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Hello, I had no acc and published a chart by accident that I'm unable to remove... freaking out. Don't know what to do. Please advise
Hello sir the automatic document verification algorithm for the signaling procedure rejects all my documents, yet they are clear enough is there another manual method of verification in your system
  Good VPS in US  (4)
Hi guys Can I have some recommendations for a good VPS that are also not very pricey. I am in the US. Thank you
Dear Forum Members I am trying to use iBarShift function and noticed that for a 5 minute chart, it returns ZERO values except when a new 5 minute candle is opened. I will be thankful, if someone can help me out to locate the reasons for this error. On my other indicators, iBarShift is working fine
  Computer requirements  (14   1 2)
Hello, I want to buy a new computer only for trading. To run between 4 and 8 MT4 platforms. What are the requirements for a good computer for this ?
I only have experience with ThinkOrSwim on TD Ameritrade. Couple questions regarding MT4/MT5 (thinking of getting back into trading and switching brokers) Is it dependent on the Broker whether you can set a Stop Loss order and not have to leave MT running. (It's been a while since I traded using
let CryptoJS = require( "crypto-js" ); let request = require( 'request' ); let msg = "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" ; let secret = "01234567890123456789012345678901" ; let hash = CryptoJS.HmacSHA256(msg, secret) console.log(hash.toString()) let hashInBase64 =
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Thenew MQL5 Community website at keeps developing. Weinvite all of you to make your contribution to this development. Thenew MQL5is the evolutionary continuation of MQL4. The new language ischaracterized by the support of object oriented programming, by ahigher code execution...
  Pause signal  (2)
Good afternoon my friends ! I want to pause my announcement of the signal, how should I proceed, because I would not like to delete the signal
Hey y'all I'm facing a rather frustrating challenge. Consider the following: CAdmin is a parent class. CNotify inherets CAdmin, therefore, is a child from CAdmin. Both classes have a function called Function(void). CAdmin declaration of Function(void) is virtual. CNotify declaration of
Hi. I'm trying to download an EA in MT5 on a demo accoun. I am logged in to my trading account and also to my MQL5 account. When trying to download I get the following message in the journal 2021.04.19 14:09:49.064 MQL5 Market failed download product 'Dark Venus MT5' ( send failed
Hi, i keep getting daft messages like "2021.01.04 16:29:07.006 MQL4 Market: failed connect to ( failed)" and "2021.01.04 16:19:48.427 MQL4 Market: failed parsing info about purchasing a product 'Climb O'" what on earth is going on with this frustrating platform now
hi, i'm trying to withdraw my funds to my paypal account. the system says "we send you an SMS succesfully" for 3 times but i have not received any sms.. someone is in my condition? p.s.: about a month ago i tried to withdraw and it was the same thing p.s.2: yes, my mobile number is right :)
Hi! For many years I've been using SVN as my repository for my projects including those for MT5. SVN traditionally uses a hidden folder .svn inside the checkout folder. Until recently ago, when I used the search all (ctrl+shift+F) in the Editor with "Search in subfolders" active, I'll get results of
hi. when i try to send notification to my phone in mql5, in Journal i see this error: --> send request failed (raw - read failed, 0 error, 1 bytes needed) what shuod i do?? :(
Discover in 15 Minutes: Watch the Video about Trading Signals in MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 The most frequently asked questions related to the Signals service will be collected and processed in this topic. The list of questions will be updated from time to time. Soon we will try to give answers...
  Need help  (3)
Hello traders Maybe somebody have Adc Oscillator indicator MQL4 source code
I study correlation pairs and hedge strategy. 2 pairs hedges are difficult to get profit. Does 3 pairs hedge system really work or not? example USDCHF EURUSD EURCHF BUY BUY SELL / SELL SELL BUY Please suggest me some useful hedge system.I want to code it as EA
  Wavy tunnel strategy  (17   1 2)
Does anyone use the Wavy tunnel? I have seen a couple things on it but cannot seem to find any specific information. Does this strategy actually work?
Hi all, I've been trading a live account for just about 4 weeks now and managed to tripple my account. I started with a $100 account at FXDD and my account balance is now $312.65 with a Floating P/L of -$48.50. This does not bother me much, because I'm sure the EURUSD will go down on Monday. I'm...
  Daily Breakout EA  (139   1 2 3 4 5 ... 13 14)
Hello Trading Fellows. First, look on my strategy: - Everyday on 0:00 GMT I make two pending orders: 1. Buy @ yesterday high 2. Sell @ yesterday low TP and SL for example: TP:20pips SL:15pips end. On GBP/USD, TP: 20pips, SL: 15pips in 32 days I have: 8 loss = -120 pips 25 win = +500 pips On another...
