could anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you in advance
I would like to have something like this in the screenshot. It's obviously a mock-up I made in an image editor. I don't need candles. Just the moving averages would be fine. The code repository is so large no one can possibly ever see everything in a lifetime. Does anybody here know if such an
Firstly hello to everyone, my first post after much reading of what seems a great community! I'm trying to put a price marker 'gauge' with two halves after the end of the chart (I use candles). I want it to illustrate the necessary price movement to cover my spread (on the left half) and on the
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It seems that David Stendahl can not help him self Where his name appears "attached" to some indicator or TA way, it sure is worth trying it out and studying it. The basis for these were originally published in the Stocks & Commodities July 1996 issue (attached the original article here). Do not be...
I am attempting to create an mql5 heiken ashi indicator smoothed and corrected using the attached mq4 version. It seems it is calculating the values correctly as it prints out reasonable numbers, but the values are not painting on the chart. Is there anything obvious I'm missing wrong with the
I'm attempting to convert this WAE (Waddah Attar Explosion) to MT5. I ran it through the fxdreema converter and it looks run and paint new candles, but it isn't painting previous candles and it runs extremely slow. Am I missing something obvious? I'm new to mql5
I am using Haiken Ashi indicator with metatrader4, when I try to use Haiken Ashi indicator on metatrader5 it does not follow the candlesticks buts standing still in the background on scaled fix chart window. Is there problem with my installation or should it working like that on metatrader5? Is the
I tested these sample codes for delete indicator on the chart: mql4: mql5: The "ChartIndicatorDelete" function works for delete self indicator. But can not delete another
I know this must be really simple or obvious to others but I am still kind of new to MQL5 and am only partially successful at converting my MT4 indicators (my EA is going to be a nightmare, I'm sure). The data shows when I use the print function but no lines are displayed. Also nothing shows for
I'm new to the community, so please move this topic into more appropriate sub-forum, if I picked wrong one. I'm planning to release a set of Bitcoin indicators (it will be one product, though), which, to my surprise, I haven't found neither on the web, nor as MT5 extension. Basically, it's going to
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I am trying to get the first lower point of the ZigZag indicator which it shouldn't be the current candle may somebody help me please and tell me what is wrong with my code I think I'm doing it right and I didn't get the point Thank's in advance int zigzag,xs; double zigzagDown[]; int OnInit () {
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Hey guys! So i was looking for a "consecutive candle indicator" and i stumbles upon a post by sharingan9. Then Mladen helped him out and the indicators works perfect. The only thing is that i would like the indicator to have a custom input like 5 consecutive candles OR 7 consecutive candles. I would...
Equidistant ChannelStandard Deviations ChannelLinear Regression ChannelAndrew's Pitchfork (let it be too)Another channel. Will write about it in the commentsNoneI do not have an opinion on the topicI just want to see the answer
Hi, i'm working on custom indicator but when i added ChartIndicatorAdd that doesn't work on strategy tester, but that's work fine on the main MT5 program. Here is a sample code...
New article Payments and payment methods is published: built-in services offer great opportunities both to MQL5 developers and ordinary traders with no programming skills. But all these features can't be implemented without in-house secure payment system, that provides a convenient
New article MetaTrader 4 on Mac OS has been published: Apple products have become very popular. MetaQuotes Software Corp. attentively follows the progress of the IT industry and has already released the special mobile applications for iOS-based devices - MetaTrader 4 for iPhone and MetaTrader 5 for...
New article Practical application of neural networks in trading. It's time to practice has been published: The article provides a description and instructions for the practical use of neural network modules on the Matlab platform. It also covers the main aspects of creation of a trading system using
New article Developing a self-adapting algorithm (Part II): Improving efficiency has been published: In this article, I will continue the development of the topic by improving the flexibility of the previously created algorithm. The algorithm became more stable with an increase in the number of
Free mt5 Copier : Copy trading has become such a critical feature of forex trading. Some people see this as a potential business opportunity, while for opensource die-hards like me, we believe in giving back to the community rather than putting a price tag on everything 'nice'. So here it comes. A
  Experts: RoNz Auto SL-TS-TP v.2  (310   1 2 3 4 5 ... 30 31)
RoNz Auto SL-TS-TP v.2: EA for Automatic StopLoss, Take Profit, Profit Lock, and Trailing Stop. SL and TP could be hidden. Author: Roni Nafrianto
INDICATOR Currency Strength Meter - MT4 : The currency strength meter is a trading tool that is used to identify trending and consolidating markets based on the percentage rate of change in price from one period to the next. Author: Rodi Chamii
Volume Profile + Range v6.0: Volume Profile + Range v6.0 (former TPO). Distribution of deals by price levels at a given time interval. Displayed as a histogram. Author: Olexiy Polyakov
New article How to Subscribe to Trading Signals is published: "Signals" in MetaTrader 5 trading platform allow traders to connect to any signal issued by providers. Select and subscribe to any trading signals provider to copy all his or her deals on your account. How to become an investor and...
