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Be Careful There are some lie in Freelance Market! MetaQuotes should be responsible for it. The final result is after arbitration order it Freelance cancel job. Money not come back to customer. It's my first time put order in freelance market ,the freelance can't finish the job. The freelancer can't
Hi I had downloaded MTsetup64.exe but my choise is for 4 version. why even if I choose version 4 does it install version 5? I'm interested in using language version 4: is it possible with mt5? Thanks Best regards Massimo
The Main Study MetaTrader Python online documentation Python Releases for Windows - website MetaTrader5 : Python Package - website ---------------- The Article MetaTrader 5 and Python integration: receiving and sending data - the article ---------------- The Video ... ---------------- The CodeBase
  Forecast and levels for JPY  (138   1 2 3 4 5 ... 13 14)
USD/JPY April-June 2017 Forecast: correction to the ranging; 103.79 support is the key level for the possible bearish reversal W1 price is on secondary correction within the primary bullish market condition: the price is breaking the upper border of Ichimoku cloud to below to be reversed to the...
  Forecast and levels for Dollar Index  (164   1 2 3 4 5 ... 16 17)
Dollar Index April-June 2017 Forecast: ranging correction W1 price is located above Ichimoku cloud in the primary area of the chart. The price is on secondary correction which was started in the beginning of this year by bouncing from 103.80/102.27 resistance levels to below. For now, the price is...
  Forecast and levels for GBP  (190   1 2 3 4 5 ... 18 19)
GBP/USD April-June 2017 Forecast: ranging below Ichimoku cloud for direction W1 price is below Ichimoku cloud for the bearish ranging market condition within the following support/resistance levels: 1.2569 resistance level located near and below Ichimoku cloud in the beginning of the secondary rally...
  Press review  (6698   1 2 3 4 5 ... 669 670)
This link provided to me by RaptorUK, give me the idea that it would be interesting to have a place here on the site to share such links. So I opened a new topic, it will be moderated to follow the rules as usual, but also about the content. Everyone can post but have to provide a quote and the...
Hello, I updated my product on December 7th and since then it is not possible to download it. EA has been validated as usual without any errors and is available on the MQL5 Market, however the download produces the error: "MQL4 Market: failed download product '' [500]", as you can see in the image
  Is ePayments safe?  (30   1 2 3)
when we want withdraw from account, we can see ePayments on the first. Is it safe?  I have seen some bad news about ePayments.  Has anyone used it? Can you talk about it?
Hello, I am new to this and I am trying to do an EA with the ADX indicator, for the signal system I try to use the CopyBuffer function but I cannot get the correct values, I want to use the main line and the level of the indicator to generate a signal when the market is lateralized, example L> 25
Guys I have been deposited into MQL5 but there's nothing show so that where can I pressing to start earning money .. I don't know where to press before I want to use it as on my balance there's okay
Hello guys. Do you know how the signal reliability is calculated? I will be grateful for the answers. Thank You
  Forecast and levels for Oil  (157   1 2 3 4 5 ... 15 16)
Brent Crude Oil April-June 2017 Forecast: weekly correction with possible breakdown; 49.69 support is the key W1 price located above Ichimoku cloud in the bullish area of the chart. The price is on the secondary correction which was started in the beginning of January located within the following...