  Efficient Trading System  (12   1 2)
Good afternoon, could anyone recommend me where I find en efficient trading system, or a platform that provides graphic proof of the efficiency. Any suggestions? I generally operate intraday or with short to medium time trades. Thank you
  Brainwashing System / Asctrend System  (244   1 2 3 4 5 ... 24 25)
This is the thread about Brainwashing system. We will start with original version of this system and will improve it later. ========== Just something about the history. There are 3 famous signals system (manual trading systems based on signal indicators): Asctrend, BrainTrend and Brainwashing. First...
This thread won't be about a question or problem, but rather about the anouncement of the presentation and documentation of an exciting trading concept. I plan to do a series of postings here in order to keep you guys updated. Anybody who has an opinion on the topic, please don't hesitate to comment...
  Simple Ichimoku System  (155   1 2 3 4 5 ... 15 16)
Simple Ichimoku System. Some members remember Ichimoku informational template for Asctrend M5 elite section system thread: and new set of this system from this post. It is so called Ichimoku informational template to check market condition on H4/D1 timeframe...
  Free signals  (1)
Are free trading signals really free? Is there any limitation on them? Where can I find them
  Jurik  (450   1 2 3 4 5 ... 44 45)
Jurik Moving Average . About this indicator and some others read
Hi guys, What is more important in your trading strategy? Risk reward (RR) or winrate percent? If we want to have huge RR then entry and SL are very tight which can cause bad winrate... On the other side we have winratio where we need to use wide SL or no SL at all) to get high winrate. I saw many
  Something Interesting to Read  (77   1 2 3 4 5 ... 7 8)
This is the thread about books related for stocks, forex, financial market and economics. Please make a post about books with possible cover image, short description and official link to buy (amazon for example). Posts without books' presentation, without official link to buy and with refferal links...
So Im quite new at this stage to systems trading, and I have been reading a lot. But I'm actually wondering I calculate the more basic stuff. I have a bunch of R-multiples(Im using the R system), and know how to calculate the average and variability and so on. But how about maximum drawdown and all
Stock Market A To Z: 26 Names, Themes And Trends To Watch (based on the article) A is for Apple "The stock trailed the broader market in 2016, but there may be tailwinds in 2017. Tax reform may include a provision that incentivizes the company to deploy its billions in foreign cash back to...
  Bonds  (5)
Introduction to Bonds (Part I) 1. Principal: This is the face value of the bond; the amount that the first bond buyer initially loaned to the company or government issuing the bond. This is also known as the par value. 2. Coupon Payment: This is the numeric amount of interest payments that are...
Bitcoin vs USD January-March 2017 Forecast: key resistance level at 850.15 to be broken for the bullish trend to be continuing Weekly (W1) price is located above Ichimoku cloud in the bullish area of the chart. The price is on ranging within the following support/resistance levels: 850.15...
Hi, as you see, I can only connect to Binance-Demo server. how can I connect to my real account on Binance in MT5
Hi, Do you guys know any broker which have at least the last 2 years of US500 history data with Real Volume
Hello everybody, I want to trade on Binance broker via an Expert Advisor, written in MT5. Unfortunately, the course data for Binance are not available for the MT5. However, Phyton is able to both retrieve the price data from Binance through an API, as well as trading on Binance. Now there are two
Hello, Sometimes, I would like to bet the decline scenario. But I don't see how to do it, I can only do the basic buy low and take profit at a higher level if it happens. My broker seems to not provide options, and don't want to answere my questions because they look like a "personal advice". Anyone
Hello MQL5 Family, I am looking for the development of a rare EA under Freelance. I haven't submitted the job yet, but I noticed that a customer had previously submitted a job order that is identical to what I have in mind. I was wondering if it's possible for me to get feedback from the customer
I was doing a research for low risk and high reward crypto investing ideas and someone suggested Arbtrage<Deleted>.com looks good, anyone got any other suggestions
New article Creating a trading robot for Moscow Exchange. Where to start? has been published: Many traders on Moscow Exchange would like to automate their trading algorithms, but they do not know where to start. The MQL5 language offers a huge range of trading functions, and it additionally...
