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Maurice Niessen
Maurice Niessen  

Last year I got an EA made based on the following strategy.

I thought that with certain currencies if the pair moves up or down in a small amount of time it will continue to more in that direction for bit longer.

For example if the GBP/JPY moves up 25 pips in 10 seconds it may continue to move up. Therefore buying at that point would be a good idea. I turned this idea into an EA the inputs are:

Pip Move (ie. 50 pips)

Seconds (ie 15 seconds)



Trailing Stop

Anyone with experience could you have a look. Seems to work best with GBP/JPY, USD/JPY and USD/SGD with a 10 pip move in 5 seconds with a 50 pips trailing stop.

Tell me what you guys think.

Walji , this system looks great, are you still online to talk some more about it?


The LMD-Multicurrency


I've been looking at the Forex Robot World Cup, and seens that the LMD-Multicurrency it's a very intersting EA, so, i was trying to discover the strategy behind it, but is not that easy, i can't tell if a breakout system or a trend follower, he opens orders every day at 00:00 on FXCM broker... well, any help would be apretiated.


Please Program My Simple EA - Daily Breakout Scalping

Daily Breakout Scalping EA

On the Daily (D1) Chart at

- Everyday on 0:00 GMT Create two pending orders:

1. Buy @ yesterday high + 3 pips

(Ex. yestereay high is 1.6150 create buy order at 1.6153)

2. Sell @ yesterday low -3 pips

(Ex. yestereay low is 1.6120 create sell order at 1.6117)

Take Profit - 5 pips

Stop Loss - 10 pips

Finally have the execution of one trade cancel out the other.

(Ex. If the pending buy order is executed then the sell order will be canceled and vice versa).

Very Simple EA. Please assist.



Simple daily EA needed


I need a simple daily Ea for 5 digit brocker that works als following:

Daily open +20 point open buy position

Daily open -20 point open sell position

This can happened more time.

At the opened of the reverse position the ather position should be closed with a stop loss of 40 point also.

The next day ea should ceck the opened position and ceck about the + or - 20 point of the new day bar.

Thanks you very much for any helps.

Best Regards,


Thanks guys,

sorry I could not respond earlier as I was held up with work over the weekend. Just gimme some time as I will try and formulate the precise entry exit, SL.

Also I will be able to put up the excel file made to show the profitability of this sytem.

I am unsure why the link does not work. It should as lots of people have already downloaded this ebook. Let me know if you have the winrar program, which could be one of the causes.

Keris thanks for the indicator, I will test it out. Hopefully we can tweak this to get a good optimum entry,exit rules.


This is the link for excel file with test results.

Some of you might look at the chart and think that there might be some days when you get trades and get stopped and some days when you just dont get any trades. Despite all this the large volatile day when the gbp is hitting 250pips in a single day, you can make up all the losses and more. Remember that you trade only in one direction and hence there is only one trade a day. This will keep you off second guessing and overtrading.

Thanks for your interest.

Can someone reupload the spreadsheet? Thanks.


EA for breakout system

Hallo everybody traders,

first excusë my english, but it is a little.

Please I need help with programing EA for MT4. It is simple breakout system. Every new day only 2 orders. One buy and one sell.

Buy stop order = 20 pips(or else) from open price every new day, TP and SL 20 pips (or else) from buy stop order.

Sell stop order = 20 pips(or else) from open price every new day, TP and SL 20 pips (or else) from sell stop order.

That is all..

Thank you very, very much traders.


Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  
David C. Stendahl. The Volatility Index.
ebook, download from this thread (pdf file).
Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

Volatility quality - zero line - indicator for MetaTrader 5 

Volatility quality - zero line - indicator for MetaTrader 5

Originally volatility quality was invented by Thomas Stridsman, and he uses it in combination of two averages (original was published, with some more explanation,  here : Volatility quality Stridsman)

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