Hello, experienced traders. I have a problem with change VPS from a MT4 account to a MT5 account. Could you help me? I tried to change VPS account as below, but it does not work. Thank you in advance and best wishes, Sky
Hello: I have developed a trading strategy and would like to put into code. I don't want to learn MQL5. I am willing to trade the strategy for the code. Use it if you like it. I have almost finished the faux code and can make it available privately. All the Best Chris
Greetings everyone, I need a little help from you .//---- ma_angle_mtf.mql4//---- indicator settings#property indicator_separate_window#property indicator_buffers 3#property indicator_color1 LimeGreen#property indicator_color2 FireBrick #property indicator_color3 Yellow#property indicator_width1
I would be very grateful if someone could help me with converting the RSI and MACD below to mql5. I have seen an article on the forum on converting mql4 code to mql5 which has helped me in some other cases but I don't seem to get how to do it for the RSI and MACD. Please see the code below
static double utick;double price = (Ask+Bid)/2;double diff = utick - price ; Comment("Utick:"+utick+" ** Price:"+price+" ** Dif:"+diff);utick=price; The output of the comment is Utick: 1.121195 ** Price:1.121205 ** Dif:-1.000000000006551e-05 But the correct output should be: 1.121195 - 1.121205 =
I have written some code that uses CTrade to open a buy or sell trade (only one trade for now). I want to know the type of trade before I close it and from what I've read it seems I should be using CPositionInfo to determine whether it's a buy or sell. How can I use this CPositionInfo to check the
Hey everyone, Do you prefer automatic Forex Trading Signals or a Forex Trading automated EA? Please vote & state some feel free to post here to say why! Thanks =)
This Analysis is brought to you by PROFIFOREX AUD/USD Current trend On Monday, the pair was in an upward direction. There is growing pressure on the pair in face of concerns regarding a slowing Chinese economy which gained an increase following the weakening of the Yuan against USD, a percentage...
In this thread we will build our own Bollinger Band strategy by combining our heads together. Let's discuss: DISCUSS: - what do you think is the best way to recognize RANGED and BREAKOUT? - what other indicators complement the Bollinger Band? - what is in your experience the best timeframe for...
Hello everyone. How can I open an order with a predefined stop loss size in pips? How do I do that, regardless of the price at which the stop loss will fall, I want to open an order with a pre-defined "x" pips stop loss. I didn't see any similar option in Metatrader, there I need to enter a price
Hi, i work with many good traders and i want to sell their signals with my possible to do it? Example: mql5 account owned by me - mt4 account linked to mql5 owned from one of my partners. Best regards
  'Close all'/'Open' tools  (586   1 2 3 4 5 ... 58 59)
'Close all' scripts for MT4.
  Write ea for free  (20   1 2)
I have written hundreds of EAs for traders. No matter how complicated they can be, I can write them if necessary. I will write EAs for free to work together for stable profitability.Friends in need please post here
  Something Interesting to Read  (70   1 2 3 4 5 6 7)
This is the thread about books related for stocks, forex, financial market and economics. Please make a post about books with possible cover image, short description and official link to buy (amazon for example). Posts without books' presentation, without official link to buy and with refferal links...
The DD% in the tester optimization is "Equity DD% Maximal", but I want to see "Equity DD% Relative", what should I do? please help, thank you
Hello dear Traders! Who can help me with an script for one click trading, or something help me? I Trade index and Nasdaq with Us30 go in the same direction. If I am on the nasdaq and I click buy on the 'one click trade', I need in the same time, an script make click buy on the US in the same time
I have downloaded mql5 but it only showing me Forex and metal in can add Indian stocks to MarketWatch
Am a python programmer i programmed a triangular arbitrage bots for cryptocurrency. Now a good deal drove me to forex trading i want to build a triangular arbitrage bot. i tried to understand how to do triangular arbitrage manually on MT5 before building the EA bot for it but i understand None. i
I am looking for what are the best ways to make money with cryptocurrency
  Forecast and levels for Nikkei  (34   1 2 3 4)
Forum on trading, automated trading systems and testing trading strategies Press review Sergey Golubev, 2016.12.24 17:18 Nikkei Q1 2017 Fundamental Forecast: Bullish (based on the article) Fundamental Analysis  "The Bank of Japan has been buying stocks for over two years now. And in September, the...
as stated here Most markets are open Monday through Friday and closed on Saturday and Sunday in their respective local time zones,[1] although some such as the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and the Saudi Stock Exchange shift this to be
  Forecast and levels for Dax Index  (63   1 2 3 4 5 6 7)
Dax Index January-March 2017 Forecast: flat within bullish with key resistance at 11,649 W1 price is located above Ichimoku cloud in the bullish area of the chart. The price broke 11,485 level to above on close weekly bar with 11,649 as a nearest bullish target to re-enter. Thus, the weekly price is...