Dear ALL I find that if I use MT5 for trading the futures, I can't separate multi-strategies independent in the futures symbol. For example: I have 5 strategies with five different magicnumber but all trading in s&p 500. In MT5, it will combine the order to one. And it will rewrite the magicnumber
Forum on trading, automated trading systems and testing trading strategies Press review Sergey Golubev, 2016.12.25 06:50 Hang Seng Index Q1 2017 Forecast (based on the article) "Underlying sentiment surrounding Hong Kong stocks has remained negative with underlying concerns surrounding...
hello, how can we subscribe to this live data
I really appreciate tesla and it is possible that it could see a lot of growth in Q2 2021
  The CHOP  (2)
Hi Guys question what indicator is best for recognizing the CHOP, sideways price action, other people call it consolidation or accumalation for all time frames? Thanks
HI there, I have developed a very simple EA trading script (I am newbie) which buy when it receives the first tick of a symbol and sell 20 days after. When I launch the script on a single symbol with the strategy tester , I got a correct result. But when I launch the strategy tester on "All Symbols
I'm looking to incorporate a value generated in this STC indicator into my EA: On inspecting the code I discovered there is a data type called "valc" that holds a value (0, 1 or 2) - these numbers indicate whether the trend is going up (1) or down (2) Normally
I developed a EA and it works perfecly fine when I run a backtest on it, but when I insert it on the chart using my demo account, it behaves differently. For example: In the backtest i run it using 1 lot, but for some reason in the demo account on real time it uses 2 lots. I didn't test it on the
I'm trying to remove a previously placed pending order using the below python script but for an unknown reason it returns retcode 10013 which translates to "invalid request"... import time import MetaTrader5 as mt5 if not mt5.initialize(): print( "initialize() failed, error code ="
hi, i bought an ea from mql5 a few months ago, today the ea stopped working , i addressed to the author of ea and i was told that the ea stopped working because he was banned so if i need to be refunded i should claim at mql5, its not his fault finally who is responsible for this did i lose my money
Hi, The specifications in general are as shown in the picture. The focus should be on Profit-currency, which is USD. This means, EURUSD traded with 1 lot means a change of 10 USD per pip. To calculate the final change per pip with the given account, I need to convert on top from the profit-currency
Hi guys Which symbols OnTick function updates, only current one or all symbols in market watch. If any symbol is not in MarketWatch, its Bid or Ask can be fetched on tick
My backtests take forever to execute when I call this function inside the OnTick: (currentDateLastCheck gets the current day, so I don't store the whole historic) void dailyGain(){ HistorySelect ( StringToTime (currentDateLastCheck), TimeCurrent ()); uint total= HistoryDealsTotal (); ulong
Chart attached. Any reason why my EA is making buy orders way above the candle high? Doesn't seem to do this with sell orders in the opposite direction. It doesnt do this in all cases, just some of the time
hi i try to upload a EA to market for the first time i get a massage " contains native code " the EA is a base a "Chart event " when i try to compile to the cloud protector its give me error " sending request to protector server error (3-3, #0) " how can i upload this EA to the market ? ( i have a
I was using an EA perfectly fine before the latest mt update about 3 weeks ago and now it keeps giving me a "failed with code -1" error. Nobody else in my telegram group seems to have this issue so I don't know what's going on. I've tried reinstalling mt5 twice now but still nothing. Any
Dear community, I have build a EA last year with following code snipped: long chartM1,chartM10,chartH1,chartD1; int OnInit () { chartM10 = ChartOpen ( Symbol (), PERIOD_M10 ); chartH1 = ChartOpen ( Symbol (), PERIOD_H1 ); chartD1 = ChartOpen ( Symbol (), PERIOD_D1 ); chartM1 = ChartID ();
I still have 4 activations left for the EAs I bought 4 weeks ago but the author got banned and his EA's are removed. According to the rules, even if the EA's are removed from the market for rent or sale, the purchased EA's are still in the account of the buyer and can still be activated until the
Hi there is a way to hide my EA file or secure it with password ? i want to connect a customer to my EA I open a vps that run the MT5 and the file of my EA is there ,the customer have access to the vps i dont want that the customer will have access to my EA file ( now he can go to the folder and
Hello, In some cases, when a try to copy a price, open price for example, the time to return is too long. This is a part of the code. Here I want to copy just one open price (one day). It works well, but sometimes it takes too much time to return an error. Even when the data doesn't exist. nOpen =...