New article Implementing indicator calculations into an Expert Advisor code has been published: The reasons for moving an indicator code to an Expert Advisor may vary. How to assess the pros and cons of this approach? The article describes implementing an indicator code into an EA. Several...
Power of USD with average : Power of USD indicator shows actual strength of currency USD calculated of 7 pairs that contain USD. Indicator can be used for strategies based on mean reversion and/or correlation. Included pairs: EUR USD, AUD USD, NZD USD, GBP USD, USD JPY, USD CAD, USD CHF. Author: JAN
New article Decreasing Memory Consumption by Auxiliary Indicators is published: If an indicator uses values of many other indicators for its calculations, it consumes a lot of memory. The article describes several methods of decreasing the memory consumption when using auxiliary indicators. Saved...
Vinci EA : It is Diffrent complex Range BreakOut system. Using to Range Breakout system is defined by min number of bars and max width in pips. This robot is can use to volatility instrument. Author: Musa Akguel
New article Step-by-Step Guide to Writing an Expert Advisor in MQL5 for Beginners is published: The Expert Advisors programming in MQL5 is simple, and you can learn it easy. In this step by step guide, you will see the basic steps required in writing a simple Expert Advisor based on a developed...
MACD Histogram, multi-color: A MACD indicator with histogram to show the difference between the MACD and Signal lines. For the calculation of the MACD line you can choose from the usual price types. For the calculation of the Signal line yo can choose between SMA or EMA. The histogram can be...
Hi I have a Consecutive win count function which is capped at 10. I have just realised that it doesn't stop counting at zero - so i get minus numbers. If there is a win i want to increment by one upto 10, and decrement by 1 down to zero. This is the original code below - i have tried adding breaks /
Hello, In MT4 strategy tester , what is current spread? Is it referring to spread as of now (the time I am do the testing) or the spread info in the tick data (if there is)
Hello this is my first post. I've been passively reading these forums for 3 month now.... :) But this problem I just can't fix alone and it drives me insane ... ^^ My Expert Advisor should set Trailingstops according to calculated Fibonachi levels. However it seems that the trailing stop is only...
if (OrderType()==OP_BUYLIMIT ||OrderType()==OP_SELLLIMIT || OrderType()==OP_BUYSTOP||OrderType()==OP_SELLSTOP) { if (!OrderDelete(OrderTicket(),Blue)) ErrorDescription( GetLastError ()); } The code above executes orderdelete when there is a pending order type, although what i'm only trying
void modifyAllBuyOrdTP(){ if(CountTradesBuy()>=2){ for(int l_pos_4 = OrdersTotal() - 1; l_pos_4 >= 0; l_pos_4--) { OrderSelect(l_pos_4, SELECT_BY_TICKET); if(OrderSymbol() != Symbol() || OrderMagicNumber() != MagicNumber) continue; if(OrderTakeProfit() == findTpL_BuyOrd()) continue;
bool once= 0 ; double z[]; void OnTick () { //--- if (!once) { int j = 0 ; for ( int i= 0 ; i< 100 && j< 5 ; i++) { double y = iCustom ( Symbol (), PERIOD_CURRENT , "ZigZag" , 12 , 5 , 3 , 0 , i); if
  Bad formulation  (2)
Good morning all I have a problem with my code, I have checked my code and everything seems to be good .. but my code is not working as I want it to .. and I think maybe it is the code line at the bottom .. I think that's it: if (candle_Low1 <candle_Low2) my code : void OnTick () { if
Hi, I'd like to create a simple script which can close an order already opened for some time (i.e 1200 seconds / 20 minutes), not depending on the fact that the trade is yet profitable. Best would be just before the end of a time period, just before the new one starts. Should I look for a solution...
Hello dears! I want to find/get max and min price from a certain loop. Example: there are 3 orders are running in EURUSD. now I want to get max price and min price among the running orders. double max_running_price = 0 ; double min_running_price = 0 ; if ( OrdersTotal () > 0 ) {
Hi everyone. Hope you are doing great. I'm here to find out that if there is any way to display the indicators that are being used in EA on the chart through the same EA? If its possible then please feel free to share any references or anything helpful. Thanks in advance
Hi Gurus, I need MT4 EA that can check any open trade having no TP after every 5-10 mins and set TP for X pips automatically on all pairs. Please advise. Regards
I'm using MT4 1320 (2020/12/11) and i backtest my EA with 10 years of historical data downloaded and imported with QuantDataManager. I'm used to test with Control Points and I'm facing a very strage situation. I've not found any solution on the forum or elsewhere on the web... When i start
Hi, can I open the same MT4 account on 2 VPS, to be able to run an EA on each account instance? Cheers
Function IsTradeAllowed now accepts two parameters. Undocumented. Does anybody know the meaning of the two params?
i've been trying to get custom indicator (zigzag) value using this code...and get its signal #define PATH "ZigZag" void OnTick () { //--- double ask= SymbolInfoDouble ( Symbol (), SYMBOL_ASK ); double bid= SymbolInfoDouble ( Symbol (), SYMBOL_BID ); double zigzag_handler= iCustom (