  Apple  (36   1 2 3 4)
AAPL Technical AnalysisL daily bullsh with 120.35 resistance to be testing for the bullish trend to be resumed Daily share price is located far above 200 SMA in the bullish area of the chart: the price is on testing resistance level at 120.35 to above for the bullsh trend to be continuing. If the...
Stock Market A To Z: 26 Names, Themes And Trends To Watch (based on the article) A is for Apple "The stock trailed the broader market in 2016, but there may be tailwinds in 2017. Tax reform may include a provision that incentivizes the company to deploy its billions in foreign cash back to...
  Forecast and levels for S&P 500  (463   1 2 3 4 5 ... 46 47)
S&P 500 January-March 2017 Forecast: long-term bullish ranging within the narrow s/r levels for direction W1 price is located far above Ichimoku cloud in the bullish area of the chart. The price is on ranging within the following narrow support/resistance levels for the bullish trend to be resumed...
  Google  (16   1 2)
Google April-June 2017 Forecast: weekly ranging to be stated or the secondary correction to be continuing; 853 resistance is the key The weekly shares price is on secondary correctional movement within the primary bullish market condition: the price is located above Ichimoku cloud for the correction...
Bitcoin vs USD January-March 2017 Forecast: key resistance level at 850.15 to be broken for the bullish trend to be continuing Weekly (W1) price is located above Ichimoku cloud in the bullish area of the chart. The price is on ranging within the following support/resistance levels: 850.15...
Downloaded the MT5 platform on my PC, I'm trying to access US stock market data. I've searched the web for the how-to's and all of them say to go to the symbols list under marketwatch. But I'm not seeing a list of markets as opposed to what is being shown in these how-to guides for getting stock
DJIA January-March 2017 Forecast: long-term bullish; resistance level at 19,987 is the key W1 price is located above Ichimoku cloud in the bullish area of the chart: the price is on testing 19,987 resistance lkevel to above for the primary bullish market condition to be continuing. The price is...
  Bonds  (3)
Introduction to Bonds (Part I) 1. Principal: This is the face value of the bond; the amount that the first bond buyer initially loaned to the company or government issuing the bond. This is also known as the par value. 2. Coupon Payment: This is the numeric amount of interest payments that are...
The Best Stocks Of 2016: Nvidia (based on the article) The price was increased by 10% just for December only!
Sometimes an order get executed on the server-side while my EA is on the way of processing a modify on that order. Everytime that happens it needs to wait full 3 minutes until a 'timeout' error returns, because I figure my server is simply not good on handling that. What I need is setting a way for
There was a way to set min margin level for optimization passes in MT4: However, in MT5 I don't see such a possibility. Could you point me to the equivalent feature in MetaTrader 5? If there is no such feature, then please consider the following use case. During the optimization, some passes (sets
Hi guys, today I experienced a very strange EA behavior when i tried to read from a txt file in the MT5 tester. The file is located in the "normal" terminal folder and should be loaded by using #property tester_file. Since it did not work with the txt file I also tried opening a csv file. Now the
Hello, i hope you can help me because i have a strange problem, my idea is to open a buy order whenever the ADX value is greater than a preset ADX value and the D+ value crosses the D- value of the ADX. This works fine in the simulation, but not in the live account. I do not even get an error
Hi guys. Not sure what's going on here, maybe I'm just a noob. I want to do testing on an EA. When I download MT5 from MetaQuotes site, I can demo and test any EA and it works fine, even without downloading full bar and tick data for the symbol (in CTRL + U menu). So part 1 is complete, I want to
I can't remember if I ever could change the input parameters just before starting to debug. It seems that I can when using real-time data but not when using historical data (which I always use). But it's not a big deal because I thought I could just change the value in the source and recompile. But
Are there any rules of where one can place a PRINT statement and where not? I find that sometimes the ST does not see the PRINT statement until I move it to another position. But that presents a problem because I want to see the values of certain variables st a particular place in the execution of