  AD Smoothing  (8)
Hello everybody, i have this AD indicator and want to apply two moving averages. The first moving average should use the price data from the AD. The second moving average should use the smoothed price data from the first moving average. It´s easy to implement one moving average which uses the buffer
Hi all, I have a problem with compiling MQL project files(*.mqproj) from the command line. I generated a basic a custom indicator using the MetaEditor wizard, and named "macd" (without any modifications). When compiling it in the MetaEditor IDE itself, it compiles without any errors. However, when I
Hello again, I have some problem with an enum Type. Since I am still a beginner, I hope you can help me. I want to implement an indicator, called xdpo into my EA. When i am trying to compile the indicator, this error occurs: It seems to be, that the following function in the SmoothAlgorithms.mqh has
hello sir, I need your help, I am creating a custom indicator, but I have problem with reinitialize the indicator, I did not understand why ArrayFree is not working. if I change my input then it buffer not working properly. I am attached my code , my strategy is , the first buffer is check my
Hello,anyone are able to add push alerts to this indicator and when message come,saying if trend is up or down? attached mq5 version. thank you
  Multi Timeframe Indicators  (12228   1 2 3 4 5 ... 1222 1223)
Hi all, I've been wanting to have the ability to plot indicators from different timeframes on my chart, but MT doesn't have this capability built in. (Does anyone know of any charting programs that do this natively?) As an example, if you're following the IWCR system, it'd be nice to be able to...
i am looking for the name of an indicator probably coded by scriptor that scores H L C in three separate lines, almost like trendscore or Advance Decline but including H and L. Thanks for the help already
  Zigzag indicators  (639   1 2 3 4 5 ... 63 64)
Different zigzag's indicators please post here.
why has simple thing like coding a moving average on RSI to read values from 0 to 100 on the RSI window so hard.....I just can't imagine, no proper documentation. Any help
I am looking for a refinement of the zig zag indicator or a zig zag that works with points on the dax
  Volatility Quality Index  (718   1 2 3 4 5 ... 71 72)
  Oscillators  (31   1 2 3 4)
Does anyone have a large collection of oscillators (works best in a trading range) that he/she put together? Maybe we could start a thread where all oscillators are gathered. And let's go a little beyound RSI and Stochastic
The problem is having object created in a TF (e.g the 4H TF) to be displayed on the the 4H TF and lower TF, anything greater than the 4H TF it won't display. I know using OBJ_PERIOD_D1|OBJ_PERIOD_H4 // would get you to display the Object on only the 4H and Daily TF and nothing else but getting it to
  Indicators with alerts/signal  (15878   1 2 3 4 5 ... 1587 1588)
Some indicators with alert/signals with author's comments: - EMA-Crossover_Signal: Enter two Exponential Moving Average periods and it'll tell you when they crossed. - SMA-Crossover_Signal: Enter two Simple Moving Average periods and it'll tell you when they crossed. - SMMA-Crossover_Signal: Enter...
  Get json via dll  (1)
Hello I have a code that goes through WebRequest I get it from json web address How can I get it via dll? string url= "" ; string header= NULL ; char data[]; char result[]; string res_header; int kod= WebRequest ( "GET" ,url,header
New article Random Decision Forest in Reinforcement learning has been published: Random Forest (RF) with the use of bagging is one of the most powerful machine learning methods, which is slightly inferior to gradient boosting. This article attempts to develop a self-learning trading system that...
forex revelation : Short description. Author: hamid989877
Puria method: A trading system based on the Puria method. Author: Vladimir Karputov
Weis Waves: Volume Wave indicator originally idealized by Richard D. Wyckoff. Author: Minions Labs
Volatility vs Range : This indicator shows the amount of price movement within a certain time, compared to the actual price movement range. Good to detect consolidation areas, as well as new trends being formed Author: TheCoder
New article How to make $1,000,000 off algorithmic trading? Use services! has been published: All traders visit the market with the goal of earning their first million dollars. How to do that without excessive risk and start-up budget? MQL5 services provide such opportunity for developers
New article Developing a self-adapting algorithm (Part II): Improving efficiency has been published: In this article, I will continue the development of the topic by improving the flexibility of the previously created algorithm. The algorithm became more stable with an increase in the number of
New article How to Subscribe to Trading Signals is published: "Signals" in MetaTrader 5 trading platform allow traders to connect to any signal issued by providers. Select and subscribe to any trading signals provider to copy all his or her deals on your account. How to become an investor and...
Average Intraday Range : Calculates the average range of prices (in points) for intraday periods. Author: Vinicius de Oliveira
New article Useful and exotic techniques for automated trading has been published: In this article I will demonstrate some very interesting and useful techniques for automated trading. Some of them may be familiar to you. I will try to cover the most interesting methods and will explain why they are
New article Prices in DoEasy library (part 63): Depth of Market and its abstract request class has been published: In the article, I will start developing the functionality for working with the Depth of Market. I will also create the class of the Depth of Market abstract order object and its
  Experts: MA Cross  (11   1 2)
MA Cross: The Expert Advisor based on intersection of two iMA. Author: Vladimir Karputov
New article 20 Trade Signals in MQL5 is published: This article will teach you how to receive trade signals that are necessary for a trade system to work. The examples of forming 20 trade signals are given here as separate custom functions that can be used while developing Expert Advisors. For your...