  Problem with  (1)
Hello, i want to check day of week using TimeToStruct within OnTick, when new bar occurs. The problem: Day of week is constant. TimeToStruct on latest completed bar fetched with CopyRates, returns no error an also the bar date is changing. void OnTick(){ if(new_bar() == true) {
Hope everyone are keeping safe during this time. I have a question regarding copying trades. I have and mt5 account with a signal provider. He enters the trades into my mt5 account from his own VPS and EAs. What I want is when he enters a trade into my account, I want that trade to be duplicated in
I have written an EA and it seemed to work just fine until i noticed some wrong trades when tested or run on a demo account. I have put a delay on the next transaction after one has been executed by using a variable int HoursDelay. The value of this variable is set as HoursDelay = 4. The variables I
I'm hoping someone can help. This array was fine but all of a sudden I get this warning: possible use of uninitialized variable 'candles'. Not sure why the error. int getPattern(){ if(Bars < 4) { return(0); } int candles[4]; for(int i=0; i<4; i++) { candles[i] =
Good morning all, i have a question. I have made 3 expert advisors that works with different indicators and strategy. Everything works fine, but if i want to let them work on a single pair, actually i had have to open three charts for a pair. I was think to build a framework, but what is the best
hello need help to fix these verification errors
Tried some codes I got on this site but for some reason they don't run at all, would really appreciate it if someone could send me a sample to look like, I'm probably making a rookie mistake somewhere. Thanks P.S: I'm a newbie at MQL5
I am new to mt5. I am looking to buy robot
Hi there, I noticed something weird happening when I want to place two indicators on top of each other. In this case below, I have two CCI indicators in the same indicator window but, as you can see on the attached image, their vertical axes are not aligned. For example the level 0 of the slower CCI
Hi. I have been creating and testing a few EAs and sometimes they can be a bit confusing when it comes to inputs. Sometimes, I accidentally put information into the wrong input. I figured that changing the appearance of the input boxes would help with this. As you know, the entries of the input tab
High, which is the biggest amount of buffers (indicator_buffers) and plots (indicator_plots) an indicator can have
  Multi Timeframe Indicators  (12204   1 2 3 4 5 ... 1220 1221)
Hi all, I've been wanting to have the ability to plot indicators from different timeframes on my chart, but MT doesn't have this capability built in. (Does anyone know of any charting programs that do this natively?) As an example, if you're following the IWCR system, it'd be nice to be able to...
Hi, I want my indicator to play a series of sounds, not just one. For that, I initially tested calling 3 PlaySound() one after the other hoping that the second would only start playing after the first was finished and the same for the third. Unfortunately I was wrong: in such conditions, even though
Hello I use an indicator for its alert. It works fine when symbols are in English but for my this particular use, the symbols names are in Persian. How do you fix this? I need help please. Thank you in advance. Here is a file attached about the problem
Hi All, I'm installing some indicators and wondering why some won't keep the settings. For instance, I'll click/check the Allow DLL Imports box and click OK but when I go to another tab like Inputs and come back, the Allow DLL Imports box is no longer checked. This also happens in other tabs and
Hi guys, I was wondering how to create a sizeable, draggable object. It will be a sine wave. It should be also deformed ( not only contained in a rectangular box but the box could become a translated trapeze Thanks
  Market Indicator  (1)
How can I move a paid for indicator from one mql5 account to another ... Both accounts are mine Thank You For Your Time :)
  RSI indicator  (1430   1 2 3 4 5 ... 142 143)
RSI indicator We are continuing discussion about the indicators. We have the following thread: Parabolic SAR indicator Momentum indicator Stochastic Oscillator Divergence Indicator Now we are talking about RSI. "Technical Analysis from A to Z": OverviewThe Relative Strength Index ("RSI") is a...
  RSI Cross  (2)
Hi Guys I was wondering if anyone has an indicator that draws an arrow when the RSI cross above the OB and below the OS. All i can find is arrows or alerts when the RSI enters the OB or OS zone. Im after an indicator that draws when the RSI exits the zones and candle closes. Many Thanks
Hello, my MTF (multi-timeframe) indicator works fine on opened market (when new ticks are received -> starting OnCalculate() function). E.g.: I see D1 moving average values on 10min chart... Problem is on the closed market where no new ticks are received. I get error 4806 (BarsCalculated function...
  Asctrend indicator in depth  (49   1 2 3 4 5)
With newdigital, and its topic about Signal System, I started to get interested in Asctrend indicator. The oldest traders certainly knows this indicator, but personally, being a novice trader, I had never heard before. As a programmer, I decided to start this thread to share my analysis of this...
  MQL5 Cloud network.  (16   1 2)
Hi, I'm a complete beginner here, and I've been trying to create an account and a connection to the agents, but I can't find my account number, I don't know where to look?Is there anyone here who can help me step by step
  Round Price!!!  (1)
Hello everyone, is being a while that I'm looking for an indicator that pop an alert when the price touch a round level like (1.1000) or (1.200) etc... I don't know if I have the right to post someone indicators here, but a few days ago I found this indicator that is exactly what I need, but the
Smoothed_ADX: Indicator Smoothed ADX Author: Scriptor
New article MetaTrader 5 and Python integration: receiving and sending data has been published: Comprehensive data processing requires extensive tools and is often beyond the sandbox of one single application. Specialized programming languages are used for processing and analyzing data, statistics...
stoplos and takprofit: By running this expert, it puts Stop Las and tack profit for the open position Author: MASOUD SAFIZADEH
Stochastic with support / resistance levels: Stochastic with support / resistance levels Author: Mladen Rakic
Closing profitable positions based on the dollar: This code closes when your position is based on dollars Author: MASOUD SAFIZADEH
New article Econometric approach to finding market patterns: Autocorrelation, Heat Maps and Scatter Plots has been published: The article presents an extended study of seasonal characteristics: autocorrelation heat maps and scatter plots. The purpose of the article is to show that "market memory" is
Volume Profile + Range v6.0: Volume Profile + Range v6.0 (former TPO). Distribution of deals by price levels at a given time interval. Displayed as a histogram. Author: Olexiy Polyakov
Volume Profile + Range v6.0 - indicator for MetaTrader 5 (Fixed iBarShift Issue): Volume Profile + Range v6.0 (former TPO). Distribution of deals by price levels at a given time interval. Displayed as a histogram. The width of the histogram at the level means the number of transactions carried out
New article Payments and payment methods is published: built-in services offer great opportunities both to MQL5 developers and ordinary traders with no programming skills. But all these features can't be implemented without in-house secure payment system, that provides a convenient
  Experts: Virtual Trailing Stop  (28   1 2 3)
Virtual Trailing Stop: Virtual Trailing Stop. Author: Vladimir Karputov
Super Trend Hull Indicator: Super trend indicator that uses hull average for calculation. Author: Mladen Rakic
Triple DSEMA: Variation of the "triple" series of indicators. Basic version of "triple" indicators is using Hull Moving Average. One possible disadvantage of using Hull Moving Average is that Hull Moving Average is tending to overshoot in some situations. This version uses double smoothed...
New article How to Become a Signals Provider for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 is published: Do you want to offer your trading signals and make profit? Register on website as a Seller and specify your trading account to offer your signals to traders. Keep in mind that you can create only...
Time Frame Changer: I recently needed an indicator that, once placed in a window, is able to change the Time Frame of all open windows.In addition, I wanted this indicator to be able to react to Metatrader's Time Frame selection bar.Despite my various searches, I couldn't find anything suitable. So
New article MQL5 Cookbook: Implementing an Associative Array or a Dictionary for Quick Data Access has been published: This article describes a special algorithm allowing to gain access to elements by their unique keys. Any base data type can be used as a key. For example it may be represented as a...