Licensing class and script with 64bit Encryption (more Reliable) : This class loads a licensing file by reading 64bit encrypted account data from a license file into an account array for the purpose of licensing. The Class is initialised with a Filename, a Master Key and whether the file needs to be
Hi! I want to explicitly convert 'enum' type into 'int' type. // --- global variables ---enum TRADE_TYPE{DontTradeType,TradeType,BuyOnlyType,SellOnlyType};TRADE_TYPE Trade_type;// then I pass 'Trade_type' into function call - SetBtnText(setSparam, Trade_type);// --- TRADE BUTTON TOGGLE...
double Recent_TD_Point[]; for ( int i= 0 ;i< 3000 ;i++) { if (High_TD_Point_Value(i)> 0 ){ Recent_TD_Point[i]=High_TD_Point_Value(i); Print (Recent_TD_Point[i]); } } //------------------------------------------------------------------------------ double
i am trying to add a label to my H_Line I have tried OBJPROP_NAME AND OBJ_LABEL, but nothing is quite working correctly. if (TriggerLineTrade== "CA" ) {ObjectSet( objNameDes, OBJPROP_COLOR , clrOrange ); ObjectSetString ( 0 ,objNameDes, OBJPROP_NAME , "Close All" );} or i tried OBJ_LABEL
When I click a button I hoped that the trendline tool can be clicked -- it appears the mouse is prepared to draw a trendline -- but I have searched all over to come up with no solution. I guess what I am saying is how can the user know that they can draw trendline through the use of a button without
Dear everyone, I used 2 accounts for buying same signal from a signal provider. Now i want to refund back my money .Is it possible for refund money ? I bought it by Debit card Account 44098480 (XMTrading-Real 34) Thank you
Hello, I have a EA that open trades and works normally in demo, but in real account don't open any trade, I have tested demo in many brokers mt4 and give the same results. Recently I have opened a real account with a VPS but EA don't open any trade, in journal of mt4 seems normal I don't have any
  need help  (1)
Hello all, I need help for my code The code doesn't execute as the following condition: BUY CONDITION: -Breakout of the upper bands on M15, and when the candle on M15 closed above the upper band,confirm the condition on M5 chart(wait the next candle on M5 breaks out the upper band too) SELL
  Expert Adv. Help  (5)
Hello everybody; i have a robot in my hand. i want to trailing stop in system but i cant do it. is there anyone who can help me? Thanks... //| day open_baris.mq4 | //| Copyright 2014, MetaQuotes Software Corp. | //| |
My EA ran without any problem all day, opened and closed the trades as it should. But, after some time it gave the "Not enough rights" error and did not open the trades. See picture of the Journal tab. What is it and why did happen
Hello, i would like to test the mt4 connector for binance a github project MetatraderToBinance. Looking for help to set it up. Link
My Mt4 does not show an error but the site shows an error. I checked my MT4 but it doesn't seem to have any bugs. What is this problem
Hi, I want to reset extern variable in this code: extern double alert1 = 0 ; OnCalculate { int AlertCount = 0 ; if (alert1 != 0 ){ if (Bid >= alert1 ){ static datetime TimeStamp; if (TimeStamp != Time[ 0 ]) { Alert ( Symbol (), "Alert" ); AlertCount = 1 ; TimeStamp = Time[ 0 ]; } alert1 = 0 ; } } }
  Downgrading MT4  (10)
I have a copy of build 1320 which i can download fine, I have tried to enable UAC settings but even after ignoring the update reminder, the terminal ends up updating to 1330 is there any new ways to stop the updates happening please? thanks
Hi everyone, Is there any sample code of a MACD Line crosses the Signal Line? I use the following code from the documenation but this is not the code that I was expecting: if ( iMACD ( NULL , 0 , 12 , 26 , 9 , PRICE_CLOSE ,MODE_MAIN, 0 ) > iMACD ( NULL , 0 , 12 , 26 , 9 , PRICE_CLOSE ,MODE_SIGNAL, 0
Hi - I can't find any MQL4 command/function to do the below. Can someone help? 1) If I load 2 indicators in the same subwindow what code do I need to insert to show their names separately - side by side - in the subwindow. Currently one indicator name overwrites the other. 2) How do I remove the