Hello I got many charts opened(USDJPY,GBPUSD,...) at the same time in my mt4 plateforme In one of this chart ,runs an EA Visually we can see in which chart it runs But is it possible programly to know the chart ID number in which the EA runs between all others Regards
When I opened MT4 today I was asked to login again and all the indicators and templates I added were lost. I have no idea what happened here. Everything was still working fine yesterday and I didn't need to login when I open MT4. I have to start adding the indicators and templates I use all over
Hi there Can someone help me so i have this Txt file that i want to import into mt4. The problem is that when im trying to import it into mt4 then it changes the date format. So for april 1st it somehow goes and changes it to december 12th Two days ago it makes it into 2020.11.03 Theis
Hi, fresh new to MT4 I was unfortunate to deal for a lot of time with etoro that had his own platform totally different from MT4/MT5 There you could have a overall percentage calculation that you can use it if you DCA I also try to create a robot but is based on browser data and not desktop
I have a script which seems to be working but am trying to backtest so that I can improve on the results. But when I try to back test i get the following error: 2020.03.31 13:53:22.717 2020.03.27 20:30:00 EATest AUDNZD,M15: OrderSend Failed with error #(131) - invalid trade volume I've read all the
When I first run MT4 or first attach the EA to a chart, the EA is loaded and initialized, but after removing the EA by "Close(x)" button of the standard library CAppDialog, the next time I attach it, it is loaded successfully but not initialized and does nothing until I change the time frame or
Hello,How can I change a double value say 0.1784257 to 0.1 When I used NormalizeDouble(0.1784257,1) it was converted to 0.2 I don't want a rounded number. I need just first one digit after the decimal point. Any help please
  Traders joking, the beginning  (7794   1 2 3 4 5 ... 779 780)
They say that an average trader can work for about twothree years. Then he has enough money to buy Ferrari and spend the rest of the money on psychoanalyst and antidepressants. Well, drive your Ferrari and save the rest of the money by reading our next column. Making money is one of the funniest...
hi all im new here and trying to understand the codes i want to know what these numbers( marked Red color) means ???double haLowHigh_1 = iCustom(Symbol(),0,"Heiken Ashi",Red,White,Red,White,0,0); 0=? double haOpen_1 = iCustom(Symbol(),0,"Heiken Ashi",Red,White,Red,White,2,0); 0=? double
A couple of days I did deposit some money in my mql5 account. When looking at MT4 the Balance was not updated. I‌ don't remember what I did, but finally it worked. The other day a friend of mine had the same problem and now my brother as well. I‌s there a way to refresh this so I can see the balance...
Hi, I purchased a subscription to VPS for my platform MT4 brokerage account. My problem is I cannot connect to the VPS server from my platform, any help out there, thanks
ok I have tried to find an answer but I'm not seeing it. I have searched the forums but none of the solutions seem to apply to me. I'm probably wrong though. the error is on the final "}". Thanks for your patience. //Function to Check the last 100 candles(trendLegth) to look for a trendbool
I would like to test my EA with crypto currencies - ETH, BCH, DSH, LTC, XRP. I need 1Minute timeframe. Unfortunately there is not enough data in the history center. There is only enough data for BTCUSD. Other cryptos mostly have last 2 weeks and some data till mid of 2019. Does anyone know where can
Hi All This is my first post and I'm new to all this. I am looking into Expert Advisors in Mt4 and created a simple script (see below). However, when I run it the RSI value shown as a comment on the chart just seems to stay at e.g. 10 and not move at all - see attached screenshot Is there something
I was wondering how we can draw a histogram on the chart or rather cover the candleswith a specific colour. For example I'm trying to cover white candles with greenwhen the white candle is longer than 15 pips. Here is the code I've written andI don't know what's wrong with it. Any ideas?...